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Tiger Woods' Wife

Lawyers Up

5/13/2010 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wife Lawyers Up
Sources tell TMZ Elin Nordegren has hired a lawyer to rep her in her divorce from Tiger Woods -- a lawyer who has some deep Nordegren connections.

We're told Elin hired Walter H. White, Jr. from a law firm in London. Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the law firm.

TMZ spoke with White this morning, who would neither confirm nor deny if he repped Elin.

But after our conversation this AM, we've learned White sent an email to his staff, noting that "TMZ the web news service has discovered that we in London represent Elin Nordgren [sic]."

In his email, White also stated, "... the announcement that we are representing Elin is likely to bring the office under a microscope such as it has not faced previously."

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What!!! some of these comments are crazy. "Stick with him thru sickness and in health", are you nuts, "she could have stayed but was to money hungry", I think your smokin something. She was lucky to find out & get out when she did. God knows what kinds of diseases he could have brought home to the MOTHER of his children. Wake up ladies. I think she's smart leaving, once he broke to vows to honor his wife ... the deal was off. You go girl. Now her only priority is to that of her children and herself. TEAM ELIN !!!

1631 days ago


Mary B your post is awesome. Love it love it love it !!!!
I'm sick and tired of people demeaning Elin calling her a nanny and a goldigger as if she was a prostiture or a hooker.
My God this woman is pure class. She never ever searched the limelight. She never took advantage to her 'husband' fame and money.
Mark my words: Mr Woods will never ever find another woman like her. As this story developped I believed that Elin was too good for him and she married well below her class.

1631 days ago


You racist moronic idiots are so stupid ! No matter what the topic or endeavor,you spew your racist nonsense ! In this case, you automatically assume that a Black lawyer cannot adequately represent Elin in the divorce action against Tiger Woods. It's a good thing that she's European and is not restricted to the racist opinions of a some white Americans as expresed in a few of the comments posted. It's hard for some white people to accept a Black Man doing what they think only white folks should do, i.e. Barack Obama-President of the United States. Black lawyer representing white woman in billion dollar divorce case. Get over it !

1631 days ago


Anyone catching this Lebron James story? Any truth to it?


1630 days ago


Tiger...Sorry yr Wife is divorcing you. Understand why she is though...if she changes her mind though u need toTell Michael & Sir Charles, that you can hang out w/them...but yr not going to mimic their modus operandus. Tiger just come back & do yr thing on the golf course...yr still the Tiger!

1629 days ago

greg k.    

very dumb thing to do. had a nice family .... screwed up ... now you'll never be the same, cause, you were, and are, THE BAD GUY!

1629 days ago


Poor Elin, being married to that ugly, conceited cartoon-looking "Tiger" as he named himself (he legally changed his name) must have been like being married to a cold piece of ice.

In the pictures of them, she is always trying to talk to him, make contact with him, and he is always looking off in the distance with a snotty, superior look on his face. He obviously thought he was too good for a beautiful woman like Elin.

From what his legion of paid-mistresses said about him, he was a lousy lover and only wanted to satisfy himself. The thought of a poor woman being in bed with that ugly man makes one want to barf. The only way he got "girlfriends" was to pay them.

1629 days ago


Okay what Tiger did is absolutely horrible, but she's asking for 750M?! She's out of her damn mind! This whole thing is out of control. What? Tiger is the only man on the planet to have cheated on the wife with every tramp in town? NO. Tiger is nothing to look at. Wonder if she would have even dated him if it were not for who he is. I felt bad for Elin, but now she's making herself look like a real gold digger. Probably was with this stunt that she's pulling.

1624 days ago


bbbeeeepppp Wrong Erica. All of these women have claimed Tiger was cheap and never even so much as gave them a flower.

1624 days ago


Elin and Tiger: Whatever your decision is both of you need to "Pray". A family that prays together stays together. No matter what the people, or press states...you guys are the only one that's going to take care of you and your babies...not long distance. Now ask the people or the press to give you some money...you won't get a dime, but all the gossip and talk may hurt, but "you can't let anyone ride your back unless you let them". Think on that! Stay together and raise your pretty babies. GBY

1616 days ago


i would hire a hit man before i would thet bixxx a 1,000,000.00

1583 days ago


if you are together and love what got you there why should the money speek to or for you. she knew what she was getting into when she got with him ,now its all about what you can get. love ?no money you people should keep your mouth shut .if you had any money ,you would want to keep as much of it as you could .because you dont have any you try to tell other get all you can .did she love him? dont know you sound like poor people and sound like you wish it was you .so you could get some money .she migh.. t have a broken heart but ,no all you fools with no mine .money.money money .her heart ,feeing ,what she is feeling you dont care,its all about the money .if there were no money what would you say then get what you fools.youwish dont have an hatting cacse he do .how dose it feel to have nothing wrong in your life ,and have all the answer to everything? GET A LIFE,let those people work it out on there own and if you got money why dont you give it all to her to make her feel better oh you dont have any RIGHT

1582 days ago


Great golfer he is. Not an embassator for the game.

1581 days ago

Paul Nuwagaba    

Its a shame how everyone is all so self-righteous calling Tiger a jerk and all. He's obviously not squeaky clean but neither is any human being including all those of you that are ranting about him. Besides, it takes two to tango. Has anyone considered the possibility that maybe something amiss in his marriage to Erin drove him to distraction? And in all this, what has his race got to do with it?

Ok, so she's leaving, let's see if she'll go on and be someone's dream wife!

1577 days ago


Tiger is half (50%) Asian. He is the greatest Asian/American golfer. He is the greatest 17% American Indian Golfer.
He is the greatest 33% Black golfer.

Tiger is his own man who is paying for his mistakes. Did anyone see on T.V. after the AT&T Ironimac that Tiger's front tooth is decaying? Perhaps he hit the tooth on the Steering Wheel last year.

Elen should get more money and the ability to write a book.

1577 days ago
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