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George Clooney's Dog Day Afternoon

5/17/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Hawaii this weekend, George Clooney posed for pics with two of his biggest fans ... Duane "Dog" Chapman and his lovely wife Beth.


Someone's definitely going to update their main Facebook pic.


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Troy :)    

You haters have one advantage over the chapmans you can kiss their ass and they cant so keep hating,all you are doing is proving that what we all know,that the more you are hated on the more you are loved,because the fans will be there long after the haters get tired and leave or find somebody else to hate on

1590 days ago


LOL You people crack me up!! Are you his kids?? I know they run over here and defend Daddy and have you do it too...damn what they promising their fans?? Free Bail?? Or they giving out free dates with one of them silly looking sons of theirs?? When they broke and the show goes off the air maybe they can have you guys pay their bills too..

1590 days ago


AND! Leave their kids out of it

1590 days ago


"Well_Well" Why don't u use a your real name as u talk **** on here? lol. Hiding behind a fake name.. please! Go get a life!


1590 days ago


why should I? I can state my opinion on here and dont have to tell you ****! Why so you and the rest of the Chapmans can cause me trouble like they do so many??..and leave their kids out of it??..who the hell do you think you are talking too..I know they put you people up to this! They tell you to come over here and defend them..why the HELL dont they come over here and defend their Dad? They dont have the guts that is what they use you are sheep..BAA..BAA

1590 days ago

Troy :)    

its called respect something you know nothing about,If it was your dad i would hope you would try to defend him,Or trash only take up for their own in that case,I would be trash because i would take up for my family to,the whole article was about something nice and you have been on here the whole time talking trash,you have nothing better to do but show your support for them thank you

1590 days ago


C'mon, folks, sometimes TMZ just provides an opportunity for us to practice our typing skills. And get a little "venting" in while we're at it.

Bitchin' and moanin' are a genuine human pastime. Well, at least for the humans who visit comment boards. Yes?

1590 days ago

Troy :)    

And their kids are alot smarter than you to get on here and talk ****,they aint like you

1590 days ago


Actually Well_Well you are making yourself look ridiculous . We all know that everyone is entitled to their opinion ,but the manner in which it is stated is what is being discussed . You aren't so much stating an opinion as attacking the reputation of a family that is in the public eye doing good things for others. Right at this moment there are two children from the Make a Wish Foundation in the office Of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Spending time with him and getting to talk to him. This may be the last thing they ever get to do , the one thing they wished to do before they leave this Earth . The man has taken the time to grant them this final wish and you are taking that and are tarnishing it with your mean and vile words .Please if you have nothing nice to say ..... DON'T SAY IT AT ALL !! LUV U DOG AND CREW!!! ALOHA

1590 days ago


BETH is back to her old size, hefty. Dog got more wrinkles in his face than I have in my private area.

1590 days ago


These comments are getting out of hand now. If you don't like Dog that is fine don't like him but keep your damn comments to yourself! As for his sons, leave them out of all this! They are not mentioned in this article or anything relating to this article! A link to the article & picture was posted on Twitter so that their friends could see it! As friends of theirs we look at the comments on here & defend our friends! I am defending them as I would any friend of mine! You can say what you will about the Chapman family but it shows much more on you as a person than it does the Chapman family! If I want to defend them then I shall & NO they did not promise me one damn thing in return! I defend my friends without expecting anything in return! When you have something nice to say or at least respectful then please come back until then fly away on the broom you rode in on!

1590 days ago


Dog, Beth and the rest of the crew,
You guys rock and are doing an amazing job of taking thoes that could mess up again and are giving them a second or even third chance. you guys are showing Christ love to every person who sits in the back seat of your cars. thank you for showing mercy to thoes who need it. Keep up the good work and yes you do have fans who will always support you no matter how bad people mess with you. I know of a few girls who can go "beth" at any given moment. thanks again. I am praying for you and your work. Much love

1590 days ago

Christina G.    

Oh stop. George is being gracious, and Duane and his wife are both decent people with big hearts. That's all that matters to me.

1590 days ago


WOW why is this even news? The Chapmans are SO LAST YEAR. Moving on...

1590 days ago


Dog and his family are amazing people. They give people second chances and in some cases are the eye opener that some people need. They are themselves while helping people who need another chance in life. Hate them or love them, either way you are thinking of them, or else you would not be here posting comments. Guess they are doing something right for that to happen!

1590 days ago
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