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Heidi Montag Calls Cops -- My Mom is 'Psychotic'

5/13/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops have just arrived to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's L.A. area home after the couple called police claiming Heidi's mother is refusing to leave their property, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt
We just spoke with Heidi, who tells us, "My mom [Darlene Egelhoff] just showed up to the house unannounced ... and after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her."

Heidi's referring to a recent episode of "The Hills" in which Darlene told Heidi she did not approve of her plastic surgery. On this week's episode, Spencer claimed Darlene "tried to rape [Heidi] emotionally."

Heidi tells us she immediately notified her personal security team when her mom showed up "pounding on the door."

Heidi claims Darlene is currently speaking with police.

Montag continues, "Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic.  I’m getting a restraining order against her."

So far, no arrests have been made.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Heidi's mom has finally left the property.


No Avatar

I see another Dorothy Stratton, Anna Nicole Smith scenario playing out.
Specncer as eliminated everyone in Heidi's life, and it is sad.

She loves him....give me a break what is he putting in her food?

I feel so sorry for her Mother.

1626 days ago

Hey Now    

All her mom said was I thought you looked better before, which she did. If you choose to put your whole sad little life on tv then this is what you get. Fame for no reason is soooo not worth it.

1626 days ago


I feel so bad for those who actually care for Heidi by seeing a man completely destroy her life and basically brainwashing her to cut all ties with her family and friends. She's in a very abusive relationship =/
Her mom is doing what ANY of our mothers would do. No need to get a RESTRAINING order. Wow your mom hurt your feelings? Poor baby. She gave you LIFE and supported you through all your silly mistakes and this is how you repair her?
Nice Heidi...

1626 days ago


Heidi is a brainless moron and just another Hollywood plastic Barbie doll. Impressive, eh? Please, please, take your bolt ons and go away. And leave your Mom alone, dumb-ass.

1626 days ago


OMG #14 "NO ONE! I mean NOOOO ONE! Tells Princess Heidi what to do, especially the woman who carried that piece of trash in her womb for 9 months and dealt with her **** for many years (and still is)" ☛ Wow LoL

Montag continues, "Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic. I’m getting a restraining order against her." ☛ Wow good for her, I think the same.

See Spencer flipping it out on the latest episode of The Hills

The Hills | Seas. 6 | Ep. 3 The Elephant In The Room 1/3
The Hills | Seas. 6 | Ep. 3 The Elephant In The Room 2/3
The Hills | Seas. 6 | Ep. 3 The Elephant In The Room 3/3

Episode summary: Heidi throws a party for her neighbor, but it's overshadowed when Spencer gets angry with Holly. Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody.

1626 days ago


Does anyone else wonder why she would have a "personal security team" and what does that consist of?

1626 days ago


I think EVERYTHING Heidi and Spencer do is for the media attention. They are both undeserving of any attention, which is what they most want. They obviously won't stop at anything, including cutting family ties to make a buck! I feel so sorry for their families. Really makes you wonder what Spencer's parents are like. I hope they both get the bitch slap that they so rightly deserve!

1626 days ago

My New Name    

I wish these two would die. Where is a good psycho when you need one?

1626 days ago

Big Ed    

Not sure Mama is the psychotic one...

1626 days ago


Someone do the world a favor and shoot Spencer and Heidi.

1626 days ago


She showed up unannounced... big deal... she brought you into this world. Pull your head out of your ass and show your mother some respect you spoiled bitch.

1626 days ago


Be careful what you say about Spencer, he has multiple black belts.
BWahhhaaahaaaaaa!!!!.. Tool.

1626 days ago


Heidi has mental problems. No doubt the mother is just trying to help her. No matter how F up the situation is Spencer likes it cause he gets on TMZ. - His 15 are up but he still is using mentally deranged Heidi to get it back. It ain't happening.

1626 days ago


Note to Heidi: Always remember that Mom's know best. Your plastic surgery looks horrific and it will be a very sad day when you realize that your god-given beauty was much more desirable to look at. And what will be even a more painful experience is the day you realize that you CHOSE to kill and bury your natural beauty forever. It's very sad and disturbing to see this entire situation played out on national television and I would think at this point, MTV has a responsibilty to ensure the safety of it's "reality stars" and not letting this problem couple escalate into a serious physical tragedy. Heidi, you need to take a HUGE step back before it's too late.

1626 days ago


I think the whole family is nuts. She is gonna be pissed off with her mom because mom does not agree with all the plastic surgery.
I think the girl is insane at her age getting all that plastic surgery.
Hedi has a self-esteem problem..MAJOR !!
So, now she is pissed off with Mom, so have a child fit over it.

1626 days ago
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