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Sheen Makes

'Two and a Half Men' Deal

5/17/2010 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has agreed to a new deal with Warner Bros. to do 2 more years of "Two and a Half Men."

The deal was made today.  One source connected with the negotiations tells TMZ, "Charlie is very happy."

As for how much Charlie got, TMZ first reported Charlie wanted around $2 million an episode.  We're told Warner Bros. initially offered substantially less than half that amount, but we're told the company went up considerably.

CBS will announce the return of the show at the upfronts on Wednesday.

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen just released this statement:  "To put a fitting end on the two-and-one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I'm looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights.  I want to thank Les Moonves for his support."

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Ted F    

Hmmm - is this picture current? Last I saw, he had a shaved head> I know he wears a toupee, but an actual full wig?? Really Charlie?

1617 days ago


What a loser. He gets out of doing the time that any of us would have been locked up for. His show is pathetic and they need to cast a younger guy for the role.

1617 days ago


Amazing how he beats up his wife, gets millions and his show still gets top ratings. Chris Brown beats up Rhianna and he is the s*** of the earth and His fans still support him. Chris Brown beats up Rianna and he is blackballed by everyone in the media. Glad to see racism still going strong.

1617 days ago


Wish this drug-addled male skank would just die. Seriously. And take Lindsey Lohan with him. Please.

1617 days ago


This is very interesting because this 40 or 50 plus man can do all the following things, thanks gutsygirl for mentioning them :) and still come away with a million dollar deal for a show that is wack with lame jokes but the media continues to punish Chris Brown for something that WAS A TWO WAY FIGHT and was by no means as deep as the altercation between sheen and his soon to be (another) x wife and Chris was only a teenager, I'm not making excuses but something just don't sound fair and I hate to bring up the race card but would sheen have gotten that million deal let alone all this "comfort" my the media if he were black????? I don't think so

1617 days ago


I think paying someone 2 million bucks per episode is obscene. I like the show, I like the actors, but not 2 million bucks worth. God, with all the ****ttt going on today from unemployment, terrorism, bailing out banks and people losing their homes, I can think of better ways to dole it out. That cash could really help some vets from past wars and the wars we are fighting today.

P.S. Oh, forgot the oil spill.

1616 days ago


Charlie would be stupid not to take this deal! 2 million an episode even I would forget my wife! To be frank this show is probably the reason he is having problems with his wife. If I was his wife I wouldn't want to know who's the lucky broad he gropes that day. I just wonder if some of that action is taken out side of the camera view....

1616 days ago


I am, once again, appauled that someone who has a history of drug abuse and domestic violence is being rewarded for BAD behavior. I would encourage people not to watch and boycott the products that the sponsers are "hocking". I know that no one really cares unless it was their daughter who was his victim of abuse or their grandchildren he drove around, under-the-influence. His father must be really proud..........

1616 days ago


Thank you Charlie! The perfect man. A toy for a horny girl!

1616 days ago


Charlie Sheen called one wife a bitch and f-kng ******, then abused another wife and got a 2 millions dollar or more raise.
You go Charlie with your BAD self!

1616 days ago


and people wonder why he is to big for his britches!!!

1615 days ago

Dee Madison    

I agree with "gutsygirl"... and that show sucks.. lame.. but charlies ploy hard on i mean hard to get and get whatever you want.. sicko

1615 days ago


Great, I love this show, it's not my normal type of comedy but Charlie Sheen an Jon work so well together it's a blast! Close to the knuckle and when you factor in Charlie's life it's the perfect part for him, it's like he's laughing at himself, he was born for this part if no other and he rocks!!
For all the haters, you've got to be men lol - the guy has a cheeky smile, a great body and he makes no excuses for who he is or what he is, you take him as he is or get lost, it's not like he'll lose any sleep over your decision! Most men on this earth couldn't get away with that but Charlie Sheen can because no matter what women will forgive him almost anything lol (unless they're married to him of course - this is one guy who should stay single!)!!

1615 days ago


I like the show and think it's very funny. I'm happy for him.

1615 days ago


Show is rather sick---- sexual innuendos are commonplace and if the show is to continue, it should be a late late night show so as to avoid the youngsters from watching it. Sheen, from the couple I viewed, spends most of the 1/2 hour in bed!!! stupid...and morally wrong...

1615 days ago
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