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Former 'Survivor': Alleged Attack All For 'Publicity'

5/14/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex "Survivor" star Kenward "Boo" Bernis claims his alleged battery victim is a fame whore and the whole bar room incident was a "publicity stunt" on her part.


Bernis is accused of grabbing former "Big Brother" contestant Krista Stegall by the arm and forcibly moving her at Bootlegger's Bar in Lafayette, LA last month.

Bernis -- who co-owns the bar -- claims Stegall had already "caused a fight that went down between two guys," and almost sparked another one in the restroom.

As for the bruises on Stegall's arm -- Bernis says he did grab her, but only after she left the restroom, and only to escort her out of the bar.

The D.A. in Lafayette has not filed charges against Bernis.


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Fred Stegall    

I am Kristas real Big Brother and I can say that Boo had no right to touch her period.I love her and know she is a drama queen,but that is no excuse for what he did. See you soon Boo.

1623 days ago

Todd da Man    

I would have punched her in the face and wouldn't stop till my arm got tired.

An owner has a legal right to eject someone from his / her property. Grabbing her by the arm is hardly unreasonable force. Like I said, I'd have punched her in the face, so I guess she is lucky she only got grabbed.

1623 days ago

Throwback kid    

Well the stunt didn't work! Still, no one cares about these losers.

1623 days ago

Krista Stegall    

This is Krista , and boy ''' am I laughing about now.
People I consider my friends are my friends, the rest are just merely acquaintances . I really don't care what people think and therefore your opinion is just that YOURS! No I don't live in brood more, hahahah.
Also as far as my parenting skills my 20 year old had more Sense then most of you who comment by the age of 14! I have soul custody of my 6 year old! I enjoy my life, I love my friends . The really sad part to all of this is that ,I lost A friend and to find out that he was nothing what he portrayed his self to be. I feel bad because the more lies he spreads the harder the judge will be. It happened and I didn't release my name he did, why, 3 weeks ago??? FACTS , PEOPLE , FACTS. OH and I didn't work at a Mall, well when I was 16. hahahaha.Don't hate, just remember I have my own coat.. never needed to ride someone else s coat!!! hahhaaha. I got myself on my show!NO HELP... I do charity. I am proud of my life. SMILE AND TRY IT! OH AND DO A SHOT OR TWO ON THE BAR WHILE DOING A BACK BEND!!!! XOXO KRISTA STEGALL

1623 days ago


I was a witness to this assault. I was waiting in line to use the restroom, as were the majority of the people in the bar. Less then 10. The bar was empty as we had a huge Music Fest going on in the streets downtown. Pretty much everybody in the bar was in line for the restroom. I saw Krista Stegal and Melanie Hance enter the restroom. A few minutes later, Boo, who I personally know, shoved his way into the ladies restroom. He came out with Krista in hand, tossing her around like a rag doll, shaking her and shoved her against the wall. He was screaming at the top of his lungs "This is MY BAR! THIS IS MY BAR!" Everyone was in shock because everybody knows Boo and Krista to be old friends. She got him on Survivor, She took him to the BB allstars finale, pics of them sitting together, on TV are all over the web. Melanie came out behind them screaming at Boo, "What are you doing? BOO, What are you doing?" He proceeded to drag her by the arm towards, the front door and finally let her go. There was no fight in that bar at all. The only rukus was Boo assaulting Krista. There is about 6 or 7 people that were there and should step up, and hopefully they do or already have, and not JUST for Krista, who is a bit of a hand full, but for a Woman who was assaulted by a Man. She doesn't deserve that nor does she deserve the personal attacks that I have just read. Those of you who don't see that are sick individuals, and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is not about "Krista" and "Boo"; Reality Stars if you will. This is about a man assaulting a woman. That is ALWAY'S wrong. I am a father of an 18 year old daughter and if Boo had done that to my daughter he would have more then the police to worry about. Boo has been charged with assualt, and Krista was granted a restraining order for both her and her daughter. That is a verifiable FACT!

1623 days ago


Isn't this the same chick who allowed her co-BB housemate to hold a knife to her throat?

1619 days ago


LMAO Krista released her own name and the pics. How the hell do you think TMZ got those pics of her with the bruises making that sad face.

1557 days ago
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