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Phoenix Suns Star Witnesses Mother's Arrest

5/18/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phoenix Suns superstar Amar'e Stoudemire had more on his mind than basketball during last night's playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers  -- he watched his mother get arrested this weekend.


TMZ has learned the 6'10" NBA star was named in a police report involving an incident with his mother, Carrie Mae Stoudemire, that took place Saturday afternoon.

According to the report, police in Scottsdale, Arizona pulled Carrie over for allegedly driving erratically -- and eventually placed her in handcuffs for refusing to take a field sobriety test.  But soon after the stop, another car -- a Bentley -- arrived to the scene.

Two incredibly tall men emerged from the car -- and a responding officer claims he recognized one of them as Amar'e.  According to the report, Carrie began kicking the patrol car and yelling for Amar'e to "get a lawyer."

The officer claims he then asked Amar'e and his friend to leave the scene because they were causing Carrie to "act out." According to the report, Amar'e immediately complied with the officer's request.

Carrie -- who has a long history of alcohol abuse -- was eventually booked for speeding, failure to drive in a single lane and operating a vehicle without a court-ordered breathalyzer ignition interlock device.

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These people can drive their Bentleys and Navigators, but they are STILL ghetto. And the mother has a chip on her shoulder!

1616 days ago


13. As expected on anything TMZ posts that involves Black people racists will show up and peddle their filth. Isn't it #4, #5, #6 #10?

Posted at 5:49 PM on May 18, 2010 by ???

???? - you're wrong. The only racist here is his mother! Everything I said was true - Obama would NOT be President without white people - those who raised him, supported him, nurtured him, and believed in him --- his true family! Not his black father who abandoned him. He should have written a book entitled, "The Dreams of My MOTHER" because it was his mother who had dreams for him. NOT his father! Additionally, white people voted for Obama. But now most of us regret it!!

1616 days ago


Why wasn't she charged with DWI?

1616 days ago


and look at the mugshot.....

1616 days ago


I suppose Amare will call that a lucky arrest too!

1616 days ago


Ama're handled the situation with class, we all slip sometimes, we must realize that we have to take responsibity for our slip ups. Ama're was like that is my mom, we will get you out later but for now I got to go...Keep up the good work

1615 days ago


She sounds like a drunk.

1615 days ago


This is a a typical PRACTICE in Arizona (particularly in Scottsdale) covert "racial profiling" is very much alive and well. I seriously doubt the true motivation for that Scottsdale police to pull-over Ms. Stoudamire was certainly NOT due to her alleged driving behavior "crossing over into lanes" I think this incident is a blatant WAKE UP CALL that this harassment still continues here in AZ. I doubt very seriously if this ordeal would have happened to Steve Nash's mother (Amare's team mate) Several black athletes (includingTHEIR BOY) Sir Charles Barkley has been snatched out of the motoring crowd, being pulled-over and ARRESTED or given a frivolous citation.

1615 days ago


4. I just read the do***ent - the woman is a loony bird!! A total racist telling the cop that he was just mad that the US has a black president!! What a nut case! She thinks just because her son can drop a ball into a hoop that she's above the law. How ghetto!!!
Posted at 4:25 PM on May 18, 2010 by Wishes

And how so typical of someone like you. Trailer trash these days....

1615 days ago


he knows his mother is a drunk.these people wont stop until they kill someone and all they do is blame everyone else....you cant arrest me..ma son is a basketball star..oh yeah ya drunk

1615 days ago


She has been in trouble many times from what I hear. Just Google her name. I think she even served time in prison too. Sad deal. She needs help.

1615 days ago


Go Suns!

1615 days ago


This is for you #20. To begin with, you are a straight up racist, and you don't have anything else to do, but try to put other people down. To make a statement that you should not have voted for him, you could of kept that to yourself. The person that you shouldn't of voted for was that idiot Bush, who is a drunk and a dope fiend. How dare you, that goes to show you that your IQ is 0, Bush happens to be the worst dumb redneck President this country has ever seen. He would get so drunk that he didn't even know when he was on the Air Force One, or the helicopter. So let's not cast any stones, because Obama has been cleaning up Bush's
sh..... ever since he has been in the White House. I forgot that's what Black people have been doing for centuries, cleaning up the whiteman's ****. So let's don't go there,because you are a dumbass idiot.
Who cares who you vote for, personally I don't, keep on voting for your
dumb ass white brothers, who continues to manipulate and fraud the
system to get what they want, you guys don't even have sense enough to
go to college, without cheating. Take a look at the kid that didn't even
have sense enough to write a decent paper, instead he plagurized his paper, as if to think he wouldn't get caught. But that is what you guys are used to doing. So my point is you are a prime example of a dumb

racist redneck idiot, that need to go back to school and I mean the

beginning, (elementary school, starting with kindergarten.

sh'''' ever since he's been in office. So let's not go there.

1615 days ago


His mother has been in jail for drugs and prostitution, she looks like a total crackhead....Poor Amar'e

1615 days ago



1615 days ago
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