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Sheen Makes

'Two and a Half Men' Deal

5/17/2010 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has agreed to a new deal with Warner Bros. to do 2 more years of "Two and a Half Men."

The deal was made today.  One source connected with the negotiations tells TMZ, "Charlie is very happy."

As for how much Charlie got, TMZ first reported Charlie wanted around $2 million an episode.  We're told Warner Bros. initially offered substantially less than half that amount, but we're told the company went up considerably.

CBS will announce the return of the show at the upfronts on Wednesday.

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen just released this statement:  "To put a fitting end on the two-and-one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I'm looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights.  I want to thank Les Moonves for his support."

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No Avatar


Great show. One of the best since Married with Children. Go Charlie go Bundy! Bring back NO MA'AM!!

1588 days ago


What a great photo!

1588 days ago


I've seen the show. You'd have to be brain dead or high to think it's funny. The kid is creepy, "jokes" not funny.

1588 days ago


You can all blame the Friend's castmates for holding out for $1 million an episode that started the TV Actors for holding out for more money.

I admit I think this show is hilarious and I'm happy it's coming back, but it's not just about Charlie. Jake makes the show, Alan I feel bad for the guy - never gets a break and the rest of the supporting cast also makes the show fully as well (in my opinion).

I would like to see Angus/Jon get as much as Charlie but they don't seem to mind what they are making because they keep signing as well so why should we.

I'm looking forward to new episodes! Welcome back Two and a 1/2 Men!

1588 days ago


what a flipping looser. I will NOT be watching this show any more, new episodes or reruns and IF i do happen to catch it on, I will NOT be buying anything from any supplier whose commercials are running at that time and supporting this WIFE BEATER AND DRUG ADDICT> just go and be a sex adict Charlie u only hurt yourself then.

1588 days ago


So, who's worse? Charlie Sheen or Rachel Uchitel "Uchy"?

1588 days ago


cant beleive this show is still on.americans,this show has no family values what so is degrading to women,every women on there are like charlies hookers.cant understand why anyone would think this garbage show is so good.people get some good values already!!!!!

1588 days ago


I love 2-1/2 Men. It's my favorite show, and the ONLY sitcom I watch.

Grats to everybody on the show. See you Mondays!

1588 days ago

Clayton L.    

Go figure. America has become the melting pot for stupidity in T.V. and the excutives are just as guilty for giving into these drug addicted, alcoholic wife beaters. Why, cause its not their money, they can pay whatever the actor holds out for. Until you get some exec's with some gut's and moral character, your not going to see much change. Hey guess what I noticed on my t.v.? CHANNEL CHANGER with omg an OFF button. Charlie and his big ego are just another example of the on going never ending t.v. stupidity and where this country is headed.

1588 days ago


F charlie sheen. i will never watch 'meeeen' again. seriously, boycott!!! if they don't get the ratings, he won't be rewarded for bad behavior.

1588 days ago

Best Mom    

Charie is SO NOT WORTH IT! What a joke! He's a total bum and the show is not at all funny! How desperate are these TV execs??

1588 days ago


Have to wonder how much Jon Cryer is getting per show? After all he carries 50% of the show...hope he made out as well. IMO-he's better than Sheen anyway!

1588 days ago


Hey, if you don't like Charlie or the show, don't watch it. Obviously people do or it wouldn't have come back for another 2 seasons.
I don't see what's so great about the Big Bang Theory but I don't tell people they are stupid for watching it. Everyone has a different sense of humor. And I have good values thank you very much.
It doesn't matter what show it is, someone will always find something to complain about. You can barely leave your house without offending someone. There are far worse things to worry about than this.
But that's just my opinion.

1588 days ago


Yes, my prayers have been answered! I get to see at least two more years of my favorite drug using, wife battering reprobate.

His ugly, pasty, devlish mug is going to be gracing my television screen for the forseeable future. Yippee. Who says crime doesn't pay?

1588 days ago

John Fullerton    

Not worth it. This guy sucks big time

1588 days ago
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