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Actress Claims Polanski Sexually Abused Her

5/14/2010 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman has come forward claiming Roman Polanski abused her over 25 years ago -- when she was 16 years old ... 4 years after Polanski fled the U.S.


Charlotte Lewis -- who co-starred with Eddie Murphy in "The Golden Child" -- was front and center at a Gloria Allred news conference that ended a few minutes ago ... claiming she has now told authorities her story.

TMZ has learned Lewis and Allred met with L.A. County Deputy D.A. David Walgren late yesterday and made the allegations.  A spokesperson from the D.A.'s Office would not say if Lewis' claims will be used for the extradition or sentencing case involving Polanski.

The law of consent in France is 15, but Allred says it's irrelevant.

UPDATE: Polanski's legal team tells TMZ: "We don't have any information about statements made at a Gloria Allred press conference today, but we do know that our District Attorney continues to refuse to provide the Swiss government with accurate and complete information relevant to the extradition issue."


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why is she grinding her teeth as she speaks????...TWEEKER!!!!!!!!!

1622 days ago

Brian Miller    

The legal age for SEX in France is 15, she say's she was 16. WTF ?!

1622 days ago


What's the statute of limitations on this allegation? I mean - 25 years ago she alleges sexual misconduct? Um, is this an alleged extortion attempt on Polanski since he has the other issue to deal with in LA? And how the hell does she prove this allegation after 25 years???

1622 days ago


The age of consent in France is 15,

1622 days ago


I do not believe her, heres why, she says it happened 4 years after Polanski fled the US, he fled in 77, so this had to happen in 81, she says that she was 16, however, she was born in Aug of 67. In 1981 she would have only been 14. Also she said that it was during teh filming of the Movie Piriate. That Movie was released in 1986, do you honestly believe that they were filming that movie for 4 or more years? She is lying and just trying to get her 15min of fame back. As far as Gloria.... Well enough said, she is just an attention whore

1622 days ago


What does it matter anyways? Statute of limitations. They can't do anything even if they wanted to. So why is she doing this? Trying to re-start her acting career most likely.

1622 days ago


Do I believe her? Let's see...

1) She waited 25 years to make an allegation of sexual abuse. Why did she wait so long? I'm doubting her already.

2) She's associated herself with the queen of attention whores, WHOREia allred. Definite negative points there.

3) WHOREia has already ignored the law by saying the laws of consent in France are irrelevant. While I find anything Roman Polanski does to be disgusting, you can't just arbitrarily ignore the law if it doesn't suit you. That's something WHOREia would understand, if she actually practiced law. Her main practice seems to be holding attention whoring press conferences and extorting blackmail money from celebrities for leg spread sluts.

So, do I believe her? No, I don't. There's an ulterior motive here; probably a lawsuit in the making. WHOREia doesn't get involved unless she can make a ton of money...

1622 days ago

Ryan Smith    

She is kinda cute, i wouldn't mind sexually molesting her right now.

1622 days ago


I was taking her seriously...................up until I saw that chaos-monger Gloria Alred. Now by virtue of bad company she's just discredited her story.

1622 days ago

Make it stop    

As soon as Allred is involved it becomes immediately evident that the woman is liar!!!!! Should be applied to any and all cases that Allred is involved with!!!!!

1622 days ago


She is broke, she has not worked since 1993! She is looking for $$.

1622 days ago

There's a problem here    

If Gloria Allred is involved I'm sure Rachel Uchitel will be showing up soon with the same allegations looking for more money. Allred is the queen of lawyer whores.

1622 days ago


yeah, if this really happened it would have come out 25 years ago. what an idiot, trying to get famous.. wow, she is pathetic.

1622 days ago


Isn't it a tad convenient that this has-been comes out of the woodword now?

1622 days ago


I believe Miss Lewis' accussation. The old perv has a long history of attacking little girls sexually. Polanski's ass should be in jail right now where he belongs to!

1622 days ago
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