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Tiger Woods Mistress -- Uchitel Had a Point ...

5/16/2010 9:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs thinks Rachel Uchitel is right  ... some of Tiger's ladies are trying to become famous off the scandal -- but, of course, Grubbs says she isn't one of them.

On Friday's TMZ Live, Uchitel said a lot of the girls have been trying to sell videos and appear in celebrity boxing matches. Grubbs, however, doesn't feel the shoe fits.

She tells TMZ, "I don't deny Rachel's quote that some of the girls involved with Tiger are doing it for the purpose of fame and spotlight ... However, I can only speak for myself and I'm pretty sure I didn't try to gain fame by having half the world hating me."

Half might be stretching it a little -- but only just a little.


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Your Momma    

I bet Tiger hates slutting around with all those white women, wonder if he has learned by now that the white women are just looking for a buck and will screw anything and anyone to get it. I bet he is now wishing he had of stutted around with some black women he would not now be in his predicament.

1620 days ago


Here is another one. Looks like she could have something dripping from her mouth. Just a vile woman who works to upset and split up marriages and families. These are not women that should have webcasts and interviews. They work at being predatory. Some of them actually flirt with and maneuver quite well around Harvey and Mike....get it? That was sickening. Almost to the point where I didn't come back to TMZ.

1620 days ago


She's sexy. Yum!

What's Tiger's role in this whole contretemps? Everybody seems keen on castigating his inamoratos, but did they put a gun to the head of ugly, bulbous, cartoon character looking, Tiger Woods?

Maybe I missed the memo, but last time I checked, it takes two to tango. Ugly, bulbous, cartoon character looking, Tiger Woods is just as much too blame as anybody. After all, HE is the one who is married. Maybe people like to palliate his involvement, because they know he's too stupid to know any better. Yeah, that's probably it.

If this gal is so unappealing, what does that say about ugly, bulbous, cartoon character looking, Tiger Woods? Maybe trash (ugly, bulbous, cartoon character looking, Tiger Woods) attracts trash ( his mistresses).

1620 days ago


Ms Uchitel thinks she is above the other girls- then why take money from Tiger or allowed him to pay for flights and hotels.Take the high road and say no to the money-- if he was an average Joe would she hook up with him--NO-- IT WAS ABOUT MONEY.

1620 days ago


oh yeah, she's not a fame who re she just gives every media outlet any interview they offer her... what's that called again? oh right!! What a dumb ****. I love how they are all trying to desperately to get famous, and shi t talking all the other who res doing the same thing.. You are all a joke! c u n t s

1620 days ago


They're fighting over who's the biggest whore? You're all whores, but Rachel gets the prize for the grossest whore.

1620 days ago



Stop giving these women a forum! This site has nothing but whores now!

1620 days ago

yeah right    

Just another Fame Ho, Looking for the next gig....Uchitel jumped right from Tiger's bed to Entertainment Tonight. Just another piece of trash trying to look innocent....."Who me, I had no idea he was married" Give me a break, "ANYONE, PLEASE SOMEONE, PLEASE I AM INNOCENT. SOMEONE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME" LMFAO BS.....

1620 days ago


PolarBear, i'm not sure many people will agree with your statement--i know i don't. tiger is a typical young rich sports player that took advantage of all the women throwing themselves at him (just like most of the other golfers, he just became THE one all the women wanted). Like it or not, those that can DO, those that cant talk about the ones that can. The women however, are just plain old prostitues, no matter how much the pay. I wouldn't have tiger as a husband or any other thing, but you all know there's plenty that do and would still hit that given the chance.

And, who keeps all the text message from lovers--prostitutes intent on cashing in down the line?! Rachel must have been the best at that blackmail game too (low life)

1620 days ago


Tiger is so damn ugly, and funny looking, that even somebody as stupid as he is, would know it's all about his money and status, and NOT his looks. Nobody would ever get him confused with Denzel Washington. Tiger could pass as a doppelganger for "Erkel," however.

The ONLY reason he gets any tail at all, is because of his money and celebrity status. Divest him of that, and he would be below average in every sense of the word. This guy is an arrogant, bulbous, cartoon looking philander. Nothing more, nothing less.

1620 days ago

Just Sayin    

Rachel is the QUEEN BEE OUT OF ALL OF YOU. This crackhead missing tooth one was on howard stern and looked pisssssssssed off when she didnt win the 75,000 lol YOU ALL ARE MONEY HUNGRY WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1620 days ago


you sad ugly bitch ! its so sad you would even say it KNOWING you would be famous even if its by being the first person to get ass raped by a bear on PPV

1620 days ago


TMZ,what does America have to do? If all women send their pics, will you stop showing Tiger's Ho's? We are really tired of seeing this big train wreck. The same with Jesse James. Good Grief, they are not the only men caught with their pants down. MOVE ON PLEASE.

1620 days ago


Rachel herself was paid by Tiger, so of course she isn't seeking fame and fortune. She is infamous, already, and has the bucks! But, she is in the same class as the other sluts, Tiger slept with! They all knew he was married!

1620 days ago


Rachel got her money and ran. What's fame-whore-ish about that?

Wasn't this Jaimee person the one who got dumped on Tool Academy? They all run together; I have no idea who's whom anymore.

1620 days ago
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