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MJ Fans Dispute Lisa Marie's Cemetery Claims

5/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson fans dedicated to honoring MJ's tomb claim Lisa Marie Presley was dead wrong when she insisted that the pop star wasn't getting enough love at his grave site -- and they have the pics to prove it.

michael jackson fans at michael jackson's grave

TMZ spoke with a rep from the "Original Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California" who told us they visit the site at least once a month -- and always flood the place with gifts and flowers. The group claims they've documented all of their trips with pictures like the one shown above, which was taken April 3rd.

As we previously reported, LMP had posted a message on her MySpace page yesterday, claiming there was too much "empty space" around the site and called for fans to step it up and send flowers.

But the rep from OMJFSC tells us, "You know what, we all know that we visit Michael once a month ... so like everything else we just have to find comfort in the fact that we know the truth.



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Shazelle Santana    

I also knew WHERE Lisa meant when I read that. I think the confusion stems from where Michael is...vs where the fans and everyone else can go to pay respects. It's not Lisa's fault, she was very clear in my opinion. Thanks Lisa. Maybe some pictures are allowed to be taken by family members or Lisa? I'm still working on sending our sunflower...with love from Canada

1590 days ago


"Michael is exactly where Michael should be"


1590 days ago

Lee lee    

Whoever said that Michael's spirit has moved on is right of course. These actions (of visiting, putting flowers, etc.) are a coping mechanism for the fans, family, Lisa, etc. It's a comfort to THEM and THEIR grief, and it's a way to honor Michael's memory, but he's in a better place, where I'm sure the sunflowers are endless. :)

Posted at 8:41 AM on May 13, 2010 by Cathy
Beautiful post

1590 days ago


No sunflowers in HELL.

1590 days ago


...and why the hell LMP strikes again???you and your mother had not been good to MJ at all!LMP you should be the one sending flowers to MJ, this time show us that you really care!

1589 days ago


I also tried letting LMP know that things are not allowed to stay there for long, so they take a lot of the items away, and the flowers that are delivered get taken into our king EVENTUALLY, and it was here that I wrote it, and it went missing. I got a couple of e-mails from that mausoleum and not very friendly ones, and contrary to how we may feel, they feel "ka-sara-sara, life goes on",and their rules are totally rediculous, even for someone sending a nice bubble manila envelope, and some flowers from way over here in B.C. Canada

1588 days ago


When are you ALL going to recognize that this is ALL nothing but a PUBLICITY STUNT on the part of Lisa Marie Presley??!! She could give less than a damn whether flowers are at Michael's place of rest or not .. just as long as she doesn't have to pay for them!! Here's just another cheap opportunity for this witch to have her name associated with the late GREAT MICHAEL JACKSON!! Who do you know that has been divorced from one man and married to another for over 14 YEARS that carrys on this way about an EX? Particularly an EX who she publically denounced, ridiculed, and LIED on!! She and that low-life scheming mother of her's claimed that Michael was using LMP> Well can't you ALL see that she's just using Michael's name, even in death, to gain media attention!! How absolutely LOW and underhanded can you get??!! Her mother has taught her well! I wish ALL MJ Fans would stop reacting to her phoniness, for she gave less-than-a-damn about Michael!

1588 days ago

Patti Tray    

I'll try this again-maybe you'll post it this time TMZ. Pechus--I TOTALLY AGREE with your Post. Whenever the Presleys seem to be fading-thats when they ATTACK. LMP & Prisilla could not WAIT to tell the world how badly MICHAEL treated & used LMP. !!PLEASE!! Who's USING Who LMP? Just like then,the LIES are coming back, only this time it's a different approach for the same self-serving agenda! LMP is PUBLICLY INSULTING MICHAEL'S MILLIONS of FANS by pretending she CARES more than WE DO! >SERIOUSLY?< Sorry, LMP,you are in need of a REALITY CHECK, and I imagine if this continues, some of us FANS will HAPPILY HELP YOU WITH THAT REALITY CHECK! You should have thought of Kindness & Caring when MICHAEL was still ALIVE! Now it's just 'too little-too late'. I, as just ONE LIFETIME FAN, have NEVER STOPPED LOVING & BELIEVING IN MICHAEL...can you say the same LMP? As far your so-called GOODWILL with Sunflowers--yes, MICHAEL LOVED gifts & flowers from us, but, for myself, I feel he that he is HAPPY & PROUD that I'm doing my best to carry on his MESSAGE of LOVE by Donating and/or Volunteering to HELP the CHILDREN of the WORLD, the HUMAN RACE, and HEALING the WORLD. WE KNOW, as well, HE LOVES ANY&EVERYTHING WE DO THAT KEEPS HIS MEMORY ALIVE. MICHAEL was A TRUE GIFT FROM GOD, that GOD loaned to us for too Short a Time, and he will ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER! We Fans are ONE LARGE FAMILY, and LOYAL to the END! LOVE & BLESSINGS TO ALL!

