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Lindsay Lohan

High Marks

from Alcohol Ed

5/18/2010 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is in compliance with her alcohol ed course -- this according to a letter sent by program officials to the judge in Lindsay's DUI probation case.


According to the letter from Right On Programs -- filed with the court and obtained by TMZ -- Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently."  And, program officials say, "Her attitude is positive and receptive to ideas regarding lifestyle changes."

The program wrote the letter, despite the fact that Lindsay has only attended 10 of the required 13 classes.  And the program makes no mention of the lifestyle choices Lindsay has made over the last few months that have been captured by countless cameras.

According to the letter, "She has never come [to class] under the influence, been rude or disrespectful."

The letter notes Lindsay "attends regularly and consistently communicates in a timely manner to reschedule if necessary."  The program concludes, "At this time, Lindsay is in program compliance."

According to supporting docs, Lindsay had a few weeks where she did not attend, but the program says the lapses were approved, once so she could go to a Haiti fundraiser in NYC and another time so she could go to Europe to promote her clothing line.

The program is not required to notify the judge unless Lindsay misses 21 consecutive days.  The judge, however, ordered Lindsay to attend class at least once every 7 days, but apparently that was not communicated to the program.

As TMZ first reported, at Thursday's hearing the judge will be told that Lindsay has -- as of now -- attended only 10 of the 13 classes and she did not attend all of them within the 7 day intervals.  Lindsay, however, has a good argument on the 7-day requirement if the program let her slide from time to time.  As for not completing the 13 classes -- it's all up to the judge.

Because Lindsay is not in full compliance, the judge has ordered her to attend Thursday's court session.


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Professor Obvious    

I am in the mood for some Jesse James / Sandra Bullock news...

1621 days ago


Oh enough, stop wasting money, let her go, stop interfering in her life and let the loser drink herself to death already. We wonder why drunk drivers wind up killing someone despite repeated court orders and suspended license, well here is a prime example. The laws are not upheld and the drunks are just given pass after pass, it's a joke and they know nothing will ever happen to them. Hell look at Hulk Hogan's kid. Want to murder someone, just get drunk and drive them into a tree, you'll only get a year or two at most. I think Lindsy should celebrate beating the system with some tequila, cocaine and a few Oxy's to round out the night. Then we can all argue about whether or not drugs and alcohol had a roll in her death.

1621 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Sounds like the person who wrote the letter was drunk!

1621 days ago


Where wopuld I be with out my up-to-the-minute Lindsay Lohan update. Where's Britney hiding? Check out this very funny animated video on youtube. There's always another scandal! Here's the link:

1621 days ago


lindsay won't end up in jail; it's just want tmz would wish her. tmz has no understanding of addiction as a disease but just wants to bring celebs down.

1621 days ago


Listen folks, once you get yourself entangled in the criminal justice system it is not a fun thing. It matters not what Harvey and the boys at TMZ thinks or says. It is all about what the judge in the case says. The judge will decide whether Ms. Lohan is in compliance. Judges are fair. That is why we have them instead of just the cops and prosecuters. Everyone who is entrapped in the criminal justice system know this. If Lindsay screwed up she will hear all about it on Thursday. Harvey may think he knows it all but he should know better considering he is an attorney. Once a judge gets a hold of you look out. Lindsay better hopes her judge is having a good day.

1621 days ago


Uhm, so I suppose that month-long campaign that Harvey Levin & TMZ have waged to get this waste of a woman sent to jail (it would SO help with ratings, wouldn't it Harvey, darling) is D.O.A...

I mean, if the program is saying she is in "FULL compliance" the judge has nothing else to go on.

Hey TMZ, wipe that egg off your face. You've been punked, and by Lindsay Lohan. HA!

1621 days ago


What absolute BS. Who did she blow to get that phony review? These skanky famous addicts think they can say F U to the law and get away with anything.

1621 days ago


H@arvey, you sleazy fool, what's u'r obsession with Lindsay? WTF? Are you obsessed with her, or is it just a slow news day? Is Harvey going to whine when nothing happens? LOL.. She needs help obviously, but it's been non-stop Lindsay for 2 weeks now....give it a break already...

How about addressing the rumors you banged Rachel Uchitel as the other rags are reporting?

1621 days ago


Harvey and his crew looks and sounds like old women gossiping. "Did you hear about so and so... he did this and that" and ... "Oh ... look at what so and so did" ... "Gosh... I wonder if..." What a bunch of morons. You look and act pathic. A couple of sissy boys sitting on stools making jackass statements that only they want to really hear. The whole TMZ empire will eventually come tumbling down sooner or later...

1621 days ago


Agree with posters above... who the f*ck cares what TMZ thinks? If I recall, TMZ doesn't make the laws....

Is Harvey upset he got turned down by Lindsay or something? LOL

1621 days ago


They don't just think it C, they actually do get away with it. We all know if it was any one of us we wouldn't just have to attend alcohol classes but we would be forbidden to drink or go to clubs pending completion of our probation. Lindsy gets to go to classes whenever she wants while still being allowed to drink and party it up in front of the cameras... this is probation? Thank you TMZ for keeping us all aware of the 'special rules' that exists for celebrity criminals.

1621 days ago


How is it possible that this alcoholic/cokewhore idiot is in compliance?

1) She has to go at least 1x every 7 days - She didn't do this.
2) She has to complete 13 classes - She didn't do this.
3) She has to refrain from drinking - There's pictures, including on this website, of her falling down drunk all over town. She, a 3x rehabbed "supposedly recovering alcoholic", has been seen drinking in bars & stumbling drunkenly out of parties at 3am.

Something stinks, and it's not just BLOWhan's breath. I smell someone having been paid off here to write this letter...

1621 days ago


Can't stand Lindsy Lohan, but TMZ is so sure she will go to jail on Thursday. Everyday they have a story about how much trouble Lindsay's in for screwing up her classes!!!!!!!! Over a month dedicaded to this story and today they begin to back away with some BS about how all of the sudden Lindsey's getting good remarks. CYA TMZ!!!

1621 days ago

why is she there ?    

bribed and scammed the judge ?
sounds like it .
such a liar .
how come she gets away with that when anyone can see she is out drinking and partying every night ???????
the judge must of been paid off !???????

1621 days ago
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