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Elin's Lawyers Accused of Leaks in Tiger Divorce

5/14/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things have already gotten nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce.  TMZ has learned Tiger's lawyers have accused Elin Nordegren's legal team of leaking like a sieve to the media.

Elin's Lawyers

Elin's lawyer, Walter H. White, Jr., who practices in London, sent an email to his staff on April 19, 2010 -- an email obtained by TMZ.  White warns his people, "Recently we have been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press.  While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

White urges his staff to "avoid conversations relating to firm activities in public ..."

After we called White on Wednesday and told him we had information he was repping Elin, he sent a staff email saying, "TMZ the web news service has discovered that we in London represent Elin Nordegren ... " 

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm and then boasts, "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute to the office and the firm that it has taken them so long to figure this out."

As we reported yesterday, White was already repping Elin in January -- a month and a half after Tiger's car crash.


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Zip, if Elin is sooo violent, maybe you can explain why she had Woods' head cradled in her lap after he crashed the car in November?

As for all of your excuses for giving in to temptation, we are all tempted every day to choose between good behavior and bad. Woods apparently has no moral compass. He feels entitled, because he is rich, to get away with just about anything, which is why he acts so snotty and superior, and why he is not popular with the average person.

He placed himself in the position to meet women by going to parties without Elin. Let's not kid ourselves. He knew exactly what he was doing. He's no innocent victim that women preyed upon. LOL

1585 days ago



If you think that Tiger does not think he is black now, based on the over the top racist reaction by a mostly white public to this trumped up cheating scandal, then you are living in fantasy land We all know about the "cablasian" statement made when he was young but now he fully realises that the white public never accepted him but tolerated him because he is better than anyone else playing the sport of golf. Now some of those raciist pigs like Erica and ZR believe they have an issue to "fairly" criticise, their true natures come to the fore.

Erica and ZR:

Being racist white bitches is truly pathetic but to try to deny it and pretend that you are not white makes you moral s***. Where was the care and concern for Shaq's wife, Shaunie or for MJ ex-wife? Are they not capable of getting STDs from the cheating of their spouses or maybe all blacks are so morally disolute that getting STDs is part of the course, right??? The only reason why Elin Woods seems so sympathtic to you racist ****s is that she was married to a black man and he screwed her over, in your eyes. A black man that the white public only tolerated him for his athletic genius but who forgot that he had only a pass to the world of white privilege, not an access card. That is TW's sin. He forgot his place and thought he could treat this pass side little white nanny any way he wanted. After all, she was a nobody and he is and was Tiger. That is how it would have worked if TW was white but in this racialised world, he is not judged individually but as a symbol. He is now the oversexed black athlete preying on the white vestal virgin, forgeting his place, shades of antebellum south and now must be electronically lynched p.r wise by an unforgiving white public bent on putting him in his place. It does not matter that TW's number of trangressions is minute compared to the cheating committed by Shaq, MJ or other athletic idols. Why not? They married black women. Who cares? Not POS like Erica and ZR!!! Tiger made the fatal error of amrrying a supposed blonde beautiful white woman and then he had the unmitigated gall to cheat on her. Off with his head!!!LOL

No self respecting black otr latino person falls for this garbage. We know racism when we see it. Plain and simple. Erica and ZR: you are racist POS and you know it. You hide behind the confines of a computer and spew your psuedo racist bile and pretend to be "morally outraged". Half of his fortune for cheating when there is a valid pre-nup? In what world? In your effing world!!!

BTW the reason why Elin and her POS sister hired this black lawyer is to pretend that they are not golddigging bitches engaged in a racialised holdup of the TW fortune. It gives them cover, pr wise. Sort of like Sandra Bullock adopting a black baby while she is being accused of looking the other way re Jesse James Nazi affilations? !!!

1585 days ago


Anthony, wow, cry me a river (or write a book), whatever. You're obviously still clinging to the past because it's profitable to be a victim. I voted for President Obama; does that make me a racist? I've always gone out of my way to be friendly to African-Americans if they've been in the minority at school, social functions, etc. to make them feel welcome. I worked with African-American women in an office and got alone fine with them. They were nice, and they hated to see me leave when I transferred to a better-paying job. My point is I'm not a racist POS as you claim.

Why you've made this a racial issue is ridiculous. I'm a biracial person, not black, but in your world only black (and white) counts. You obviously hate white people. If you can't take each person as an individual and just hate an entire race because of the past, then go get counseling.

Now you're saying Sandra Bullock adopted a black baby because of ulterior motives, to appear nonracist when she is really a racist? Nothing white people do will ever please you because you only like your own kind. You are the racist here and a hypocrite. End of communication with you; my time is valuable.

1585 days ago



Please get your facts straight. Woods has nevr said that he considers himself more asian than black. There is no record of him stating that. Point it out, date and time. You cannot. That is a complete and utter lie.

In his one recorded statement re his mixed racial heritage on Oprah, he stated that when he was six, he would call himself "cablasian". Woods has since acknowledged in numerous interviews that despite his mixed racial background, the world looks at hinm as being a black man and that is on record. Look it up!!!!

