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MJ Fans Dispute Lisa Marie's Cemetery Claims

5/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson fans dedicated to honoring MJ's tomb claim Lisa Marie Presley was dead wrong when she insisted that the pop star wasn't getting enough love at his grave site -- and they have the pics to prove it.

michael jackson fans at michael jackson's grave

TMZ spoke with a rep from the "Original Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California" who told us they visit the site at least once a month -- and always flood the place with gifts and flowers. The group claims they've documented all of their trips with pictures like the one shown above, which was taken April 3rd.

As we previously reported, LMP had posted a message on her MySpace page yesterday, claiming there was too much "empty space" around the site and called for fans to step it up and send flowers.

But the rep from OMJFSC tells us, "You know what, we all know that we visit Michael once a month ... so like everything else we just have to find comfort in the fact that we know the truth.



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@ Dave

Once upon a time in a land far away called Second Life.

1627 days ago


If he was as caring as the fans claim he was I'm sure he'd rather they spent the money supporting various charities he supported instead. If he was so greedy he'd rather people bought his dead body flowers than send the money instead to help people all over the world who really need help then I just lost so much respect for the guy. I never understand why people go overboard when people die with buying gifts, flowers etc. for the body/grave. Sure for the funeral I can just about grasp (if it's a dug grave til the grass grows over the flowers make a nice blanket) but this is like a year later and he's in a tomb!

1627 days ago


Well if thats the best picture of all the flowers his fans have left for him then she is correct..they are slacking...she has every right to be mad at his fans if thats the best they can do..if they were true fans you wouldnt even be able to walk down the sidewalk for all the stuff left get busy people and put your money where your mouth is..I count 1 lousy duck and a stuffed bear and about 10 flowers,,thats pretty sad,oh and a bunch of cheapo cards you can buy for 1.00 at walmart..shame people shame...MJ will not be happy

1627 days ago


oh and the girl in the picture with the leopard print jacket on..wonder what tralier park she lives in

1627 days ago


Fans aren't allowed inside the Holly Terrace.Flowers and gifts are left outside unless the fans are crypt owners themselves or are the guests of crypt owners. Lisa Marie didn't know that.

1627 days ago


29. Thanks for telling our side of the story, please checkout our video's on you tube MJFSC. Michael, is showered with gifts and flowers each month. We will Never forget the King Of Pop, for he lives in our hearts always!

Posted at 7:36 AM on May 13, 2010 by Erin

Thank you Erin.

Instead of Lisa writing a nice long statement about what MJ DESERVES in death, I would have appreciated her saying two words when he was fighting for his life, "He's innocent."

1627 days ago



So far, so good.

Tell me more.

Was I an ok kinda guy? or a hammerhappy a*hole?

1627 days ago


mj gets lots of love there and in deeds all over the world.the fan club was nice enough to bring my tribute to mj to the the same time i also gave a check to st judes childrens research in michael jacksons memory.
both things made me feel alittle better.
just think she meant inside cause the fans always leave mementos for mj outside

1627 days ago


"Michael was beset with trials and tribulations which, on face of it, were unconnected to each other. There was the prosecution on child abuse charges, the downturn in record sales, the financial catastrophes and the struggles to retain ownership of assets such as Sony/ATV, his back catalogue of recordings and Neverland. Yet far from being coincidental, everywhere we detected the HIDDEN HAND OF $ONY attempting to orchestrate events"

- LYNTON GUEST, author "The Trials of Michael Jackson"

"There's a lot of conspiracy, a lot. All around me"


BOYCOTT $ONY, AEG & BRANCA - Conspiracy all around Michael

1627 days ago


@ Dave

The only old hippy on the planet I can claim to have anything in common with. That is - if you are one in the same. You would probably call me the a**hole.

1627 days ago


Princess Ginger: Your posts assumes that these fans do NOT indeed make charitable contributions to the needy as well as leave mementos at his grave. Perhaps they do both but to insinuate that people who do so are 'weird & have no life' seems to lack in compassion. It is JUST a gesture that maybe they have a 'need' to make. You don't do it for the reasons you stated but that doesn't mean other people don't have a desire to carry out this ritual, which I might add, is done by millions & millions every day all over the world. They can't all be 'wrong' in doing so. What difference does it make that it is Michael Jackson's grave. They're not doing it just because he was a huge iconic figure. They are doing it because he touched something inside of them. Perhaps that is what you find so hard to understand?

1627 days ago


they do take the stuff inside, but its mostly letters and notes, and stuffed teddys... There are not alot of flowers. And if they only go there ones a months, i mean tihink about it... fresh flowers only last maximum ONE week.So after that its empty again.

peace out!

1627 days ago


I agree with Ginger, putting flowers and gifts on a grave every month is a huge waste of money. Give the money you would have spent on that to charity in Michael's name instead.

1627 days ago


Jeez people she only said that we should surround him with what he least she's allowed inside...she said what she saw and she saw that there's a lot of empty space...

Juste because you acrry flowers to his door and say i love you doesn't mean anything if you bash and oppose one of the people he loved...

**** OMJFSC or whatever..

1627 days ago


Instead of Lisa writing a nice long statement about what MJ DESERVES in death, I would have appreciated her saying two words when he was fighting for his life, "He's innocent."

Posted at 8:17 AM on May 13, 2010 by Biggi

Read more:

Aphrodite Jones addresses why a 'parade of celebrities' did not take the stand during the trial & this had more to do with the judge than anything.

However, this was part of the reason MJ & LMP split up. She believed he dodged a bullet in '93 & was concerned at the position he was continuing to place himself in with his continued close associations with young boys. She believed that he should have learned his lesson the first time in r/e to how that would be viewed by the world.


1627 days ago
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