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NKOTB or 'Jersey Shore'?

5/17/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Miami this weekend, Danny Wood of "New Kids on the Block" showed off his "Jersey Shore"-size jacked up muscles and tats.

The 41-year-old not only has the right stuff ... he also has his own situation going on.


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Alexis Carrington     

Isn't Jonathan the one that likes it in the booty?

1582 days ago


You idiots have NO CLUE about Danny Wood. I bet you dumb ****s didn't know that before New Kids reunion Danny invested in a little company called Halcyon Jets (he is president of sales) which made some FORTY MILLION of sales in ONE year!!! Yeah. I also bet you idiots didn't know that Danny also is a HUGE supporter/donates huge sums of money and time to the Komen foundation...yeah, betcha didn't know that also. Danny is naturally dark, he is Portuguese...Did you all know he is a HUGE advocate of exercise and healthy living, he's only been working out/weight lifting everyday since the early 90's??? He doesn't need to "juice" or to tan unnaturally. You all are a bunch of jealous *******s who need to do some homework before you judge.

1582 days ago

Throwback kid    

This guy has to get of steroids, he's starting to look like a
cro magnom man! He has almost cave man like features in the face. This is a clasic sign of steroid use. I know he's been into health since the 80's Blah blah blah! but so are the guys in my gym who use the juice. And guess what? they look just like Danny Boy.

1582 days ago


This guy has to be the ugliest butt pirate gay gorilla i have ever seen

1582 days ago


OH yea when he came out of the closet last year wasn't it his personal trainer that became his boyfriend?
I dont think he takes steroids. For real.
he puts other things in his butt, not steroids though.
There is no reason why this ape can't look like that without steroids.

1582 days ago

Christina G.    

Ick. Roids.

1582 days ago

Christina G.    

He looks like Carrot Top.

1582 days ago

jimmy deluca    

He gots the roids big wide chin!

1582 days ago


Lookin' good, Danny!!

1582 days ago


Nice neck, someone should explain to him that your neck is not supposed to be wider than your head!

1582 days ago


Danny Wood all the way! YES I am a New Kids on the Block fan and always will be! Danny rocks and the guys from Jersey Shores only wish they could be like hime!!!!!!!!!!1

1582 days ago


OMG you people don't know what your talking about he isn't a huge Arnold looking dude he is in great shape, and he is healthy. He has not changed since the 90s looks the same. Danny was always into making his body look sculpted and we true fans ain't complaining he also has a heart of gold. So go on with your stupid ass comments.

Hate all you want he has got thousands of women who love him and if we see you on the street and you say some **** prepare for a beat down like never before. And that goes for all my boys in NKOTB!
Blockhead since 88

1582 days ago


i have travelled all over this world and i just do not see the facination with Miami?? there is nothing nice about it, the beach is not even that great?? so why do people go there all the time?? i would NEVER go back.

1582 days ago


he is most definitely on roids he does hgh which is a milder form. he's a true hypocrite on doing this all on his own and healthy eating blah blah i know a girl he's hooking up with currently and he's got a vasectomy so no more gorilla babies from this guy.

1582 days ago


ppl r r-tarded.Danny W is pretty awesome..and ya'll need to get original..."old men on the stoop"? really!thats ur insult?? While u r all crackin lame ass jokes these guys are millions on their go ahead crack dumbass jokes.These guy are laughing all the way to the bank.

and really? you think Danny is on steroids?? You have obviously never seen a guy on steroids before..

Danny is supa fine and could totally kick the jersey shore guys arse! yup!

1582 days ago
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