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Volcanic Ash 1, Lindsay Lohan 0

5/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might miss her court hearing on Thursday -- but LiLo's defense is Mother Nature herself.

Lindsay Lohan Volcano

Lindsay is in Cannes to promote her upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.  She must appear in court Thursday for her probation progress report hearing -- she's required to show because she has only completed 10 of the 13 required alcohol ed classes (she snuck in a class last Friday).

But sources say she can't get a flight back to the States because of the volcanic ash from Iceland. Airports all over Europe are jam-packed and it's impossible to get a seat.

Here's the thing -- as we first reported, if Lindsay doesn't show, the judge will issue a bench warrant for her arrest.


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This article is a blatant lie by TMZ! Airport traffic in London, Amsterdam, and Paris is "normal". She could also go to Barcelona or Madrid to return to the USA.

TMZ is and has been on a mission to destroy her for weeks.

Stop this cowardly smear/hate campaign.

1588 days ago


That would be AWESOME to get tons of pictures of her getting arrested right at the airport and thrown in a car for processing!!!!

1588 days ago


She should NOT have left the country before her important court appearance. I hope the judge tells her arrogant tush that and throws her in jail!

1588 days ago


Let's see if this judge means what he says or if he's all HOT air like the rest of CA. Volcanic ash or no volcanic ash, she shouldn't have gone to Cannes in the first place! That should be NO excuse for her not showing up in court. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I like it how these "stars" are so broke, yet they manage to fly all over the place and go on these ridiculous shopping sprees. Throw her in jail and let her mother and father go get a REAL job! Guess we'll just have to wait until Thursday to see the end of this cliff hanger!

1588 days ago


Lindsay knew she may have to go to court so she should have taken this so called "ash" into consideration before flying out to Europe so close to her probation hearing. If she does miss court there should be a warrant issued for her because being irresponsible and flying out to France to party is not an excuse. I mean jeez people have been issued bench warrants for missing court because they were in the HOSPITAL.

1588 days ago


As someone who lives in Europe, there are no European airports closed at present, and seats are available.

I mean, it's a rolling thing, but she knew she had a court date, so why go to France?

1588 days ago


I wonder if they arrest her at LA airport when she returns late? that's the law.. they should arrest her with a warrant if she is a no show for court.

1588 days ago


not that i care, but couldn't she travel by train to an airport in the east or south then take a flight or three through asia?

or would that require to much thought?

1588 days ago


Lindsay could easily take an train to Paris and have a flight to the States from there. If you really want something, much is possible. I think Lindsay prefers the sun, party's and attention in Cannes instead.

1588 days ago


I hope Agent Orange aka Morticia Addams doesn't go to jail. It will be like Paris Hilton all over...we'll just have to hear about her even more. "Lindsay goes to jail, Lindsay cries in jail, Lindsay eats a cheese sandwich in jail, Lindsay takes a poo in jail."

1588 days ago


Perhaps when the warrant is issued, extradition should begin.. how convenient to be overseas when you know you have negated the judge's ruling and will be going to jail.. not so stupid of the gal.. manipulation by an addict to avoid consequences - is it truly a surprise?

1588 days ago


Mer de.....
12 airlines at least have possbilities to fly London-LA tomorrow.
Blinded by wanting Lindsay in jail....TMZ sources are beaucoup de trash, just to keep the hate flowing, TMZ = pas d'éthique.

1588 days ago


Lies! I know someone who just got back from Europe and he flew out of Paris. Said there was not a problem at all there. It is further north that is the problem.

1588 days ago


fer christs sake, put this twot in jail so we don't have to look at or hear about her ever again

1588 days ago


When I heard she was leaving the country, first thing I thought of was that she probably wouldn't come back. She'll be wanted in the US, so she's planning to live in France for a while. I hate her, I wish they'd put her in jail for about a year. She's gotten away with too much. Nobody even cares about her anymore, it's time for her to pay for her sins.

1588 days ago
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