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Michael Jackson -- My Dog Ate My Creditor's Claim

5/18/2010 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonA guy who worked with Michael Jackson for roughly 40 years is begging a judge to accept a creditor's claim 4 months after the deadline -- because, well, he didn't know it was due!

Richard Arons -- one of Michael's old managers -- claims MJ's estate never informed him that he needed to file a claim to continue getting the royalty checks he had been pulling in for years.

In the docs, filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, Arons claims by the time he learned he needed to file the paperwork, the deadline had passed ... and dude doesn't want his money well to dry up!

Now, Arons wants a second chance -- we'll see if the excuse flies with the judge.


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Sharon Burns    

At first I mourned Michael's seath like all other fans, for months. After awhile I started reading the hoax death theories and thought they were absurd. Then I got hooked into them. After many, many hrs scanning the net I could recite all of them with their pertinent facts.
Ever hear that Michael has a twin brother? What do you think? Plausible? I don't get all the secrecy re that for so long, but if it is true it's great with me. How do all of you feel about it??

1583 days ago


You should refer to the FBI files which basically state they found absolutely nothing incriminating throughout their entire 17 year investigation. You should also refer to the court transcripts and read up on the histories of these so called "victims", or their parents at least, that show that these people have attempted to extort money from celebrities and corporations in the past. Then maybe you will understand why we stand by Michael and do not and will not believe that he was ever a pedophile. Your argument is based strictly on allegations and speculation forced on you by the media with NO actual facts. You can say whatever you want, but you will NEVER change our minds. You may be able to influence those who already think like you, but the rest of us know better. Stop wasting your time.

Posted at 4:59 PM on May 18, 2010 by Irka

. Michael Jackson was acquitted because of technicalities, the mother of the alleged victim was not believable, so the son couldn't possibly be trustworthy, right? The thing is Sneddon ( a very respectable DA) and all the people that were behind and supporting the victim did believe him, and like the majority of the world, believed this was just a case of celebrity justice, when money can and will buy justice. Now, if the molestation allegations were completely not real, there wouldn;t even have had charges pressed on MJ. Believe what you want, but the facts show that MJ was a very disturbed person, he was not even a good father, he might have loved his adopted children, but he never made sure he was there for them, he lived a miserable life, allowed drugs to take over and died from them, just ask Boteach or Chopra, reputable and highly respected personalities.
As far as MJ fans knowing better, give me a break!!! bunch of cult followers, internet addicts that sit around all day flooding all the Mj related forums and youtube. You are not even too many, most people still think MJ is a pedophile. Suck that!

1583 days ago


California child agency cleared Jackson:

+ 17 years (SEVENTEEN YEARS!!!) of FBI investigation, which turned out NOTHING AT ALL about Michael having any form of inappropriate relations to children. They followed him around the world, mind you, for SEVENTEEN years.

+ 77 (SEVENTYSEVEN!!! - more officers than have ever been assigned to any serial killer investigation in the history of the USA) Police officers who went through Neverland with a fine comb and came up with.... NO EVIDENCE of Michael having ever had any form of inappropriate relations to children there.
They did find porn though. STRAIGHT porn.

+ 18 computers were investigated and there were NO TRACES WHATSOEVER of any pedo-related activity on those.

There is SO MUCH EVIDENCE that Michael was NOT A PEDOPHILE.

So..... Go to Hell!

1583 days ago

Claire C McMillan    

This may be another case where the trustees are not doing their jobs well unless it serves themselves to where they profit.

So, I do believe that the will may be invalid as witnesses are not supposed to profit in any way.

Oxman, go get them!

1583 days ago


tellit...??? playing the game of "life" ok...???

oh look at this video...does remind of someone huh?

1583 days ago


I want you back...

1583 days ago


how can you mend a broken heart?

1583 days ago


Thanks Jan for the youtube link........William Wagener is a defender of the truth and has done a few videos of Michael Jackson.
I think that anyone who has read the court transcripts would agree with Wagener that Tom Sneddon should spend time in jail.

1581 days ago


this is the link....very interesting man is Mr Wagener....talks about corrupt judges as well as corrupt Tom Sneddon:

1581 days ago
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