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Elin's Lawyers Accused of Leaks in Tiger Divorce

5/14/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things have already gotten nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce.  TMZ has learned Tiger's lawyers have accused Elin Nordegren's legal team of leaking like a sieve to the media.

Elin's Lawyers

Elin's lawyer, Walter H. White, Jr., who practices in London, sent an email to his staff on April 19, 2010 -- an email obtained by TMZ.  White warns his people, "Recently we have been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press.  While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

White urges his staff to "avoid conversations relating to firm activities in public ..."

After we called White on Wednesday and told him we had information he was repping Elin, he sent a staff email saying, "TMZ the web news service has discovered that we in London represent Elin Nordegren ... " 

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm and then boasts, "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute to the office and the firm that it has taken them so long to figure this out."

As we reported yesterday, White was already repping Elin in January -- a month and a half after Tiger's car crash.


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All I know is he is worthless now. I won't buy nike and if anyone buys it for my kids as a gift it will go in the trash. Elin should get everything. It was the pretty wife, family man good athlete image that got him those endorsements. Now he just needs to go get his STD's treated once and for all because no one will ever have him now unless he promises to make a sex tape so she can get a reality show.

1601 days ago


Jason get your facts straight with your "usa da best"

People speak multiple languages in other countries, even Sweden. If you look at the world ranks, Sweden beats USA in education on ALL levels, Education is publicly available and funded unlike the insane USA university costs. Universal Medical coverage is also a given right there as many other advanced countries. Yes many throughout time have been told that USA is made of gold and everything is free but these days not really. People aren't fooled to give up their Masters degrees and move to USA and drive cabs and clean your homes.

1601 days ago

Lisa Loo    

So now wait a minute. Lets see..when Tiger made his big speech (which was an eyeroller), he knew THEN that he was divorcing but played along like he and his wife were working it out. He is SUCH an ass

1601 days ago


I couldn't be LESS concerned about Elin, in fact, I don't think she should even have custody of the children because she has shown violent tendencies when she took a golf club and chased Tiger down the street with it, then busted out windows on the SUV.

This is the same kind of behavior we've seen from somebody who ended up killing his x-wife: O.J. Simpson.

She knew all along she was going to get enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life, so what's up with the violence?

1601 days ago


Does Tiger Woods owe you haters money? Did he date your sister? Get a life.Tiger will continue to be rich and famous, and you will continue being the faceless nothings, need a life losers that you are!Grow up find a real cause for your existence.

1601 days ago


Who cares if the media is crawling up Tiger's ass! He is so worried about his "very important" "make believe" image that only exists in his own mind. Relax Tiger you are just another guy that cheated on your wife and you need to do the really decent thing by her and be gracious to her and the children.

1601 days ago


Honestly after what he did to Eln...Tiger should give her a bonus because what he did is way beyond any normal persons realm of cheating. Super Nasty Tiger needs to pay her for raising his kids & putting up with his narrsassistic bullsh*t. I pray Elin by the grace of god did not catch any Tiger Std. At least pay your wife Tiger & do the right thing. God knows he was so cheap with the women he banged...they even said he was cheap. Except Uglytail 10 million for her. He put his wife down but...Tiger is not even good looking just average.

1601 days ago


Tiger Woods does not deserve a good, decent wife like Elin Nordegren or his beautiful children. He is shameless and has no moral principles. He has deceived, betrayed and humiliated his family in front of the world. Elin should receive no less than half of Tiger’s fortune since he earned millions from sponsors and fans projecting a false image of integrity as a devoted husband and family man. Elin Nordegren is young and beautiful and someday she will find a good and decent man that will love, honor and respect her she deserves.

1601 days ago


Tiger Woods doesn't have $1,000,000,000.00 "cash" sitting in the bank ! ... rather, that is the sum of what he's "estimated" to have grossed, since turning pro back in 1996. From that you have to subtract for taxes, donations, food, shelter, transportation, legal fees, entertainment, etc ... A far more likelier sum of his net worth today would perhaps be in the 300-500 million range, with the bulk of that tied up in real estate, bonds and shares. And any "free cash" would be surely protected in an assortment "off-shore" safe havens (ie: Swiss & Bahamian accounts). The point is, Elin's people aren't going to be able to simply waltz in, take a bunch of money and then run for the hills. Assuming that they even do win a favourable settlement, securing the proceeds from such settlement will be a long and difficult process ... and it's a given that Tiger and his team will fight them every step of the way. Prince Charles and Paul McCartney were gentlemen ... or at least, they wanted to create the illusion that they were gentlemen. This does apply here with Mr.Woods, who when push comes to shove, will not be afraid to show his true colors.

1601 days ago


For sure there is alot of scrambling going on about Tiger's money -which by the way is tied up in property, yachts, planes etc. Just like you Tiger has bills to pay - for staff - for taxes, insurance, etc., so the debt load he is carrying means he needs to bring in more $$ by endorsements and winning tournaments -
All the gossip about playgirl "Uglytel" getting $10 million not to spill her slimy tales about Tigers sexual preferences and parties is likely getting paid out at $1 million/year for 10 years - We know he's so cheap he'd never just hand over the whole amount without a guarantee of her not carrying out the bargain - so after her lawyer Gloria gets her chunk and IRS get a chunk she's still out peddling her A*s to married men -

Eldrick is a champion alright - a champion liar and bast*rd! Not many respect him for anything worldwide.

1601 days ago


El d i c k Woods always has this spoiled, pouting, unhappy, angry look on his homely face. Looks like money hasn't brought him happiness, poor schmuck. LOL What a dumb azz, having to pay prostitutes millions of dollars to keep quiet. That was the love of his life, the sly Rachel Uglytell. hahahahaha

1601 days ago


I'd be looking for the leak and terminate anyone remotely involved. This is serious business if this law firm is sending copies of inter-office emails to TMZ. As for this matter, it's so done. It's now between Tiger and Elin and private. I'm tired of this and the one involving Jesse James. DONE. MOVE ON.

1601 days ago


Rachel Uchitel gets $10 million from Woods, and his wife who gave him two children who don't look like him, thank god, is only going to get $20 million? His wife who, while pregnant, was exposed to some serious diseases from him doing the nasty with unclean women. His children, in the womb, were exposed to the same diseases their mother was --- thanks to the filthy dog "Tiger" as he named himself.

Elin should get half of his fortune. She was unbelievably gorgeous when he got her to marry him. She doesn't look as healthy now after he got through with her. She deserves more than that lousy $20 million for what he put her through, humiliating her and putting her health and life in danger, the mother of his children. He should be in prison.

He's a narcissistic sociopath with NO conscience.

1601 days ago


Elin hit the lottey when she married the Too young Too Stupid to Marry Tiger and he should have never gotten married yet. Now this former Nanny is set 4 life. And the sister is working 4 her lawyer and it's being leaked. Duhhh- geez i wonder how that could ever happen!?

1601 days ago


Josh, no one forced your hero Tiger to marry Elin. In Europe young women work as nannies for a couple of years. Princess Diana worked as a nanny. Elin comes from a prominent, well-to-do family in Sweden.

Elin would have not had any financial problems if she had never met Eldrick Woods. Her health would have been better off if she'd never have met him. She would have had no problem finding a good husband who would have shown her the love and respect Eldrick never did.

You're blaming his failures on him getting married too young?! He was almost 30 when he got married, and Elin is four years younger. She is the better parent and the better spouse.

Any age is too young to get married for an immature, conceited, narcissistic person like Eldrick. Since he can only love himself, he should never have gotten married. He doesn't do any woman a favor by marrying her. He's not even good looking.

1601 days ago
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