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Tiger's XXX Mistress Goes Off on Uchitel

5/15/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is a hypocrite, a double-talker and liar -- so claims one of Tiger Woods' other mistresses.
Joslyn James exploded in anger after Rachel Uchitel appearing on TMZ Live Friday afternoon.  Rachel suggested Joslyn was using her Tiger exploits to become a celebrity.

So Joslyn had a few choice words for Rachel, in the form of an email to TMZ. Joslyn says, "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger."  Joslyn goes on, "Oh yeah, that's right.  She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut ..."

Joslyn continues, "I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before the Tiger news.  I never heard of her before that." 

And Joslyn adds tearfully (we think), "I was an actress prior and a dancer, I gave it up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, I merely went back to what I was doing."

And, in the High School Mistress category, Joslyn has a parting fault:  "I never tried to add her on Facebook."


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Elmer Flobbergob    

Who cares. They're both skank whores.

1590 days ago


Calling all Tiger Lovers ! Remember that these "whores" as you like to call them, were previously your hero's lovers. So the more you keep slamming them, the more you keep slamming your hero. In fact, I thinks it's very ungrateful of you people to not show a little more compassion towards these women ... they were after all, kind enough to "share their treasures" with Eldrick. I would therefore suggest to you Tiger Lovers, that you offer a collective apology to these women and cease with your hatred towards them.

1590 days ago


Yeah---Rachel gets a 'big 10' on the 'unlikeable scale'.

1590 days ago


I think all these losers defending Rachel are funny! I bet they're just getting in line, hoping for a piece of that action, even though they don't make enough to be considered.

She f***s TWO (at least ...) married men, and seems to be having a ball (or two) profiting off of the misery she's inflicting on their innocent wives. She'd divorce a man who cheated on her? Of course! She'd only marry money and an affair would be VERY profitable for her in a divorce. One married man MIGHT be a mistake. TWO married celebrities is a career.

1590 days ago


I never heard of any of these girls before Tiger. Whatta joke. Anything they make from this point foward from books shows or whatever.. Tiger should get a nice cut. And for the fact that she got more then $85 for a morning after pill considering the millions she got is beyond me.

1590 days ago


I’m still not sure how to comment about the unsavory reputation of these two to people Joslyn James and Rachel Uchitel. However, I find Joslyn to be more credible about the Woods affair, the harm she caused, her life choices, motives for personal fame and financial gain. Rachel appears to be very calculated, untruthful, denial on many aspects and portrays herself as a victim. I have seen both woman in various aspects on media outlets and even the body language they display, (No Max, not Body Curves) revealed allot for comments stated. You could actual see Rachel expression intensify, being uneasy and get a little defensive when Harvey, asked about the distinction of extortion with the guy and Letterman and her having a different way to go about it with a lawyer. Rachel, made several comments trying to elaborate, but she was definite rattled somewhat. She even stated: I don’t really have a comment on it and didn’t want to talk anymore about that. Especially, when Harvey, said he thinks is so interesting and the whole core of the argument. He continued to say: she indicated there is a different way to go about it and I think that’s what got so many people talking. The Just: Is there a distinction of the two cases with a lawyer and legal mumble jumble? Her answer and appeared to be agitated even with her up hand in the air, no the purpose is not the same and we need to get off this topic, you guys just know what you read. There is definitely a story about the money Woods paid, good job Harvey!!! I wonder how many other people in Woods circle were being protected for being hush, hush, as she also stated she wanted and always would protect these people she met.

1590 days ago


Oh great. Now, for the sake of keeping their names in the press & lengthening their 15 minutes of fame, we get the "battle of the tiger side whores". Both of these leg spread skanks deserve a SEVERE beating; so does their attorney, WHOREia allred...

1590 days ago


You-Could-Tell has mental issues. I understand that her boyfriend died in the 9/11 tragedy but instead of causing others pain and being a whore she should work on healing herself.

The other one's 15 minutes are up!! She is gross and everything that comes out of her oral sex giving hole is a lie. She is plain disgusting.

1590 days ago

me not you    

Look what these two twits are fighting over - a serial cheater and less than honorable man like Tiger Woods. It never ceases to amaze me how women are so willing to allow themselves to get involved with idiots like him and then fight tooth and nail for him. Ugh...

1590 days ago


Hello Rachel,

You don't know me and I really have no desire to know you, but my question is this... Have you ever once thought of your fiance who was killed in the 9/11 attacks? Those attacks which showed you so poignantly holding his portrait and crying, breaking the heart of America.

FWIW, and from here in the wester state of South Dakota, you seem nothing more than a whore. Perhaps it was a blessing that your former fiance died that fateful day, for he would have had to live in hell with you...

Kindest Regards

1590 days ago


whore fight! they are both ugly sluts, they should be bffs

1589 days ago


An actor? LOL Who the F would hire that ugly ass thing that calls herself a woman. I hope she trips in front of moving traffic.

1589 days ago


OOPS... forgot to add. One has to wonder that if you had as many ****s sticking out of you as you've had stuck in you might be a PORCUPINE????

1589 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Well it's clear Tiger didn't get his women from a MENSA convention.

1589 days ago



1589 days ago
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