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Michael Jackson in Sunflower Heaven

5/14/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley's prayers have been answered -- TMZ has learned a flower company is about to deliver a field's worth of sunflowers to Michael Jackson's burial site in Glendale, CA.

Michael Jackson sunflowers

Jason Levin from tells TMZ he's shipping several thousand sunflowers -- which were Michael's favorite -- to his mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery today.

Levin's donation follows Lisa Marie's MySpace posting Wednesday, complaining that Michael deserves more than the few bouquets, candles and gifts that currently surround his tomb.

Ask and you shall receive ... sunflowers.



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Material things will one day become, immaterial.

Where Mike is now, he can see, feel and appreciate our thoughts of love and adoration without LISA's favorite flowers to prove it. "Love is a feeling -MJJ".

If you just GOT to spend your money on something, there are many elderly who cannot afford medications they need, people who need beds and fed, dying people who would be overjoyed at getting some flowers, or even your pick of a billion different charities.

If it is to honor Mike, he would be honored you helped someone, anyone IN NEED.
Send your flowers to someone who can smell them, see their beauty and feel the softness of their pedals. Sharing your love seems the most valuable gift you could honor him with.

Miss you angel-

1586 days ago


@Gina- Well said.

1586 days ago


Brighten Dr. Murray's day...Send flowers

1586 days ago


Send money to Joe Jackson.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1586 days ago


o melhor descanço para michael é que as manchetes fosse esquecidas e que somente seus verdadeiros fãs podessem falar ou comentar alguma coisa sobre ele,pois os cometários sem noção e sem uma ponta de sentimento nós fazem sofrer demais,me dar ânsia de vomito vendo que agora a quase um ano sobre sua morte MICHAEL ainda é notícias , noticias essas que somente mostrar um lado que a propria impresa inventou e que muitos acreditaram,e fico triste de saber que esses mesmo meio de comunicação fizeram de tudo para destrui-lo ainda tem a coragem de escrever sobre MICHAEL,lembre-se MICHAEL brilha no mundo todo e ninguém poderá mudar isso,ele nunca será esquecido , pois aquele que se faz amar é que é amado nunca cairá no esquecido sou brasileira e tenho orgulho de dizer sou fã de MICHAEL JACKSON.A IMPRESA MATOU MCIACHAEL EM VIDA E CONTINUA MATANDO ELE APOIS SUA MORTE DEIXEM ELE FICAR EM PAZ ASSIM COMO NÓS SEUS FÃS QUEREMOS QUE ELE FIQUE, POIS AGORA TEMOS A DOR DE NÃO TE-LO MAIS.E QUEREMOS AMA-LO EM SILÊNCIO E NO VAZIO DA NOSSA DOR, OBRIGADA MICHAEL POR TUDO QUE DEIXARAM VC NOS DAR. TE AMAREI PARA SEMPRE.

1586 days ago



Did they at least finally put a nice name plate on his tomb?
It would be so much better if his fan could visit.

1586 days ago



Oh f**k FrankenJacko!

The freak not only sucked little boys off but he sucked as a musical and dance performer. If it weren't for the likes of the great Quincy Jones, Eddie Van Halen and the other musicians and producers he would have wound up as "popular" as Tito, Jermain and LaToya.

His dance moves were rip-offs from James Brown, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and all the break and hip-hop dancers in the late 70s and early 80s. But all he did with those moves is excellently satirized by the great Tommy Davidson in his music video parody of Jacko on In Living Color. Especiallythe bit where the music ends and he keeps jerkin' around, slappin' himself, doing the silly leg action, etc.

Michael Jackson was a hack, He was not unlike Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in famewhoring. Except he knew how to do that better. But smart people know that without the people behind the scenes Jacko'd be just another name from a bygone era.

He was a totally manufactured fraud.

And F**K his lame-a**ed weirdo, infantile, illiterate frothing, rabid fans. They're deludued freaks themselves.


1586 days ago


134. Very beautiful! Michael deserves nothing but the best. I think that was a very sweet gesture from LMP to reach out to the fans.

Posted at 8:59 AM on May 14, 2010 by mel

Me too. Those who are full of such venom for her are really scary and need to let go of all that anger. It can't be healthy for them. Michael didn't seem to spend a lot of time on hate.

1586 days ago


aww, just goes to show that the world will alwyas love MJ, and that LMP still loves him to this day. It's a pity that their marriage didn't last. And I blame the world MJ was surrounded with, not LMP, even though she did say a lot of crap after their divorce, but I think it was more that she still loved him and didn't know how to cope with her feelings.

And people stop being so negative about it, LMP was just trying to show she cared, and prob. wanted to make the fans feel involved somehow. Either way Michael would be happy that both LMP & the fans are showing their love.

1586 days ago


@@@@ RasputinsLiver "Great Post"!

1586 days ago


wow that is'll be buying flowers from them..=)

1586 days ago


Jen - you're right. And I've no doubt that Michael is smiling down from heaven at this gesture by LMP - and the response it got. :)

1586 days ago


@Cathy, I agree

1586 days ago


This is silly!! We have starving people out there in this world and people that need a helping hand and spending money on flowers to someone's grave is retarded!!

1586 days ago
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