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Tiger Woods Mistress -- Uchitel Had a Point ...

5/16/2010 9:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs thinks Rachel Uchitel is right  ... some of Tiger's ladies are trying to become famous off the scandal -- but, of course, Grubbs says she isn't one of them.

On Friday's TMZ Live, Uchitel said a lot of the girls have been trying to sell videos and appear in celebrity boxing matches. Grubbs, however, doesn't feel the shoe fits.

She tells TMZ, "I don't deny Rachel's quote that some of the girls involved with Tiger are doing it for the purpose of fame and spotlight ... However, I can only speak for myself and I'm pretty sure I didn't try to gain fame by having half the world hating me."

Half might be stretching it a little -- but only just a little.


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Stupid whores, nobody gives a feck.

1619 days ago

petet p    

i still cant believe tiger, not because he's not "perfect" although because i just cant picture him getting freaky.LOL


1619 days ago


Help! My mind is playing tricks on me. Any picture showing a Tiger Mistress turns into an image with Tiger's 'front tail' inserted into her mouth. Then I see the back of a Buick Enclave and it looks like Tiger's face with his buggy-ass eyes glaring at me. Help me!

1619 days ago


It's funny how each woman who criticizes the other doesn't see herself in the same the end of the day, they are all women who slept with a married man and helped break up a family.

1619 days ago


Then why are you here on TMZ?

1619 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Why would anyone want to be known as a skank whore?

1619 days ago

The Village Idiot    

none of the other 121 mistresses/one night stands got hardly any money at all... only this Rachel Ukitell/$10 million less legalfees/tax so she doesn't have to turn the red light again for a few minutes.

give me a break

1619 days ago


She's no better than the rest of them! They all knew WHO he was, that he was married, and had kids. They didn't care then, they don't care now. All they wanted to do was profit in some way. Either from gifts and money from him, or by running their mouth! It's what happens when a rich man sleeps with trash! How stupid is he?? His wife is stunning!

1619 days ago


This is like a Three-Ring Circus!!! The Battle of the W-H-O-R-E-S!!!
It appears to me that Tiger will never be able to get his life back. Not with all those W-H-O-R-E-S, with their ugly silicone enhanced plastic bodies, trying to lure him to come back for more pervert, kinky sex. The only things Tiger has now is a mediocre Golf game, a Damaged Reputation for the rest of his life and many immoral, spiteful, shameless, money hungry mistresses, that will continue to make his life miserable. What a truly sad future!!!

1619 days ago


She DID have a point. The point of his **** in her ****.

1619 days ago

There's a problem here    

Oh I'm sure it's been stretched way more than just a little, if you get my drift.

1619 days ago


"I'm pretty sure I didn't try to gain fame by having half the world hating me."

She's "pretty sure"? It's a simple yes or no situation; "pretty sure" means she's an attention whore, just like the others. It also means she's an idiot, just like the others. And, since when should ANYONE take seriously anything rachel ugh-me-ugly has to say? Her only possible claim to fame is she's a slutty whore who will spread her legs for any celebrity that comes along, as long as she can possibly extort/blackmail said celebrity. A true whore...

1619 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

"...Rachel's quote that some of the girls involved with Tiger are doing it for the purpose of fame and spotlight" This reminds me of a few meth/crackheads who used to live in my neighborhood. They snorted it, and had disdain and disgust for those who smoked it! Same drug, different method, but they were much worse! So Rachel gets a fat paycheck, and that makes her any better?!?! LMAO!

1619 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Looks like there will be no end to what these ladies have to say about each other.

1619 days ago


Uh, wasn't she one of the worst for looking for the 15 minutes?

Yes were, you also are reading this, as you read anything you can to feed that ego.

1619 days ago
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