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Howard K. Stern Allegedly Threatens 'Witness'

5/19/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern has been accused of threatening a man whom South Carolina police call a "witness" in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, Mark Hatten -- Anna's ex-boyfriend -- told the Greeleyville Police Department he received a "threatening" message from Stern on May 3 via MySpace.

In the report, it says Hatten opened up Stern's alleged MySpace message on one of the officer's laptops, which read: "You are in over your head. You are being watched. Keep a look out before everything comes crashing down, do you understand me?"

We cannot confirm if Hatten will be a witness in the Anna Nicole-related case involving Stern, but Greeleyville cops are calling the investigation, "Intimidation of a witness/harrassment via Internet."

Stern scoffs at Hatten's allegation, telling TMZ, "Don't you have to have a MySpace account in order to leave a message?  I've wouldn't even know how to leave a message on MySpace."


We're told the GPD is still investigating -- but it's a tiny department in a 400 person town, so ....

If true, Stern could be charged with tampering with a witness.


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Life's a Bitch    

Sorry, but dont know what Anna Nicole ever saw in this Hatten dude. Just plain NASTY

1561 days ago

Just Askin    

Isn't this the dude whos sister just got her Ebay stuff shut down for selling Anna Nicole's underwear.

This seems like revenge to me.


1561 days ago


Baba Booey! Baba Booey!

1561 days ago


That would be easy enough to find out, and I don't see Mark stooping low enough to pretend he's Howie. I hope and believe Mark
can assist in putting Howie away for a long time. But unless the IP can be obtained though My Space, it will be difficult to prove it was the Enabler who posted the threat. And we do know how Howie loves to lie.

1561 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Yeah Howie does lie, remember he swore up and down he was the baby daddy? But he's an attorney and he's going to play it by the numbers and not do anything retarded like this.

1561 days ago



1561 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith was set to collect $88 million. If she died, the money would be left to her son and daughter. But oh how convenient that her son died. Now the money is left to Anna and her daughter. But wait, a few months later, Anna dies. Now the money is left to her daughter. And guess who jumped up first claiming to be her daughter's father - Howard. How convenient for Howard. But her real father contested the paternity and won. Yet Howard still walks the streets.

1561 days ago


Whether this is true or not, Howard K. Stern is a leeching s***bag. He (and others) fed Anna booze and drugs and used her fame and money.

1561 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

This is the quality of the LA Prosecutor – as low to the gutter as Mark Hatten is.

• Tabloid malicious lies and irrelevant psychobabble by Renee Rose during HKS’s preliminary hearing
• State’s witnesses that contradicted the State’s case
• Only the second-hand testimony of Agent Santiago regarding his alleged interview with one of ANS’s nannies carrying the day (a nanny who barely speaks English and only briefly worked in the house)

It is no surprise that Renee Rose is associated with Hatten, a violent felon the FBI knows is certifiable in his wild previous claims against HKS. Her desperate case apparently calls for desperate measures – she already is in bed with the riff-raff of the TX cabal, why not one of VA’s favorites.

1561 days ago


Au contraire! There are indications that quite a few law enforcement agencies are taking Mr. Hatten quite seriously. There is more going on behind the scenes than has been talked about in the general public.

I can't wait for Mark's book to be released!

1561 days ago


I guess TMZ is to busy stalking and tattletailing on Lindsay Lohan to post the pic

1561 days ago


. Au contraire! There are indications that quite a few law enforcement agencies are taking Mr. Hatten quite seriously. There is more going on behind the scenes than has been talked about in the general public.

I can't wait for Mark's book to be released!

Posted at 5:22 PM on May 19, 2010 by Sizzles

Oh please ,give us all the details since you "KNOW" what's going on behind the scenes sounds like you have inside information .

1561 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

HKS has been systematically victimized and defamed by VA and her wide group of people. The civil Court cases show the extent of the malicious lies. JB when charging HKS virtually read his bizarre allegations and alleged motives off the pages of Cosby’s shamed book. Hatten’s allegations are patently hot air and grandiose. Mark and JH are well known liars with delusional versions of their connection to ANS and her closest people. This is not ‘witness’ intimidation, this is a smear attempt directed toward a defendant.

The Public needs to know quickly:
• Is nut case MH at it again, yes or no? If not -
• What is the extent of the involvement of JB’s Office?
• What is the extent of the LA Prosecutors’ involvement?
• What is the extent of VA and her people’s involvement?

This situation needs to be sorted ASAP.

1561 days ago

Miss Bu    

Anyone can make a fake myspace account there is way to prove who you really are when signing up.

1561 days ago

jo jo    

Mark sues everyone he can. Sue the warden, Sue the Jail, Sue the attorney's, Sue Ann estate, Sue Larry Birkhead, Sue Howard, Sue Sue happy Mark....The guy was on Tmz last year hitting on some girl outside of a club drunk as a skunk. Had his daughter there to watch...What a piece of Crap.. He like to beat up people and put them in the hospital, hence 8 years in prion...His sister Jackie is just like him. Jackie used Ann and thought she would be popular hanging out with her until Anna saw what a peice of **** they both were. Jackie wanted Anna to go to court and say her brother didn't mean to ALL MOST KILL A NEIGHBOR OF ANNA's. When Anna said NO she got pissed. When Anna died Jackie went on TV with the most unbievable LIE'S ever...Jackie and Mark are two of a kind LOW LIFE PIGS ON THIS EARTH...Jackie tried to hide from the courts but they found her, hope she gets jail time just like her brother.

1561 days ago
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