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Miss USA's Bangin' Bod On a Boat!

5/19/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna get your sea legs real quick?  Check out the new Miss USA partying on a boat.

Miss USA 2010
Rima Fakih was in ship-shape last summer on a lake in her home state of Michigan.

As if her pole dancing skills weren't enough. We'd even listen to T-Pain sing if it meant getting on a boat with Rima.


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I'd marry her, and have plenty of kids if she'd have me!!!

1619 days ago

Bobby Joe    

Cigarettes and Snapple. Nasty.

1619 days ago


Soooo What dies it take for a Miss USA to be kicked out????

Seems like you can be on girls gone wild and a crack house in a trailor park and still keep the crown! JUST SAYYYYIN!!

1619 days ago


She looks good, but we have many more beautiful women in LA.

1619 days ago

The Amazing Xenu    

Those look like photos from Jobbie Nooner on Lake St. Clair. Jobbie Nooner is a well known lake party twice a year in Michigan. Let's just it's last place you'd want to see Miss USA! Just search online for Jobbie Nooner pics. You'll see what I mean!

1619 days ago


What does it take to be Miss USA...


1. Drugs and pics - Thanks Tara
2. Spread Eagle on a strip pole..
3. Sale your car and give mad props to your director on stage for pimpin my ride..
4. Trip
5. Say "Thankyou" in your interview after 3 words. Then order a pizza. Followed by a snapple and smoke for good times.. haha

Just kidding... Silly me.. There is really only one way.

#1 The only real way to not keep the crown is to stand up for your belief system and make people squirm.. Be fake about your thoughts.. So it's very diplomatic! With a forced smile ofcourse..

1619 days ago


I give this girl 3 months!! There is nooooooooooo way in hell.. All these pics are coming out and someone doesn't have anything more crazy... I wonder if the pageant has ever paid hush hush money.. haha.. I mean Donald has to own it in regards to the dirty pic thing cause he can't be seen as a hypocrite.. But ya know there is something else out there.. ahaha. I just get a sense..

1619 days ago


her father will be taking back home and the taliban will be caneing her 40 times.....

1619 days ago


If all muslum woman looked & acted like this, there would be many many more male & lebian converts.

1619 days ago


I think she got lucky 2 make it all the way there,In this time where everyone is judging middle-eastern people.I just hope she does what she says,or most pageant girls say they're gonna do,find a way 2 use their fame 2 help or create charities & b role models,they gotta b smart and not just beautiful.

1619 days ago


That absolutely looks like jobbie nooner (the Mardi Gras for the boating community!) Apparently this girl likes to party.

1619 days ago


It does look like she's at Jobbie Nooner (the Mardi Gras for the boating community!) We sure know how to party in Michigan!

1619 days ago

me not you    

Ok, I've gotta just say this once and for all:

All of these supermodels and now this one, they are all part of the fashion industry which is run by gay male fashion designers - not that there's anything wrong with that. What IS wrong with that is the models are required to appear as thin and bony and flat-chested as they can in order to please their bosses, again, gay male designers. And what do gay male designers find sexy? Something resembling the male body - straight, thin and flat. Gay men are not attracted to a woman's REAL body - one with voluptuous curves and natural sized boobs, so they naturally do not promote a woman's REAL body as being a thing of beauty. Got it?

And since straight males have bought into this gay-man's view of what female beauty should be AND never once bothered to question it, whenever a straight man looks at this bone-and-twig version of a woman and says 'Wow, she's hot!', it makes me wonder about his sexuality. TMZ's, too.

1619 days ago


@#16 Sounds like you know alot about gay guys.

1619 days ago


I think she is gorgeous, and I am glad to see someone from my home state win the contest.

Way to go, Rima!

1619 days ago
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