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Elin's Lawyers Accused of Leaks in Tiger Divorce

5/14/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things have already gotten nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce.  TMZ has learned Tiger's lawyers have accused Elin Nordegren's legal team of leaking like a sieve to the media.

Elin's Lawyers

Elin's lawyer, Walter H. White, Jr., who practices in London, sent an email to his staff on April 19, 2010 -- an email obtained by TMZ.  White warns his people, "Recently we have been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press.  While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

White urges his staff to "avoid conversations relating to firm activities in public ..."

After we called White on Wednesday and told him we had information he was repping Elin, he sent a staff email saying, "TMZ the web news service has discovered that we in London represent Elin Nordegren ... " 

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm and then boasts, "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute to the office and the firm that it has taken them so long to figure this out."

As we reported yesterday, White was already repping Elin in January -- a month and a half after Tiger's car crash.


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if tiger is so concerned about leaks I think its time that one woman leaks some more of his dirty,nasty text messeges,,that will shut him up

1630 days ago


i really doubt they would write "TMZ the web news service" and not "TMZ the gossip site" haha

1630 days ago


Elin should have kept an eye on her man, having said that, no woman deserves that. Enjoy your windfall honey, you have earned it

1630 days ago


That explains how the media outlets were reporting Elin's plans & whereabouts even before the events happened - all w/a Elin positive spin - i,e, Elin's twin sister is an attorney in the "chosen" law firm

1630 days ago


Why don't they just file for divorce? What's the holdup? Sandra Bullock didn't drag it out. JUST DO IT, and we won't have to hear about it every day.

1630 days ago


Tiger has some nerve giving Elin grief considering all the crap he has pulled. And I agree with the post that said if Rachel the ho got 10 million in hush money, 20 million for his wife and two kids doesn't cut it. Pre nups can be overruled in extenuating cir***stances like for example years of serial cheating with porn stars and disease ridden skanks.

1630 days ago


Although I love TMZ and all of the hollywood gossip, I think we should respect Elin's privacy at this time, and not get in the way of a fair divorce for her. I don't like either Tiger or Elin, but she has been insulted by him enough times to make her not be the one at fault for the collapse of the marriage.
TMZ, please do not report on this issue and let her be able to fight a very powerful man who never thought of her and their children.

1630 days ago


Really TMZ? I can write the word skanks but not cir***stance? lol

1630 days ago


Sandra B. and Jessee James don't have nearly as much money as Tiger does, so you can't compare the speed of progress between the two. Besides, Tiger and Elin have to agree on international divorce laws because she wants to move back to Europe. Jessee is known only by those into bikes, Tiger is known all over the world.

1630 days ago


Agree...if Tiger Woods, his lawyers, management, and/or other black athletes/entertainers begin a campaign to defame this lovely, trusting, faithful, committed wife, and devoted mother, HE will be treated like an absolute plague by the public not only in America but throughout the World so he needs to get a grasp on his people now. Obviously, he is accustomed to getting everything and anything he wants and the realization that he has destroyed his marriaged and the intact family structure is going to affect his narcissistic ego big time in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Anyone supporting him on these blogs by disparaging, blaming, calling her names, questioning her ability to please a man sexually (as a loving wife and devoted mother of his children) are parasitical to say the least.

It's time now for Tiger Woods to get serious about intense psychotherapy and/or substance abuse counselling so he can become the good (part-time) father he should have been while cavorting in Las Vegas and around the World with disgusting swines.

1630 days ago


Crystal, if you ever watched him play golf you would know that you can see just how big it is at the end of his swing. :)
It ain't eensy weensy teeny weeny.

1630 days ago


Anon, another person who has never watched a golf tournament. Steroids don't help you make the pressure putts that have separated him from every other golfer over the years.

1630 days ago


considering TMZ gets every email this dude as sent out i would say there is a leak in his office.. haha wouldn't be surprised if it's him doing it.. nothing better than free pub.

1630 days ago


It is too bad they can't be left alone to work out their problems. Sorry to hear that she is not willing to give him another chance. She should tell her friends to stop leaking information. They can't be too good of a friend if they are leaking information for money. She needs some good friends like Sandra Bullock's who kept their mouths shut.

1630 days ago

Joe Edo    

Brother is going to pay a lot of money for taking his penis elsewhere...

1630 days ago
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