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Bret Michaels -- I'm Having Trouble Moving My Legs

5/19/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels just told Oprah Winfrey that he's still having trouble moving his lower extremities after his massive brain hemorrhage last month, but the rocker's mind -- especially his wit -- appear to be working just fine.

Bret Michaels
In his first televised interview since he was rushed to the emergency room -- with the odds of survival overwhelmingly stacked against him -- Bret told O that he's doing twice the rehab in order to expedite his recovery ... but he still suffers from headaches.

Michaels also cried a little bit during the show -- after Oprah ran an interview with Bret's 9-year-old daughter, in which she expressed how sad she was at the thought of life without her dad.  It's pretty emotional stuff.

The good news -- Bret seems like he's right on pace to go back on tour with his band May 28.


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Give me a break!    

This guy should be a dairy farmer instead of a "musician/singer". He is milking this for all its worth. He's so full of it. Anyone that has ever been around this guy will tell you that he's blown this way out of proportion and making it out to be way more than it really was.

1618 days ago


I love Bret and everyone who really knows him says the same thing..he is the nicest person they have ever met. I really hope he makes a full recovery and I can't remember ever worrying about a celeb before now..great guy who deserves only the best that life has to offer.

1618 days ago

Julie Conrad    

Being a survivor of an ischemic stroke(blood clot)myself at 33, I can speak from experience, the extremeties (feet, legs, etc.) farthest from the brain recover last.and being able to control emotions takes a longggg time. I'm 5 years post stroke and still get weepy over the silliest things. But I can honestly say it gets better everyday.Best wishes Brett, my daughter was my biggest inspiration to get better. let your daughter be yours too, Good luck & God Bless

1618 days ago

Julie Conrad    

traumatic brain injury is serious. I had a headache too, went to bed and woke up paralized. As far as I'm concerned Brett was fortunate for early detection.It could've been alot worse for him.
Speedy recovery to you Brett.

1618 days ago


He is so lucky to be alive. Stop Working Bret...RELAX

1618 days ago


I agree with most of the posters here: Skip the tour or concert, Bret! I think you are heading back to work too soon and it will come back to haunt you in the end. The fact that you are still having headaches and a little trouble moving your legs should tell you that you need more time. PLEASE TAKE THAT TIME! We can wait to see you perform again but no amount of money or fame is worth your health. You're children love you and want to see you. Plus, hey, don't you think you desreve the rest? ;) Be well and be happy!

1618 days ago


Love ya Brett

1618 days ago


Postpone the tour for at least 6 months!!

1618 days ago



1618 days ago


I can take one look at Bret ann see he's not up to any tour. While I sure do understand what a drag this illness was and still is, he needs to rest a bit more or risk the next major illness for it. PLEASE, Bret. You can't be well enough to do this so soon. I care about you.

1618 days ago


lol, his bandana. he wears that thing cuz he wears a wig. and thats why he was rocking it in the hospital bed too. the dude is BALD!

1618 days ago


I thought this guy was a wrestler on WWF....Like i said before if he wants to go out on tour and possibly let his head explode(which the fans would love)then he cant be thinking too much about his kids,,only about on dude

1618 days ago


Bret, as a concerned citizen, fan, and as a health professional, please take this suggestion with the grace that it is given...Nothing is more important than your health because in safeguarding your health you will work towards not leaving this earth but extending your stay so that you can be here for your loved ones. Your daughters out of anyone, need you. So, do the WISE thing, cancel your participation in the tour, either get a stand in or cancel the tour all together. Stay home, get strong and healthy, and know that this healing process takes TIME. Not what you think is the appropriate amount of time, but God's time and this will unfold to you. As a fan seeing you staying strong and improving is awesome, but as a health professional, a woman with common sense, and a mother, you haven't let time work to your advantage. To wrap, if you read this board or anyone close to you reads this, tell Mr. Michaels that wisdom and common sense has to prevail...his life depends on it.

1618 days ago


What's the rush??? Take your time getting better, be with your family, you may not get another chance if something like this happens again. Your fans will be there when you're ready. Take time to smell the roses.

1618 days ago


Great now he's gonna punish us with more crappy 80's hair band music from the 80's. Seriously how long is he gonna milk Every Rose... it sucked 25 years ago and it sucks now. Brett take off the bandana/wig and come to terms that the 80's are over and you've gone bald. This douche will do whatever it takes to stay in the media.

1618 days ago
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