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Lisa Marie's Flowers for MJ Plea -- Few Takers

5/13/2010 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley's desperate plea for fans to bring more flowers to Michael Jackson's tomb must have fallen on deaf ears -- because as of today the entrance to the tomb was pretty bare.


Michael Jackson's ex-wife complained about too much "empty space" around the singer's tomb on her MySpace page yesterday -- and urged fans to fill the void with lots of sunflowers ... but obviously that didn't happen.

Fans have since fired back, claiming they've been faithfully doing their part flowers-wise since MJ died last year.


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Send flowers to MJ's lover Jason. Roses...

1601 days ago


Send money to Joe Jackson. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1601 days ago


Her problem is she said that on her Myspace page. Who is on Myspace anymore?

1601 days ago


Lisa is a nobody and she knows it. She will always and forever be Elvis Presley's daughter and Michael Jackson's first wife, and that is all she will ever be. Lisa stalked MJ while he was alive and wouldn't leave him alone, and now she is stalking him in death. She is still trying to get PR off MJ.

1601 days ago

Lee lee    

That must have been really hard for Latoya. Maybe she has to step up at a time when no one else could.

But to have to stand by and witness the coroners people have to take more samples of Michaels hair must have been very traumatic.

So long after his actual passing as well. I imagine this would be very hard to live with. I'm sure there are plenty of nights that Latoya has to relive that moment in her sleep.

1601 days ago


Send boxes of Kleenex for MJ's fans.

1601 days ago


Without LM's pedophile dad,
Priscilla wouldn't
have given birth to her.
Without Elvis the celebrity,
MJ wouldn't have tolerated child molesters'
families & racists.
He wouldn't have trusted more criminal adolescents &
slutty women.

1601 days ago

Lee lee    

I dont understand why people are being so harsh against LMP.

I don't doubt that she loved Michael very much, and he her. She married him because she loved him I believe. She has said many times that she wanted to try and save him.....imagine how exhausting that would have been. To watch someone you love deny they have a problem, and to be witness to it all. We don't know what went on in that partnership, what dynamic the marriage had. But I do know that when Michael was with Lisa, he looked the happiest I think I had ever seen him.
I think his ideal of Marriage and the reality of what it really was, was problematic for Michael. You probably had two people who were very much used to getting there own way.
Michael was used to surrounding himself with "Yes "people and I think Lisa saw through this. At the end of the day she had two children that were her priority, and they had to come first.The fact that she continued to follow him around like a lost soul even after they split, proves the complexity of the relationship.
YES, she did promise him children, but once inside HIS world, I think it shed a different light on the situation.
I'm sure she has many regrets, and it is very easy for us all to judge. Even now , I think she means well. I haven't always supported her and her negative comments re Michael, but she got to see the other side of Michael, One which we were all not accustomed to.

1601 days ago


I'm sure she has many regrets, and it is very easy for us all to judge. Even now , I think she means well. I haven't always supported her and her negative comments re Michael, but she got to see the other side of Michael, One which we were all not accustomed to.

Posted at 9:17 PM on May 13, 2010 by Lee lee

I agree and very well said.

1601 days ago


His name is not on there cause he's not dead. This is all fake so he can molest little boys where ever it is he is living now.
His Death is a fake & all you MJ fans are the biggest frigin fools believing all this S**T!!! You have got to be the biggest saps I've ever seen.

1601 days ago


It amazes me how disrespectful some posters can be and how people that don't care about MJ spend so much time criticizing him. TMZ, how about giving it more than 24 hours? I already ordered mine and I guarantee you, the response will be overwhelming. You and these negative posters should be so lucky to be admired and loved. Although his fans miss him, we are also relieved he is in a better place and doesn't have to go through this crap anymore.

1601 days ago


No one is leaving flowers for the pedo. WAHHHHHHH!

1601 days ago


For Everyone's Information I've always tried to make it a habit/an express rule not to bring the molestation allegations/references to, the pedophile business, any in-depth serious/purposely hurtful remarks re Michael Jackson's sexual tendencies, or anything to do with discussions regarding MJ3 genetics...even at my most terrible (playing as TMZRO)..TMZ/public forums are not the place for any of the above...imo.
But this I finally will say.
(1. I don't believe that it's any persons place to discuss anything of a sexual nature or show any material OF ANY SEXUAL nature, or discuss any part of sexual activities (such as masturbation, etc) with, or reveal/expose any sexual body part to an underage child unless you are a parent/or a direct blood relative or guardian who has the authority to do so...with an underage child.
(2. I don't believe it's proper for any person (other than a parent and only in an emergency situation/due to limited housing arrangements/illness only) to have any child over the age of maybe 2yrs (and that age only due to SDS worry) in an adults bed/bedroom except for a playful romp or reading time/cuddle time/nightienite sleepytime (but those can/and are best also accomplished in the CHILDS BEDROOM/BED) for any length of time and surely not overnight. An adults bedroom IS FOR ADULTS ONLY...a child's bedroom is FOR CHILDREN ONLY.
(3. I don't believe it's proper for any adult to offer/expose or encourage alcohol/or drug consumption in the presence of children. (4. I don't believe it's advisable for an adult male or female to surround oneself more than frequently with the company of large groups/hordes of unrelated adolescent male/female children unless you're in some strictly professional/charitable setting that requires such contact. (birthday parties,etc. are exceptions)
** I may be considered "from the old school"..but for me that's the way I see it....always has been and always will be. Most of the above have real relevance in insuring a childs healthy mental/emotional development/upbringing...I believe that it is ESPECIALLY NECESSARY to adhere to at least all/most of those "rules" IF you're a Clebrity and/or your public image is at high risk of being questioned and/or in jeopardy.
And to completely ignore most of these "rules" is only foolishly and wantonly asking for whatever comes your way. Throwing caution to the wind = "TROUBLE".
I believe that Michal Jackson was aware of the disastrous repercussions that might ensue due to his complete disregard for what most conscientious & reasoning people would consider only simply acceptable behavior. But imo Michael Jackson just flat out didn't care what anybody thought....or that what they thought mattered.
And that was a terrible mistake.
Well in 2005 Michael Jackson found out that it definitely did/does matter. And it's sad and unfortunate that he just could not/would not recognize and appreciate the well-intentioned good sound advice given him by many friends/assocites after the 1993 ordeal.
That's all I have to say on these subjects in relation to Michael Jackson either now or in the future.

1601 days ago

Georgie Pendragon    

Number 14...when were YOU married to him? Hmm? Sign in on that trip, when you have been. In the mean time send a flower.

1601 days ago
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