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Michael Jackson in Sunflower Heaven

5/14/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley's prayers have been answered -- TMZ has learned a flower company is about to deliver a field's worth of sunflowers to Michael Jackson's burial site in Glendale, CA.

Michael Jackson sunflowers

Jason Levin from tells TMZ he's shipping several thousand sunflowers -- which were Michael's favorite -- to his mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery today.

Levin's donation follows Lisa Marie's MySpace posting Wednesday, complaining that Michael deserves more than the few bouquets, candles and gifts that currently surround his tomb.

Ask and you shall receive ... sunflowers.



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Lily of the Valley    

yes cindee

continue to carry the torch for one said Lisa Marie Presly. Simple tart. I'm sure she, like MJ, gives a damn about you and your worship on a TMZ blog.'re successful, have a MD degree and are currently working on a cure for cancer...yawn, fart piss. NEXT!

I'm sure you'll be one of the first in line when LMP drops her tell all book on her life with MJ. Like I said before...get a life.

1586 days ago

Mary Maude Henry    

Congrats Lisa! You found another sucker to foot your bill! You get 10% of the Profits from HIstory, why can't you fork it over???? Disgraceful, classless woman!

1586 days ago


Thank you lisa Marie for the suggestion, and thank you to the company who sends these flowers. The flowers as i take are live ones and will not last forever, but the gesture will.


1586 days ago

There's Always Elvis    

Guarantee.. within a year a book or new cd will be out. I use to think very highly of her, but now I see her true self coming out. It's true. She should buy flowers and send them herself. Meanwhile I am trying to save enough money to go to Graceland so my grandkids can see what a GREAT person Elvis was. Very humble. Always smiling. Always giving. He never looked mad. She looks like Elvis but will never be anything like him. He had a good soul. Was close to God. I will never forget. I miss him and cry for him everyday. Meanwhile Lisa, there are people losing homes, and they don;t know where there next meal is coming from. I have a car that is 15 years old. I would love a new one, but can't afford it. Yes my dear... you send flowers. You have the money. Don't play the guilt trip now.. It's over.

1586 days ago

Mj fan with love    

You hit the nail on the head. Fake ass. Spent her entire time while he was alive bad mouthing him after their divorce on every news channel that would deal with her sour puss ass. Now all of a sudden you're concerned about the flowers on his tomb? Whatever. She was fake back when and she's fake now. His real friends aren't somewhere blabbling each time they set foot on forest lawn. Only the likes of LMP and Conrad Murray want the cameras to track it or blog about it. She could've silently went, and if she felt that he didn't have enough of his "favorite" flower, then she she could of anonymously had them delivered without so much as a peep. Phoney! And her empty headed supporters are all falling over themselves with admiration and gratitude. Whatever. This was the same lying wench who promised him children, lied then had children with the noodle she's with now. What a joke. The BEST thing MJ did was dump her ass....oops, sorry, was classy enough to allow her to file for divorce. After all, he was the "biggest mistake of her life" according to her. Now she wants flowers on his grave like a grieving widow. Buy the flowers yourself...oh yeah, we see you already have.

Posted at 1:16 AM on May 14, 2010 by Lily of the Valley

I wouldn't have been able to say it better.

1586 days ago

There's Always Elvis    

Love your comment Lily of the Valley. Amen to all that you said!!!!!!!!!

1586 days ago


Liz, Arnold Klein, Jason, Diana Ross, come on.
Won't you send your flowers
as MJ's new buddy Jason Levin did?
Look at MJ laughing at the Presleys.
LOL His taste in women & friends was horrific.
Michael- LM's fooled husband- is too scared to act up
with insane jealousy!

1586 days ago


Good...MJ's deserve to be loved.

1586 days ago


Michael i love you more.your my world sweetheart.i miss you so much.your smile.please come back Michael.this waiting is killing the fans.your everything and more to the fans.LOVE AND HUGS MICHAEL.

1586 days ago


well the flowers are nice.

1586 days ago


Good idea Lisa,
I'm sure MJ will SMILE wherever he is. Could he be alive? Could the flowers be a sign of life? Let me know.

1586 days ago


Hi Lisa,
Well done your true colours are as a beautiful as a rainbow. I'm sure he will "SMILE" wherever he is. I think you should write a book about your positive experiences with MJ. Your marriage and so on. The good relationship.

1586 days ago

tonetonetone fn stupid!!!
Almost as funny as when she released a CD a few years back....
but not nearly as funny as when she married the gay guy...
Yep, I'm referring to Michael....

1586 days ago


Please guys lets try and look at the positive in this story. Yes maybe it was for publicity...but could also be that this Jason guy is a fan of MJ as well. Thank you for thoughtfulness either way. Now Michael can see how bright and happy those flowers look . Just goes to show how many people love MJ. I WILL NEVER LET YOU PART, FOR YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART...

1586 days ago


@Lily of The Valley. My thoughts exactly. Can't tell you how I hate that PHONEY LMP for hurting MJ. Haven't you noticed that the people who hurt Michael the most when he was alive are now ALL trying to ease their conscience by HONORING him.

1. his father JOE JACKSON who beat the "piss" out of him like MJ said himself,

2. Jermaine, his less talented and EGOMANIACAL brother who was jealous of him all his life, who wrote WORD TO THE BADD dissing his "supertalented little brother",

3. Latoya, "mrs Nasty, mrs.Nice", who dissed her whole family and made the press come down harder on MJ because of her "speaking the truth"

4.last but not least PRINCESS Presley who married him to become QUEEN Jackson and for NO OTHER REASON, then refused to bear his children, divorced him, and then came back a year later and tried to "break up his marriage to Debbie". She's just a REJECT going from ONE marriage to ANOTHER. This 4th husband must be a real DOPE allowing her to DOTE so much on her ex husband, the socalled BIGGEST MISTAKE of HER LIFE.

1586 days ago
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