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Sheen Makes

'Two and a Half Men' Deal

5/17/2010 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has agreed to a new deal with Warner Bros. to do 2 more years of "Two and a Half Men."

The deal was made today.  One source connected with the negotiations tells TMZ, "Charlie is very happy."

As for how much Charlie got, TMZ first reported Charlie wanted around $2 million an episode.  We're told Warner Bros. initially offered substantially less than half that amount, but we're told the company went up considerably.

CBS will announce the return of the show at the upfronts on Wednesday.

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen just released this statement:  "To put a fitting end on the two-and-one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I'm looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights.  I want to thank Les Moonves for his support."

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Eldridge Cleaver    

Harvey, enough of these stupid stories about Charlie Sheen. He's a total has-been like David Hasselhoff and I'm sick of having to scroll past stories about him to get to real celeb gossip. Stick to what you know best: the slow demise of Lindsay Lohan.

1618 days ago


Hey #30, right on. WOW, I can't believe how full of resentment and bitterness they are....Why don't you people feel that way about the corrupt lawyers that run our country, you know "the politicians", the people we elect to govern us, the ones that sell us all down the river. WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT ??? Instead you bitch about some actor in fantasy land. No wonder we elect the kind of people that are running the country into the freaking ground. START LOOKING IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD !

1618 days ago



1618 days ago

Jack Watson    

And this is a surprise? I called this when it was first reported on, though I was off by a quarter mil. I said they'd GLADLY pay him 1.75 an episode. CBS had no choice in the matter. No choice at all.

1618 days ago


Charlie coming back is good for CBS and good for TV. The real bad boy of TV is over at NBC. Check out this video. It's a blast.
Here's the link:

1618 days ago


There are sure are a lot of hateful and vile people hear, I sure hope to see Rose back next year, I like the supporting cast Jake and Charlie are hilarious together, I hope Charlie takes him to a titty bar when he turns 18 that would be hilarious; Berta and the mother are a blast, I hope he doesn't end up with his girlfriend that would ruin the show.

1618 days ago


It's obscene what these actors make. On the bright side, the government will take half of it in taxes.

1618 days ago


When I see such ridiculous salaries for such undeserving people, it almost makes me want to turn democrat/socialist and believe in redistribution of wealth. This man is an awful excuse for a human being.

1618 days ago

Dyslexic Cnut    

Who cares, with his weird looking nose.

1618 days ago


Charlie, glad you got your deal. Don't get married again and start working on being a better dad to those beautiful kids. Stay sober and single.

1618 days ago


55/Alex...awesome video about Leno. I believe it, what a weasel and liar.

1618 days ago


They must have thrown in a 8 ball and a hooker every morning…what a joke…the show isn’t 2 million an episode good…they’ll regret it…they might as well have put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger…it’s faster…party on..

1618 days ago


Real low-key strategy. More money to pay even higher taxes and gold-digger settlements. More money to attract even more gold-diggers and swindlers, and to fund his 'healthy lifestyle'. More money to make it even more apparent (if it wasn't already), that it doesn't actually bring happiness, and can even cause the opposite. Now whenever he shows up to work, the crew will be thinking: "here comes that greedy SOB - what a nice guy". Sometimes less is actually more.

1618 days ago


Listen folks if you dont like Charlie or his show don't watch him or his show. I happen to enjoy it. I like the jokes, and the interaction between the cast members. I realize that there are things that have happened that have put him in a bad light, however I have not been present to see any of it so I can not say what actually happened. And there are three sides to the story. Charlie's, Brooke's, and the actual happening. Sometimes when it is being told one or the other tells facts close to the actual happening other times both do...other times no one does. However when you live your life in a fish bowl things are going to happen and you always end up on the front page. Put even when Charlie has did things in a negative light he has owned up to it. He had no problem telling the world he was a client of a Madame. So either watch the show and enjoy it OR turn the channel to another show. It is your choice. But to sit and keep bitching about it, all you are doing is giving your self an ulcer over something you can't control from the middle of the US that is happening is CA.

1618 days ago


Charlie Sheen's you're nothing but a f--king N--ger remark together with what he's done to his wife makes it an assurety that I will not watch the show as long as he is on it. I'm just saying
(the truth).

1618 days ago
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