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Rachel Uchitel on TMZ Live: I Feel Guilty

5/16/2010 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel was on TMZ Live today -- talking about David Boreanaz ... and her new life as the most famous mistress on the planet.

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Rachel says if she were married to one of the guys who had an affair, she'd divorce him.


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Harvey, I'm truly disappointed. I understand the business and to get her on TMZ I'm sure you had to promise to be nice but that was the biggest non-interview I've seen in a long time. Your a lawyer and you didn't ask her any tough questions. You were basically joking around with her and letting her go on and on about how she really wanted David to work things out with his wife. Yeah, I'm sure his wife really appreciated her doing her husband but telling him the whole time to stay married. How she wanted to find true love, yes because I know true love is always found with someone elses husband. This was embarrassing to TMZ more than to her because she's already a whore you guys just confirmed so are you.

1566 days ago


Give me a break! I can't wait until she finds a man that she is in love with and she becomes the "other" woman as in THE WIFE...She acts all innocent oh poor me but she purposely has gone out with married men and been an equal part in destroying relationships. Imagine all of the men that are married that she has been with that hasn't come up yet..Blame!! Blame!! Blame!! She puts all the blame everywhere but herself..Ridiculous! She acts like she didn't know these men were married when they got together. That is what she found exciting about this crap~! Extortion or not she took 10 million dollars to keep her mouth shut! Boy I can't wait until the day I hear that she has been cheated on and feels the pain of being betrayed!..If I hear her say I don't want to be judgmental one more time I am going to PUKE!!!

1566 days ago

Ryan Smith    

She should feel guilty, she is a whore and an extortionist.

1566 days ago

Little Lisa    

Rachels Secret Pay Day Playbook
Get chiclets, fake D’s, nose and chin
Get job at classy bar as a hostess
Is he Rich and Famous? Check
Married to classy beautiful women? Check
Kid on the way? Check
Hire Gloria Allred? Check
Go to the bank
Pose for Playboy
Sell Book
Laugh at all of us chumps who would rather slave in a cubicle than spread our legs for cash.

No Rachel – us chumps are the majority and won’t do want you do for even $100 Million

1566 days ago


The best part was when she was saying the text were fake but they said they had seen some text, confirmed their authenticity but decided not to publish them.
She kind of sounded like a man trying to talk like a woman to me.
Nancey Grace must be proud.

1566 days ago


We don't care what white ho Rachel say's.

1566 days ago


It's sad that in today's world that not only do people become famous for immoral things such as wrecking someone's marriage, but even sicker is the fact that most of these women are proud of it and want their 15 minutes of fame. Sick.

1566 days ago

The Village Idiot    

What does she do for a living?

I think she lives off the $10 million her and Gloria Allred extorted from Tiger Woods.

Someday it will all be revealed soon I hope.

1566 days ago


Karma will hit when she least expects it...enjoy the money while it lasts, pig.

1566 days ago


I can see why someone would be drawn to Rachel...she is very charming and has a very approachable domineer. I would date her !

1566 days ago



There's so much better out there.....why are you falling into this slime trap????? I'm disappointed in YOU and TMZ.

1566 days ago


Dear Yepzie: That was the funniest post I have ever seen on TMZ.

1566 days ago


Could Mike look any more smitten in that photo?

1566 days ago


I cant believe TMZ paid her even more money.

1566 days ago


She is disgusting. WAIT until they are divorced idiot!

1566 days ago
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