Re the Al Sharptons of the world, he was never asked by Al Sharpton to do anything. In 1997 after his historic masters victory ( where btw he was recognised as the first african american to win the Masters), he was asked by Jackie Robinson's widow as well as by President Clinton (at last minute )to come to the celebration of the centenial of Robinson' birth. He felt that he was being used for racial purposes and declined. He was merely following the stupid footsteps of MJ who as a Nike spokeman, tried to avoid racial issues. Is MJ not black now?

Re his friends and and associates, a number of TW's principal managers at Nike are black. on a personal level, his very close friends include Charle barkley and MJ. BTW Elin attempted in a power move to destroy his relationship with MJ and Barkley. That failed and in fact, MJ and Tiger were out playing at Isleworth a week before the Player's Championship.

We now come to the trup card of the apologists for the racist fury shown to Tiger by whites. The meme goes like this: Why are blacks defending him when he does not consider himself black? The argument goes that "We are not attacking a " black' man because of his race, since Tiger supposedly does not consdier himself to be part of the group" . The problem with that argument is the following. The fact TW may or may not identify himself as fully black does NOT matter. What matters is how he is perceived and portrayed by those who attack him ( i.e. whites). The mostly white public clearly sees him as being black. Anyone who has read any of the numerous comments on any number of web sites about this so-called scandal come away with the feeling of racialized commentary( A good example is by Rush Limbaugh. Listen to Rush Limbaugh make a statement re the so-called black state of mind and how TW actions as a black man did not help matters) The n word is prominently bantered on and other sites about without nary a correction by any other posters. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot attack him in racial terms on this and other web sites but then when confronted with this bigotry, then claim those who object to these attacks and rightly point them out are stupid since the defenders are black and Tiger does not see himself that way. That is effing stupid logic. What does his self perception or lack of it have to do with how the white world sees him? Whites see him as being black, and thus the racialised commentary. That is the salient fact!!!

Please STFU!!! You are an idiot.

1585 days ago



You need to shut up because with each comment, the hole gets deeper and deeper.

So now you are biracial with that special "African American" friend. The hits keep a coming !!!!Are you effing kidding me?LOL This is your defence to being called a racist, the old "I have a black friend "excuse???.LMAO This is like the klanman stating he is not racist because he works with "niggurs" at his place of work. Or like the homophobe stating anti-gay slurs but who somehow has some unknown gay friends.

Just go away and behave properly!! Recognise your racist leanings and try to curb them. That is all one can ask!!!

1585 days ago


Message to Anthony : I'm not racist stupid jackass because I'm not white. No this not a race issue.
This is an issue about a guy who betrayed destroyed and humiliated publicly his family for some cheap tarts bimbos.
Believe it or not but there are still people in this world who don't give a pass on such a debauchery just because the cheater happened to be the Great Tiger Woods. I'm sorry but this guy in my book is a douchebag, an immoral repugnant abject poor excuse for a man.
So don't try to accuse me of racism because this is completely stupid ...
You seem to be in denial and completely blind. Even more disgusting is you put the blame on the wife. Well next time try with the kids. Maybe it will be more plausible...
BTW your 'hero' is still UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY.. and nothing will change that even a billion.
So shut up your big mouth and get the facts straight because posting some idiots comments.

1585 days ago



You are a lying POS. You are white!!! How do I know this? You have no concern for black/minority women who are in the position of Elin Woods. I gave you the example of Shaunie O'Neal , who is the soon to be ex-wife of Shaq O'Neal, the great NBA center. No reply from you. You only seem to care about the white woman, Elin, being cheated on by TW. I even stated that Shaq'a cheating made TW seem like an amateur. Still no rebuttal. Yet in your diseased racist mind, Tw is the great "Cheetah"' If you are non-white, you are either white obsessed or have a lingering hatred of your racial background. Either way, you are a wack job, the sort of person stars put out restraining orders on. LOL

Why the vitriol six months after the fact? It is not a crime to be white and annoyed or angry with TW for how he cheated on his wife. But six months after the fact, always showing up and commenting on every story on this site, that is racial hate motivating you. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!Funny thing facts; they are hard to refute!!!

You are a racist diseased pig amd nothing you say or do will change that fact!!! Dismissed.

1585 days ago


Stupid jackass I'm not white - I'm Spanish - and I'm not a racist unlike you f$$$ing idiot. i don't care what you think but boy you have some mental issues. You need to join your pal the pig in rehab HUGE QUICKLY .
I don't care if the guy is white or black the fact is he's one of the most despicable miserable human being I have seen in recent years.
So get lost and go support your immoral loser on a golf course. He doesn't give a damn about you by the way. The only person he cares is himself.
I know that he will pay for what he did. the recent events are just the beginning of a long fall from grace.
I'm sure he has a STD because no way he could have escaped that without any protection with porn stars.
So Anthony go to hell along the Cheetah lovers. The world will be much better off without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1585 days ago



What about Shaunie O'Neal? Where the care and concern for her? Why is Shaunie too dark for you to care for her? Only for Elin Woods, you wanna be BFF. ROTFLMAO As I stated, you are white obsessed or have a lingering resentment of those close to your racial background. Either way, you are a wack job, that hates that TW, a black man, cheated on his white wife and you want to lynch him for it. God, you are pathetic!!!

