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Jesse James at Lawyer Happy Hour

5/14/2010 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James made a quick trip to Austin, TX yesterday and one of his destinations -- a law office, but it wasn't for anything divorce-related -- it was for Happy Hour.

James stopped by the law firm of Schwake Zielinski, L.L.P. -- where they just happened to be smack in the middle of Thirsty Thursdays.

Attorney Brad Zielinski told TMZ he was shocked when Jesse arrived, and his only connection to the firm is that Jesse bought a truck from one of Brad's friends.

The subject matter -- trucks.  Jesse didn't drink, stayed a short time and left.

TMZ broke the story that Sandra Bullock filed divorce papers in Austin last month ... using initials instead of full names to keep the papers under the radar.


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Hey!Jesse James,you POS ,God have gave you the blessing to get married with no more less than the most beutiful woman inside and outside of the planet,and you piece of garbage had to go to hook with a prostitude?,If I had a chance like you did ,I would live the rest of my life making this woman happy,and be with her 24/7 of the rest of my times ,be for her everything she wants ,I hope you get AIDS and die horrible..moron..I really hate you for what you made her suffer ,she did not deserve a trash like you..

1531 days ago


geez, what is this friggin haters friday? go to happy hour and buy yourselves a happy drink or something.

1531 days ago


has anyone seen sandra lately?, she does have a house in austin. I think they fooled everyone again, probably to see the baby, why else would his daughter be with him there.."hey honey, wanna take a trip to austin to see a man who knows the owner of the truck I bought, oh yeah, during happy hr?"

1531 days ago


Jesse James gave my friend Herpes last year! Now he has sores on his beanbag!

1531 days ago


Zoe#1 I know him and he is as dumb as he sounds!

1531 days ago


Now, not to put down Sandra Bullock, but lets be real here. Untill last year when she fell into that role, and did an incredible job with it.....she wasn't a quality A rated access. She was in the B category, and we only knew her because she did a ton of those movies. Her comedy list is in short, quite stupid. The kind of role she got last year was a career making role. But "Americas Sweetheart?" Give me a break.

The saddest part about this whole thing, is that WE are all responsible for this divorce in a small way. The entertainment news couldn't stop with all the media on his ugly tatooed side kick. No one would stop. Cheating in a marriage can be resolved. It has very successfully in many situations. It takes a lot of work, and I personally think the two of them could have done it. This bad boy, was like the love of her life, and he knew that he wasn't going to get anything better. Look at Sandra, the love and support to his children from a prior marriage that adore her. She must be doing something in that household for another mans kids to adore her so. They may have had a lot to work on, and I suspect the sex part as well. Sandras a more peachy lilly white type person, and Jessie likes the bad bad bad girl who needs a spanking. Given the situation on hand, and Sandra being as smart as she can rest assure she was smart enough to probably figure all that out, and adapt to role playing.
The problem is that they never got a chance to do so. The media jumped in so heavily, that Pride becomes an issue as well. It isn't just trust broken when a partner is pride and embaressment hand in hand with all that. Yes she deserves to have her life in the public limelight, she asked to be a star, for those big paychecks, and it comes in a package deal. But, couldn't we have just reported it, instead of play it over and over again, give the s*** bucket her time on the air to embaress Sandra even more. Every time they showed that creature, I felt so sorry for Bullock. Can any of you decent people in life, imagine that your man would cheat on the side with something like that!!!!!! It may not have been so bad if Jessee went after a decent women with some class. The humiliation would be less But good grief, an animal from the dirty alley!!!
We just wouldn't let it stop, we couldn't stop the media from making this page one.....and that had to stop her from working things out. I understand, god knows I was in disbelief myself the dude would even touch something like that. You'd have to be afraid of getting a disease on top of it all. No one, would let it go however, for Bullock to get to the scope of things. To weigh the pro's and cons, and decide if she wanted to save this marriage. No matter how muchI loved my husband, when the media humiliated me daily and nightly with such an animal my husband went for....I'd have to run because of pride. So she has.

1531 days ago

Christina G.    

That's his daughter? Is he doing her too?

1531 days ago


nicely said ,phoenix

1531 days ago


#25 That is awful thing to say!

1531 days ago


I believe the blonde is his daughter Chandler whom lived with Jesse and Sandra.

1531 days ago

Christina G.    

A wise man, George Bush, once said: Trust, but verify.

1531 days ago


That is his daughter Chandler. I wonder what he's doing in Austin. He hasn't been in the news for almost 2 weeks...maybe he's been staying at Sandra's house.

1531 days ago


Jesse James has never been a prospect nor a patched member of the Hells Angels.

1531 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

I took a crap this morning.

1531 days ago

Christina G.    

I'm sure Sandra and he are very much in contact. Those two are still crazy about each other. And Sandra is a strong and wise enough woman to stick it out and work on their marriage. I doubt she'd let him get away with it a second time though, as she shouldn't.

1531 days ago
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