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Bret Michaels -- I'm Having Trouble Moving My Legs

5/19/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels just told Oprah Winfrey that he's still having trouble moving his lower extremities after his massive brain hemorrhage last month, but the rocker's mind -- especially his wit -- appear to be working just fine.

Bret Michaels
In his first televised interview since he was rushed to the emergency room -- with the odds of survival overwhelmingly stacked against him -- Bret told O that he's doing twice the rehab in order to expedite his recovery ... but he still suffers from headaches.

Michaels also cried a little bit during the show -- after Oprah ran an interview with Bret's 9-year-old daughter, in which she expressed how sad she was at the thought of life without her dad.  It's pretty emotional stuff.

The good news -- Bret seems like he's right on pace to go back on tour with his band May 28.


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Brett Michaels is a greedy a-hole, he's got everyone totally fooled into thinking he's a nice guy when he's really a big jerk.

1616 days ago


71. Brett Michaels is a greedy a-hole, he's got everyone totally fooled into thinking he's a nice guy when he's really a big jerk.

Posted at 4:02 PM on May 19, 2010 by marymac

And you know this how, marymac? I'm curious...Do you know him personally? Have you spent time with him?

1616 days ago


EXACTLY what is so important that he needs to go back on tour so soon? Does he need the money? I think if he is that interested in his daughter having a father, he would take some time to recuperate FULLY! I highly doubt if his doctors agree that he should be back on tour so soon.

1616 days ago


The good news? The good news is that his little girl doesn't have to learn how terrible it would actually be if he had died. The good news isn't that he'll be back on tour. Duh!

1616 days ago


Some of you posters make the rest of us sick to our stomachs. You have nothing but cruel, disgusting and negative things to say about people you have never met. What type of car Mr. Michaels drives is none of your business. Why do you want to fault him for working to earn a living? Most of us do. Perhaps some of you don’t but at least he isn’t looking for the rest of us to provide for his family.

I also had a SAH in early November, surgery to repair the bleed, a second bleed within two weeks and a craniotomy. Three brain surgeries and 2 ½ months in Intensive Care later I’m still doing physical therapy. There is no way to “milk” it as some suggest. If he was trying to milk it, he wouldn’t be going back to work. The man was fighting for his life and all some of you care about is his hair, his car and his bandana. You make the rest of us glad we don’t know you personally.

Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t have to put up with your stone cold hearts at my bedside, judging my medical condition or my personal motives for having a headache. I’m also glad that Mr. Michaels survived and willing to discuss his situation on TV. I learned a lot from him and I respect his determination to live. The rest of you who believe otherwise can just KMA.

1616 days ago

sisi one is going to buy ticket to see you bro.....stop with your "promotion"

1616 days ago


i have worn a head band before in hot weather and it gives me a headache. and when he was hit in the head at the awards didn't they do a CAT scan or MRI how come this damage wasn't seen then i will bet my life that what caused the hemorrhage

1616 days ago


how does he still have hair after having brain surgery?

1616 days ago


Glad he is doing well but DUDE lose the hair piece! It looks horrible!

1616 days ago

Bretter Days    

If he's still planning on hitting the stage in late May, they better plan on having the after-party at a funeral home because that's going to be the outcome of Brett pushing his body too soon. Any injury or damage to the brain should not be taken so lightly. At least 2 or 3 months rest. Are they afraid of being sued by the promoters? Are the promoters that heartless?

1616 days ago


What a loser...still wearing his bandetta to hide his bald head! Even wore it at the hospital.

1616 days ago


Brett should take time off. Granted the Lord blessed him to survive his trauma and as the Bible says "All sickness does not lead to death" but on the heels of us losing Ronnie James Dio, Brett should step back and enjoy his family. Dio was a constant, brillant and very special singer and mastered his craft well. And he performed to the very end. Brett has chosen to have kids along the way. He should spend time with them. How sad will it be if we read in a month that something has happend to Brett on the road because he did not slow down and rest. He should get his priorities straight.

If anything, he should do a final tour with Poison. That is what made him. Not being a so-so solo artist putting out so-so music. His fame came from Poison. End Poison officially and continue his solo life. Matter of fact, Him being on OPRAH is Frickin' wrong plus has he issued a statement on DIO YET? He has time to talk to Oprah but can't take a few minutes out of his "RECOVERY" to honor a fellow artist. He wasn't too far from being remembered not that long ago.

1616 days ago

Professor Obvious    

"I'm Having Trouble Moving My Legs". Get over it, Kid. Let us know when you're having trouble moving your bowels.

1616 days ago


I hardly knew who he was until I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice. He seems like such a nice guy and cute too, with such beautiful blue eyes.

1616 days ago


I am done with this DISGRACE. Come on now. The pic of any person that had a MASSIVE brain hemmorage, sitting around in a hospital bed with a bandana on. Not one, NOT ONE of the pieces of medical equiptment that would be hooked up to a person that had such a MASSIVE injury. An IV only.....Screw This. Bret you were one of my most favorite people, but not now. No way did you have what was reported, please have the common decency to tell it to the public. I do not appreciate this NONSENSE. The public is a bunch of MORONS

1615 days ago
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