You are self loathing racist POS. Even though you claim to be spanish, I bet dollars for donuts that you put down white on your census paper, didn't you. You play the twofer game: white when conveninent and latino when convenient. I know your game. I know people like you who play it.

For six months now, you are on this website making the most vile comments about TW. What motivates that level of hate/ It is not outrage. It is RACIAL HATRED!!!!You are like a teapatier: facts do not make a bit of difference. Like they hate Obama for his skin colour, you hate TW for his and his unmitigated gall to cheat on the white princess of the moment , Elin Woods. Did I get the meme right now? AHOLE

The light of day is shining on you now. You cannot hide, you effing rat filth!!!

1585 days ago


Anthony obviously wants people to be racists to give his life meaning, to get his blood flowing. Doesn't he know that 99.9% of African-Americans have white and some Native-American blood? Woods' father wasn't all "black," he was part Native-American and part white. Eldrick Woods is less than half black. He dated only white women. Anthony, why does he prefer only white women? Is Tiger Woods a racist?? Why are you so overly protective of him?

1585 days ago



Thanks for confirming the sheer racism underlining your posts. You are a effing disgrace!!! Left your white hood at home, huh?!!


Instead of worrying about my racial attitude, why don't you comment on Anon's incredibly odious bigoted commentary? Is it that you cannot read? Referiing to black women as "she apes"? Either you cannot read or you are in agreement, which makes my commentary before even more on point. As I stated, it is clear that criticism of TW on this site is racially based and racist in nature. Check out the comments of Anon, ZR and Erica as proof positiveof that fact

I love when daylight is shone on racist rat filth like Anon, ZR, and Erica. Makes my effing day!!! Dismissed.

1585 days ago


Anthony, when a person is accused of something repeatedly even though it's not true, the person probably thinks well, if I'm going to be considered guilty of something, I may as well be. It seems to be what you want anyway. Playing the part of a victim/martyr is advantageous. You get to use the imagined wrong as an excuse to misbehave, commit crimes or in Tiger's case, be a serial adulterer on a grand scale and then his supporters can whine and cry "racism" when he is criticized.

Haven't you heard of his made-up story about being a little 5-year-old on his 1st day of school, being tied to a tree, tortured, stones thrown at him, and the "N" word sprayed on him?? No one has heard anything about it, not even his teacher. That would be something anyone would remember, especially the school staff and most especially his mother. She has not backed up his ridiculous story; she's been as quiet as a mouse about it. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be it NEVER happened? Tiger is a total narcissistic, immature phoney who should never have gotten married.

1585 days ago


Anthony, to be truthful I've seen more black-on-white racism/violence/crime than white-on-black. Actually, I've never seen any of the latter. If you're an American, you've got white blood in you. It may not show much since black features dominate over Caucasian, but it's there. Compare African-Americans to blacks in Africa or Haiti. You can tell the difference right away.

1584 days ago



Still no condemanation of Anon's clearly racial comments. You are either illiterate or a racist yyourself. Which one is it? Waiting......

Re his so-called teacher's comments, TW has not said much since this crisis began, other than the 10 minute prepared statement in February and at press conferences. No one in the press has asked about the stupid teachers comments. WHY? because it is bs what she is saying. She waits 25 years to call him out? Why now? Did she suddenly see the light? LOL And her attorney is medis whore Gloria Alred? LMAO That attorney sure helps her case in being believed LOL Are you effng kidding me? No one believes that broken down teacher. NO ONE, other than fools like you. Mainstream media knows bull**** when they hear it. The old hag was looking to get paid with the hooker porn star and others. Guess what? She failed again.

Yeah, TW cheated on his wife ,like 60 % of the married guys in this country. So what? JFK and FDR cheated on their spouses. Their word was still good with the public and so is TW's. Is cheating on one's spouse now the defining standard for character? Please... this country would disintegratein a minute. Dude, this is not even challenging dismantling your lame arguments.

Please STFU.. you are stupid.

BTW Only a racist or someone who predispossed to that ilk wouild claim that there is more black on white bigotry than white on black. The stupidity of that commenst( e.g. given the rise of the racist teapartiers and their lovely signs and racial comments aginst Obama at rallies in 2010) put that disgenuous claim to rest. Pawned!!!

1584 days ago


Anthony, did JFK and FDR have sex with over a hundred prostitutes each or just a couple of non-prostitutes? I’m sure Tiger’s count is an under-estimation and just the tip of the iceberg. Did JFK and FDR expose their wives to serious sexually transmitted diseases by having unprotected sex with prostitutes as Tiger did e.g. AIDS, herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis, venereal warts, gonorrhea, yeast infections, crabs, etc.? Were those diseases even around in those days?

What did Tiger pay Rachel Uchitel $10 million to keep quiet about when it was already known they did the nasty? As for the crimes and racism I mentioned, all I can say is it’s what I’ve observed in person.

1584 days ago
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