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Elin's Lawyers Accused of Leaks in Tiger Divorce

5/14/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things have already gotten nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce.  TMZ has learned Tiger's lawyers have accused Elin Nordegren's legal team of leaking like a sieve to the media.

Elin's Lawyers

Elin's lawyer, Walter H. White, Jr., who practices in London, sent an email to his staff on April 19, 2010 -- an email obtained by TMZ.  White warns his people, "Recently we have been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press.  While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

White urges his staff to "avoid conversations relating to firm activities in public ..."

After we called White on Wednesday and told him we had information he was repping Elin, he sent a staff email saying, "TMZ the web news service has discovered that we in London represent Elin Nordegren ... " 

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm and then boasts, "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute to the office and the firm that it has taken them so long to figure this out."

As we reported yesterday, White was already repping Elin in January -- a month and a half after Tiger's car crash.


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Do you read , dude? If you did, then you would know that JFK was treated for sexually transmitted dieases when he was in the navy during the WW2. When he marries Jackie, he still had these afflictions. Moreover, JFK was carrying on with four to five women a day while he was in WH. WTF, how illiterate are you? Go read and please stop displaying your ignorance LOL

Re TW list of conquests, TW is a baby compared to guys like Shaq or MJ , who have had girls in the thousands while married. Have they ever had any sexually transmitted dieease? So why would TW, banging a lot less. WTF is wrong with you white people? Are you just deliberately ignorant? Do you think the white vestal virgin , Elin Woods, would be more susceptible to a disease from the unruly "black beast", TW , that Shaq or MJ's black wives did not receive?

The implicit racism in your comments is what is striking. You actually believe that TW , banging a lot less women than other athletic idols, has committed a greater offense against his wife than those with black wives. Don't you?

Dude, please STFU. You are embarrassing yourself. I am no longer going to answer your posts.

BTW How do you know he had unprotected sex? Were you there? You actually think that you are getting the correct info from this and other websites. Christ, if you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you, AHOLE!!!

1589 days ago


“Anthony,” how did you get to be such a condescending jerk? No wonder you are a Tiger Woods’ fan. You sound like him, someone who thinks he’s superior to everyone, which is why no one likes him. My IQ is above average, so you can quit calling me stupid. You call people names --- “white bitches, a-holes, stupid, POS”, etc. Real classy. You can KMA buddy.

1589 days ago


so, does anybody recognize what brand the sunglasses she's wearing are?

1589 days ago


anyone know which sunglasses she is wearing?

1589 days ago


Wow!!!!I think some people on here really need to put the whole race thing aside! I believe that race and rasism are really not the issue here and those that are trying to make it so have some problems.

I think if they do divorce Tiger Woods should be fairly generous to her after all she did have his children and was greatly humiliated by him.

I hope that she at least gets enough to continue to live the lifestyle she has grown a custom to being Tiger Woods wife. Good Luck Elin!!!

1588 days ago


Ugly Woods was so fortunate to have a Nordic beauty like Elin breed for him and give him two children who are not ugly like he is. For that alone he should reward her with a generous amount of money.

1588 days ago

sO ThaTs wHaT hAppeNed    

So that's how it happened......Elin had already "dated", i.e. slept with other golf pros before she met Tiger. She was an attractive nanny for Jesper Parnevik and had the opportunity to meet the golfers. It wasn't until after they were married that Tiger found out she had slept with other golfers and was devastated. He was asked one night, while playing poker with a bunch of other golfers how it felt to know his wife slept with_____ and _____ ? This news was very upsetting to Tiger and changed his outlook and opinion of Elin - especially since she wasn't honest about it before the marriage. It put him in a tailspin and forever changed their relationship. After that, he wasn't faithful and she was well aware of his unfaithfulness and accepted it.
Read more:

1578 days ago


Get a grip on it all. This little nanny was put in touch with Tiger so she could upgrade her status. Regardless of his cheating or not, the marriage was a joke from day one. Having a baby by him only guranteed her a big payday.

As for each of the women who slept with Tiger; you too knew he was married. So, the only thing you got was a wet a_s.

By the way, 20 million is more than enought to live with since she hates the man so much, leave him alone and get your own damn money you did not do anything but get an early retirment check.

1577 days ago


It's a good thing Tiger got the settlement "down to 100 million." He just might never win another golf tournament. The ole mystique is gone....gone....gone.

1540 days ago


Hilarious! Like the people on this forum really know anything about Tiger and elin.

1489 days ago
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