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Jesse James -- Don't Call Me A Nazi!!!!

5/20/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James wants to set the record straight -- he no longer wants to be referred to as a Nazi ... or as that dumbass who cheated on Sandra Bullock.

jesse james
James is making his plea to an L.A. County Superior Court judge, in a case where Jesse is accused of screwing over a clothing company.  The case is about to go to trial -- and now Jesse has filed documents making it clear that his personal life is out-of-bounds.

In the docs, filed last week, Jesse asks the judge to exclude any evidence or mention of:

- Jesse's sexual behavior
- The phrase "most hated man in America" to describe Jesse
- Any mention of the word "nazi" or "nazis" to describe Jesse
- The terms, "monster ... skin head ... racist ... homophobe ... prostitute ... cheating ... cheater"
- Sandra Bullock ... and/or films or photographs of Sandra Bullock
- Any allegation that Jesse engaged in acts involving "moral turpitude"
- Anything that has to do with adoption
- Bombshell McGee

Jesse believes the issues listed above have no relevance to the clothing line case -- we'll see if the  judge agrees.



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Narcissistic or Sociopath or both? Poor Jesse, why are people judging you so harshly? I guess in your mind you don't deserve this- you didn't do anything to be called a cheater or a nazi. That wasn't you. Why are people suing you? I know, you didn't do anything wrong. Why did you settle that large sexual harassment lawsuit? Of course, YOU didn't do anything wrong- it's everyone else- not you- why did you cheat on and humiliate your wife? Of course, that's not your fault either- your d**k would just not listen to you- it jumped out of your pants repeatedly- against your will- and slipped into some skanks- over and over again- why don't you sue your uncontrollable pe**s? How dare it do these things to you! Damn d**k- ruined your life

1585 days ago


LOL- umm yeah, good luck with that one...... "Umm, Your Honor? We're here to determine my ethics and morality in handling my business, but please don't let the fact that I don't have any ethics or morality in my personal life affect how my professional life is judged- I'm REALLY a good guy, I swear....."

How about adding "Welder" to that list, Jesse? Gee- you always say that, if you lose everything, you'll go bsck to what you really are- "just a welder";

Kinda sucks when you get what you really want, huh?


1585 days ago


STHU Jesse, you're not only everything you claim you aren't, but you are also an idiot which only makes things worse.

You too, Gina.

1585 days ago

I used to think this guy was cool. His company West Coast makes some sick bikes and I used to respect him for that. But now the guy has become more in the limelight and he has shown his true self to be knucklehead.

1585 days ago


Hmmm...then I guess he shouldn't have been all those things in the first place...make your bed, zen lie in it (old Nazi saying).

1585 days ago


what he has to do with a real Nazi? someone who wrote this **** has no plan about the reality. j.j. is a real *******. thats the right word for him.

1585 days ago


It's annoying when people use the word "then" in place of "than".

1585 days ago


lol @ Andrea!

That may be the next big excuse in Follywood! Sex rehab for the cheaters is becoming old news, sueing your own penis will garner more sympathy.

1585 days ago


When people know a lot less 'than' they think they do, 'then' they should shut the f*ck up.

1585 days ago



I'm confused. Here in this country we base court decsions on the law. The courts don't care what your feelings are. They are not suppose to. This isn't a talk show where we share our feelings.

Facts are facts, what was said, what can be proven. I'm glad the system is set up this way, and not the way you think we should decide court cases. It would be like a Jerry Springer show.

1585 days ago



1585 days ago


I love to see cheaters' lives fall apart. They so deserve it. Here's a guy who had it all, but he listened to his stupid p@nis and lost it all. I love that.

1585 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Again with that pouty sissy kissy face!

1585 days ago


You don't want people calling you a Nazi? Here's an idea Jesse. Don't dress up like a Nazi while doing a Hitler mustache pose with one hand and the Heil Hitler Nazi Salute with the other hand. Also, it doesn't help that you've been banging a Nazi slut with "White Power" tattooed on her damn legs with a Swastika on her back. Freaking Jackass.

1585 days ago


How nice of him to list all his hot-button issues for us. Now we know what to yell at him in the airport. Heh heh.

1585 days ago
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