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Octomom to Dogs and Cats: Don't Go Where I Went

5/18/2010 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman -- aka the pot -- wants dogs and cats -- aka the kettles -- to refrain from having litters.


Octo has agreed to display a banner around her La Habra home for PETA, with the warning:  "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom."

In return, Octo gets $5 grand and a month's supply of veggie dogs and burgers.

We'll live stream the unveiling tomorrow at 11 AM PT ... 'cause you never know who's gonna drop another litter in La Habra.


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Oprah showed 14 babies and kids living their entire lives in dirty, loud, crowded squalor that Oprah or any other doglover never for one minute would leave their dogs to live in.

How does PETA justify these kids living in sub-kennel conditions while they enable a mother who blows $400 PER MONTH on fake eyelashes. And that is the actual amount.
Why does TMZ always make these items about a delusional narcissistic sociopath like Nadya Suleman when she is the 15th least important person in such a sad nightmare for these kids.

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1564 days ago


This is OLD news.

And #16/Ed... you're a racist pig.

1564 days ago


Ed.. she isn't white... she's off-white... Don't lump her in with us hardworking white folk who actuall support their family thank you very much...

1564 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Ya know, I think Nadya is a pretty cool chick. Yes, she's made some really regrettable mistakes. But this banner at her house is a public shaming. Yeah, she gets paid, but at the cost of her dignity. She's got 14 kids to feed and no job and I can't even begin to imagine what her life must be like. She's nice, she's sexy but the weight on her shoulders must be enormous. If she got a reality show, I would watch every episode and patronize the sponsors. I really think this banner thing is humiliating.

1564 days ago


PETA sucks. In 2007 they "rescued" over 10,000 pets and deemed only ELEVEN to be adoptable.

You mean 9,989 pets were NOT adoptable?

PETA actually kills more adoptable pets a year than a kill shelter. Kill shelters generally euthanise animals that are very sick, or have a propencity to being aggressive and are not safe to adopt out... PETA kills all animals.

They were even sued for animal cruelty when it was found they "rescued" 4 strays, killed them on site, then dumped them into a trashbin at a grocery store. No personality assessment, no health care, no chance to get a proper, loving home. Just caught them and killed them on the spot. How they got off on animal cruelty charges is beyond me. (you can read the case online. It was highly publicized at the time it happened.

They are open about the irradication of domestic pets.

The donations well meaning people think are going to the pets... They use that money pay millions of dollars to make commercials that are never aired on tv... they pay stars big bucks to pose nude against fur... They use it for billboards that are never put up..

now they're paying OCTOMOM $5000 a month to advertise in her yard. (Bet neighbors are going to love that)

PETA ARE ANIMAL KILLERS GUISED AS ANIMAL ACTIVISTS. what they do to humans is even worse.

Donate to your local shelters. avoid animal activists like PETA at all costs.

1564 days ago


word outlet---PETA easily get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity from associating her name with this."

No. PETA has paid for its own bad publicity. Actually, this as counter-productive for PETA as their worst enemy could make it. People who donate to PETA aren't going be sending in ther dollars any longer to see them spent like this and the entire message is completely lost on whoever it is supposed to reach. PETA has done some dubious things in the past but deriding children for pets is just about hitting bottom. Maybe TMZ is trite enough to think this situation is about the mother and not the kids, but PETA has ethical as part of its name. And what is ethical exactly about humiliating kids?

Besides who exactly is supposed to see this sign in a residential cul-de-sac? I imagine the neighbors, who will have to look at it aren't thinking about their pets anywhere near as much as they are thinking about their lawyers. They may not be able to sue her, but they can easily put together a class action suit against PETA .

1564 days ago


Professor Obvious-
The obvious thing is that you are probably Bad Czech, her publicist/lawyer and that you obviously don't get paid for being a publicist unless your provide what continually looks like the only positive spin on Suleman. How could you ever pretend to be a professor and not notice that this isn't about Suleman-- it's about humiliating 14 kids?
That would be except for the fanmail she often spends hours of lunchtime writing to herself as mssarcia and kimba10 and g-unit instead of being there to put lunch on the table for 14 kids. Because why waste time feeding kids and being a mom when you can pretend to be a 20 year old adoring college fan of a 35yr old welfare dropout.

1564 days ago


Octo has to resort to this kind of garbage in order to get a paycheck. It is so humilating.

1564 days ago


It's a perfect fit. The fruitcakes at PETA can comingle with the Octofruitcake.

Just to be straight, I am all for the ethical treatment of animals... it's PETA I don't like.

1564 days ago


It's a perfect fit. The fruitcakes at PETA can comingle with the Octofruitcake.

Just to be straight, I am all for the ethical treatment of animals... it's PETA I don't like.

1564 days ago


There are THREE differences in these photos.


1564 days ago


This should go up in Dr. Michael Kamrava's office or at least outside. Gee, by the way, can't help but wonder how his preliminary hearing went yesterday?

Hope it DOES go to trial. Would LOVE to see someone explain away all those frozen embryos. Implanting 11 embryos that developed into the 8 tups! FRESH EMBRYOS for 11 rounds of IVF in 8 yrs! No wonder she wanted to destroy those files. Doubt it had anything to do with octodad.

No surprise PETA was interested. Sounds like a stray cat to me, or just a VERY mentally ill woman.

1564 days ago



Why isn't there a spay sign on Octodad's lawn in Seal Beach?

1564 days ago


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop showing us that picture of her huge elongated gut. NASTY!!!!!!

1564 days ago
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