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Tiger's XXX Mistress Goes Off on Uchitel

5/15/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is a hypocrite, a double-talker and liar -- so claims one of Tiger Woods' other mistresses.
Joslyn James exploded in anger after Rachel Uchitel appearing on TMZ Live Friday afternoon.  Rachel suggested Joslyn was using her Tiger exploits to become a celebrity.

So Joslyn had a few choice words for Rachel, in the form of an email to TMZ. Joslyn says, "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger."  Joslyn goes on, "Oh yeah, that's right.  She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut ..."

Joslyn continues, "I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before the Tiger news.  I never heard of her before that." 

And Joslyn adds tearfully (we think), "I was an actress prior and a dancer, I gave it up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, I merely went back to what I was doing."

And, in the High School Mistress category, Joslyn has a parting fault:  "I never tried to add her on Facebook."


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1587 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Bwahahaha one whore is pissed at the other whore because she got to the gravy train first!

all women are whores.

1587 days ago


Back in the old days Whores used to hide their faces in shame after being outted for adultery. Today women hold news conferences, hire lawyers, black mail and extort the men for money. Sell their stories and pictures, private text messages and emails to the tabloids and entertainment programs, get interviewed by Howard Stern etc. We have heard enough from these women!! They have now made me feel sorry for Tiger for having such poor judgment in choosing skanks to commit adultery with. Hopefully his taste will improve after the divorce. Ladies you look worse then you did when the story first broke. Now crawl back under the rocks you crawled out from thats where slugs go...

1587 days ago


These broads are FUGLY! You'd think Tiger could afford something attractive and knows how to SHUT-UP!

1587 days ago


its funny they both told the truth finally.

1587 days ago


While Rachel has certainly made a nice living by sleeping with married men, I have to agree with Josie on one point. I'd never heard of EITHER slut before the Tiger Woods thing.

1587 days ago


Gloria is just as bad as them. she is in the same class.

1587 days ago


I was surprised at how pretty rachael is. i got the impression she dated alot of married men by some of her comments, that being said, what she said about the D list woman, she was spot on! and yes, rachael knew all the celebs before this, she had the dream job.I'm sure in the future things will calm down, it's just too raw right now. i'm just tired of strippers,porn making tattoed women all over the media......go find a ****-fight!

1587 days ago


Media cat fights between Tiger's Wood hos. This is news? The only way to grade or classify these 15 minute fame sluts is to ask who swallows and who doesn't. LOL!

1587 days ago


rachel okay

1587 days ago


Me thinks Krazy Kooky Klown and balls are one and the same. Ever notice how they post together? C'mon dude, fess up!!

1587 days ago


hmmm, first Uchitel exploits her fiancee's death in 9/11 to get some TV time then this self-proclaimed girl of good morals has overlapping affairs with two men she knows are married, hires Gloria Allred to play the victim card and now she has the audacity to call out another person for trying to become a celebrity for screwing married celebrities?

1587 days ago


Hmmm - guess their respective attorneys should sort this out - oh wait, they have the same attorney - how's Gloria going to handle this situation?

1587 days ago


Rachel's just mad cuz she thought she was the only ad found out she was just one of hundreds. She is a pig that doesn't get what she did was wrong. She is still out their adding salt to the wounds of the wives of the women whose husbands she was bleeping. She's a filthy pig and if I see her in New York, I'll spit on her.

1587 days ago


In the words of Nene "CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN" I'm sick of Joslyn James.......GO AWAY ALREADY!! As a "Hoe" you are supposed to know your role and play your position. I'm sick of these hoe bags getting air time......GO AWAY ALREADY!!

1587 days ago
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