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George Clooney's Dog Day Afternoon

5/17/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Hawaii this weekend, George Clooney posed for pics with two of his biggest fans ... Duane "Dog" Chapman and his lovely wife Beth.


Someone's definitely going to update their main Facebook pic.


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Well_Well do as you are told..your friends? please they are only talking to you because they want your are nothing to him..many fans have wised up and hopefully you will too one day..and with all the crap they have done in the past they need to do something to look good. Remember the racist rant?? Nah that was not a rant..lmao he is misunderstood! Her cheats on his wives and abandons his kids..what a hero you have there..the kids are there for the cash and they better straighten up or Mommy will fire them again lol.

1622 days ago


Fabulous picture of George, Dog and Beth. They all looks fabulous!!

1622 days ago


"Well_Well" You're just showing what kind of person u are by the comments you're making. How can you sit here and judge others? Look at you honey! LOL. You need a life! Is all u do is sit on the computer in your single wide in the trailer park and find fault in others? lol.. Get a life.

THE CHAPMAN FAMILY ROCKS! Kiss our butts haters!

Susan W

1622 days ago


@SanteFeJack - Before you call out Dog fans for being stupid and not being able to type - spell check your own comments. It's "defend" not "defind", "your" not "yur","There is" not "Their's", 'right' not "write" and "re-posessor" is not even a word in the dictionary. Now who looks like they cannot type or spell?

I met Dog, Beth, Duane Lee and Leland. The men were gentleman to us, and Beth was gracious with my niece. For that I will always be grateful.

1622 days ago


Save the butt kissing for the Chapman boys..I am sure you feel so good right now because they keep patting you on the back for your kind comments here in defense of them and their family. The only one in the trailer park is you and them. I think it is funny they send you here to do their work..

1622 days ago


Well_Well ---Dog never denied it as a rant --as a matter of fact he stood up like a man and said he was wrong . He also did everything in his power to make amends to the African American community, A&E , and his fans . The people that he knows had every right to turn their backs and walk away --but we all chose to believe that "WHERE MERCY IS SHOWN ,MERCY IS GIVEN" and we gave DOG a second chance. You sound like someone who once made a mistake and was shown no mercy and never given a second chance --are you jealous that he was? DOG we love you and your family don't let the haters get to you. DTBH and the POSSE ROCK !!!

1622 days ago


beth needs to seriously get her upper half reduced. it must kill her spine, she has to have back problems. plus, it just looks like a carnival show. she's very pretty, its just that she is very out of proportion and it looks odd. she could still be sexy if she reduced her weight and had bust surgery to to reduce the size.

1622 days ago


The only piece of trash I see in this photo, is the inveterately smug George Clooney. Nobody's a bigger fan of Mr. Clooney than George himself. If you don't believe me, just ask him.

1622 days ago


So much Love in this picture, don't you Love it? I do!

1622 days ago


lol, someone said the Chapmans were last year LMAO, wrong

1622 days ago


Typical low class s***my jealous lowlifes come out and attack anyone doing better than them. Well, that could be anyone. Not a one would have the guts to say it to their face or to anyone else. They hide behind their keyboards in their trailer or mom's basement and snipe at people they do not know.

The only thing it says is what kind of people they are

1622 days ago


he did everything to save his ass and keep his show from being cancelled honey that is all he did. You think the was not going to apologize?? Please of course he was gonna kiss butt and make amends..he did not want to lose his show. Why you addressing them? Oh that is right..they are putting you up to this lol..that is

1622 days ago


sure does! He sends his fans out to defend all need to follow him on bounties and take up for him there too! Say it to his face? I am sure many already have! lol

1622 days ago


#96...JessW. Dear Jess, Don't you know a put-on when you read one? Or are you putting ME on with YOUR comment?

1622 days ago


Well_Well I wasnt sent here to defend anyone . I was asked to comment on the picture that they had shared with us on twitter.When I arrived here i read all of the mean nasty vile comments made by you and others on this board and took it upon myself to express my own opinion. As for following him on a bounty I would love to , but not to defend him but to see the world's best bounty hunter in action along with his family . They have a great rapport with each other and I would love to spend the day with them . So Heck yeah --I would love to go on a bounty !!! The Chapman Family is the best at Bounty Hunting They ROCK !!!!! ALOHA to the DOG and Crew

1622 days ago
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