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Michael Jackson Doc

in Mid-Air Emergency

5/16/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved a life this morning ... 30,000 feet above the ground.

Sources tell TMZ Murray was on a US Air flight from Houston to Phoenix when a flight attendant came over the loudspeaker and asked if there was a doctor on board.

Turns out a passenger fainted and could not be revived. We're told Murray jumped out of his seat, evaluated the female passenger (who was in her 20s and traveling with a baby), and quickly noticed she had a "very weak pulse."

Somehow -- don't ask us -- Murray inserted an IV and was able to stabilize the passenger until the plane made an emergency landing in Albuquerque.

The passenger was taken for further treatment. Her condition is not known.


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very happy that dr. murray helped this young lady... people tend to forget that he was and still is a doctor.. and has saved thousands of lives over the years...
he has a good heart and a deep faith in god... no malice in mj dealth...
dr. murray has been my heart doctor for many yrs and has deep concern for his patients and cares for each and every single one of his many patients that he still has.. they all faithfully stand by him as i do and trust him..
while i was a michael jackson fan myself.. i do know that dr. murray was not to blame for this..
god bless dr. murray... :)

1631 days ago


I can only imagine how crazy you MJ fans would have gotten if the story came out that this woman had a medical emergency and Dr. Murray didn't step up to help and she died. You'd all once again blame Dr. Murray for her death.
When it comes to all you so called Michael Jackson fans there's no winning is there. Your all just so right and so convinced that this doctor is satan.
The only thing this doctor is guilty of (at this point)is his poor judgement in taking on a patient who is a known drug addict and giving him the desired drugs. Michael Jackson killed himself, period end of story.
I laugh when I read all the comments here. Seriously ? Are you all so devastated by his death that you need medical treatment for depression, you've crawled into bed for the past year and can't get out, your life is forever changed because of his death ? Oh god help all of you !


1630 days ago


It was a set up..... Boy, the media can make you believe something that is not true.... cant they? LMAO

1630 days ago


Hella staged to me... why is he traveling with IV.. oh wait it's almost a year!! Time to KILL Again.

1630 days ago


Doesn't alter the fact that he's a murderer. Why was he travelling with IVs anyway? Why hasn't his licence been revoked? Why wasn't the woman given smelling salts? What is his love affair with IV lines all about? He seems to be more than just a tad obsessed with IV lines. Conny the Killer Quack aka Murray the Murdering Medic is still exactly that.....a KILLER. May he rot in hell.

1630 days ago


152. To sara: What plane you know carry IV equipment? You can't have a bottle of water on a plane now a days so how can they have IV equipment. I am a nurse and I know they are not putting IV equipment in first aid kits.
Posted at 7:27 PM on May 15, 2010 by kisha

Yeah, you're a nurse and I am the Medical Director at UCLA Medical Center! For your information, DUMBA$$, it is standard nowadays for airlines to carry a medical emergency kit. This is much more than a first aid kit - they have defibrillators, there is equipment with which to help deliver babies, scissors, bandages, tape, IV lines, normal saline (IV fluid to you, Ms. Nurse), a variety of drugs only a medical professional can administer, oxygen - need I go on?

You are not only an idiot, you are a liar, too. Call the airline and ask if you don't believe me. Rabid fanatical moron fan.

1630 days ago


wow,, really,,, he is still a doctor. innocent til proven guilty...

1630 days ago


WOW he is a good doc. Case dismissed

1630 days ago


I wonder how he can afford such a good PR company to come up with something like this, but can't pay his child support? Questions we may never have answers to...

1630 days ago



He made a huge mistake in judgment with Michael. As another physician, I find it hard to understand and I do feel that what he did to Michael constitutes manslaughter.

However, he is not the devil incarnate. He is a physician and he did know what to do for this woman. These things happen all the time. It was reported on because he is in the news. That's all. The conspiracy theories and ridiculous accusations are not based in reality.

1630 days ago


Has to be a publicity stunt because if I woke up with DR. Murray standing over me and an I.V. I would sream loud enough for the control tower to hear me.

1630 days ago


@bryan It amazes me that people go "Conrad Murray is innocent until proven guilty" when people still go around insisting that Michael Jackson abused children even though he was declared innocent of all the charges against him. We’re supposed to give someone accused of gross medical negligence dignity because he hasn't been tried in court and we don't know the facts...why is it okay to bash Michael Jackson who has been investigated by various legal agencies, but was never found to have any guilt of or leanings towards pedophilia? If people don't understand Michael Jackson as a person cool, but people running around calling him an addict and all this other stuff when there's no proof of it is f*cked up. Murray let a person die under his care and then tried to cover it don't matter which way you spin it...he still has guilt to answer to and played a part in someone’s death.

1630 days ago


wake up people! this is all part of this elaborate hoax. looking forward to the next breaking news stunt. beLIEve

1630 days ago

you are right    

182. @bryan It amazes me that people go "Conrad Murray is innocent until proven guilty" when people still go around insisting that Michael Jackson abused children even though he was declared innocent of all the charges against him.
Posted at 8:52 AM on May 16, 2010 by Nikki

Juries never find defendants innocent. They cannot. Not only is it not their job, it is not within their power. They can only find them "not guilty."

1630 days ago


I can see the next news headline now: Dr. Murray joins the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Offers free medical care to the Pope. The American news media has been completely compromised and has no credibility left. This story is fake.

1630 days ago
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