1588 days ago

There's Always Elvis    

Amen to that Patti Tray!!!! I love it when people say the truth. Well said my dear...

1587 days ago


Pechus good post again and again you say true words. I love your posts and There's Always Elvis has good things to say 2.
LMP needs to realize everyone sees through her BS. She is trying to be like mommy and play widow to a man whos reputation she helped destroy.

1587 days ago


MJ is worm food. Buy your mother flowers, not MJ.

1585 days ago

Patti Tray    

WOW!!! PamelaKay, Honey, you have some REAL ISSUES you need to address! Either someone really got your panties in a bunch, or, your life is SO NEGATIVE & MISERABLE, that the HATE you SPEW just seems to OOZE out of you. I can't be insulted or angry at you, I Forgive you as My GOD, and of course, MICHAEL would. All I can do is Pray that the HATRED you live with each & everyday will eventually make you see the Life you have Wasted away. LIFE is SO much more Peaceful & Exciting when you live it as GOD intended. The Sadness,Emptiness & Hate I feel from your messages makes me think you either need outside help (which is perfectly normal), or MICHAEL Is and Has Not Been the Only Target of your HATRED. How Sad for you!! You have missed out on SO MUCH L.O.V.E. in this world. Life is Precious and Fleeting, Change and Grasp onto it, and feel the Happiness!!

1584 days ago


When you send your flowers to Wacko, be sure to address the card to "Dear Pedophile".

1583 days ago


Pamela Kay,
I've been reading your stupid lying comments all along and I'm not going to be silent no more I want PROOF that he's a pedophile.and not from that tabloid trash desperate times toilet paper that you have been reading, and the Demon's book of fiction show some proof what's that you can't show any? then shut you pie hole another lie MICHAEL WAS/IS/ALWAYS HAS BEEN INNOCENT. I want proof of your lies,
what's that there is none that shut the fu** up with your lies and another thing you sure do spend a lot of time on a forum for a "paedo" why is that? we don't need or want to hear your bull sh** lies anymore get a life or maybe your a paedo and you just want people to think like your stupid azz does but no matter what you say we{all of Michael Lovers} are never going to believe in anything that you and other haters say, and did you know that KARMA is a bitch and I can't wait for it to hit your lying azz
SHOW ME PROOF THAT HE WAS A PAEDO if not then stay off of the Michael Jackson forums if we wanted to hear sh** WANT PROOF from an azzhole then we would fart and not hear your dribble WE WANT PROOF and right now

1583 days ago


Pamela Kay,
I'm waiting what does the cat got your tongue I WANT YOUR PROOF,
and like I don't want them lying books as proof cause it's not gonna kick it, I'll be waiting for links that prove his guilt "real links"and like I said I don't wanna hear your proof is in a tabloid trash book that's only good for the fire place.Stacey Brown and the other idiot that had to help the retard write the book was a disgruntled ex-employee that Michael had fired for robbing him and why didn't he go to the police with the"proof"? no he went straight to the tabloids, and the Demon Diane Dimond and Snot rag Sniddon were in cahoots with each other, cause Sneddon wanted Neverland for growing grapes on for a winery it's in the Michael Jackson case, I posted it for your stupid azz there is plenty more proof of Michael's innocence do your own research to get the true facts. I'm still waiting for your "proof that Michael is a paedo. what's that you don't have any that's what I thought then shut you pie hole.

1583 days ago
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