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Lindsay Lohan -- Show Up, or Be Arrested

5/17/2010 9:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan must appear in court on Thursday or else the judge will issue a warrant for her arrest.

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, just left the judge's chambers after meeting Judge Marsha Revel.

As for why Lindsay hasn't completed her alcohol ed classes, Holley said, "Now come on.  Harvey doesn't want to know that." 

Yes he does.


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the lawyer has horrible fashion sense, I mena, colored leggings, blaaaaaaaaah lol

1589 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Schadenfreude FTW! Take this gimped trollop with that wonky titted Tila Tequila and lay them out to pasture already. Fahck! Andy Warhol came a-calling and demanded his apocalyptical 15 minutes of fame back. Not everyone deserves it.

1589 days ago


drunk, *** gurgeling, skanky gutter slut, and that just Lohan's mom, I havent even started on that whore Lindsay -

1589 days ago

to little    

TMZ yawns how many time you going to give the same info??? Big deal ya got video of her lawyer.... YAWNS.. How many more lohan stories you gonna write about court before it actually happens?

1589 days ago


I think it speaks volumes that SCH didn't say 'no' when asked if she would go to jail for not finishing her classes on time. She knows Lindsay's in for it.

1589 days ago


Thursday could be a FUN FUN day for the media!! lol

1589 days ago


Why dont they put one of those alcohol sensors on her ankle or better yet just put her on house arrest.

1589 days ago


The paparazzi are nosier than all get out are'nt they. It is none of there business what goes on with any celeb. Technically Lindsays lawyer does not haveto answer any of that guys stupid questions. She answered them the best she could without giving too much away. Give Lindsay the benefit of the doubt, she might surprise us all and make it back by the time she is due in court.

1589 days ago


She definetly needs help before she ends up like so many other lost stars. She is an American and is not above the law. Treat her like any other citizen would be treated. The people close to her are only enabling her.

1589 days ago

Cowper's Gland    

it sickens me that tmz is doing so much to keep lohan out of jail... truly disgraceful.

1589 days ago

Alan Carver    

It is unfortunate that Lohan, obviously unware of what her BLATANT disregard of the Judges order means to her and what that consequence will end up being. Most Judges have leniency for first time offenders, but Lohan has been here before with her probation, so that won't work this time around in the court room. Any acting lessons Lindsay knows MIGHT JUST MIGHT help her in crying in front of the Judge, at least use what little you have left of your acting career to try and help you 'emotionalize' your way out of jail time! It's gonna be the only time a camera is going to filming you anyway! I would love to see Lohan arrested in LA when she lands a day late and clearly a dollar short! HA HA HA !

1589 days ago


Wow, it sounds like her attorney is a cool lady who understands the idiocy of her client. Lindsay probably doesn't listen to her at all either - she seemed pretty resigned to the fact that she can't get Lindsay out of HER OWN MESS. God, what a foolish person, you have to pity her for her stupidity.

1589 days ago


Hey, Shawn got Orenthal off on a double murder rap when there was a mountain of evidence against him. She will most likely get Lohan off too with an all white jury of 20 year old boys.

1589 days ago


Lohan is a celebrity and can do whatever the F she wants! Even if the judge didn't recognize her as a celebrity and sent her to jail, Lohan would be out in 20 minutes because the jails are overcrowded with illegal aliens.

1589 days ago


1) Her lawyer was obviously trying to negotiate for more time for BLOWhan to complete her classes, in direct opposition to what the judge emphatically told BLOWhan she had to accomplish under her timeframe. Also, she was probably also trying to get a continuance so that BLOWhan can spend all this week in Cannes, drinking, drugging and pleasuring random guys. From the looks of things, the judge said NO. Maybe the judge got hold of some of her falling down drunk pics & finally woke up.

2) Given that Cannes runs through Friday, I'm putting the odds that WHOREhan blows off the proceedings (so she can continue to be a sl*t, drink & do blow) at 20-1. I expect that, since she rubbed the judge's nose in it, the judge will give her a MAXIMUM sentence. One can only hope...

1589 days ago
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