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Kate Gosselin

Bogged Down with

Her Kids

5/21/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin managed to keep her family's career afloat last week -- by taking the kiddies on a birthday trip right out of the Bindi Irwin playbook.


Gosselin and the kids went down to Kissimmee, Florida where, we're told, they hooked up with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides for a private tour.

Sources say the family was taken to a secluded area where Kate threw a birthday bash for the kids complete with pinatas -- and TLC was there to film the whole thing ... naturally.

Talk about upstaging Daddy's birthday party for the kids.


No Avatar


to bad an aligator didnt climb aboard and go to town on the whole that I would pay to see

1625 days ago


Any adult who thinks kids are a form of entertainment is just sick! Khate sells her kids to TLC ... their childhood, their privacy and it's not safe, normal or healthy for those 8.

1625 days ago


Why would anyone view Kate Gosselin? She has no integrity, talent or intelligence. She uses her children to produce income for herself, to pay for a lifestyle of self indulgence and excess. Those children are being filmed shamelessly while Kate pockets the money and demands child support from her unemployed husband. She should allow her children a normal childhood away from any cameras and she needs to renew her nursing license and get a real job. BOYCOTT any TLC program which exploits children! (Kate, Tiaras and Toddlers, the Duggars, etc.)

1625 days ago

Jesse James Hater    


Put down the cupcake and soda. Then read my post again...

Lose a hundred pounds and you will feel better.

There is no need to hate on beautiful Kate.

1625 days ago

zombie_hands many single non working moms get to take there 8 kids all the way to florida for a vacay?!? She's pimping her kids out...its disgusting that she has no shame in doing it.

1625 days ago


UMMMMMMM Question, aren't these kids suppose to be in school? Why is she always taking these kids on extravegant vacations when they are suppose to be in school. Aren't children suppose to be IN school a required ammount of hours a year. Johns birthday celebration with the eight kids was much better becuase HE DID NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF SCHOOL. John in this case for the lack of a better term is the better parent.

1625 days ago


poster number 8 you are obviously completely uneducated when it comes to Kate Gosselin. She is not putting food on her table for her kids, her kids are putting food on the table. Do you think anyone would watch a show with just her in it? NO! She needs her little money makers or else nobody will watch and you can only be a reality star so long because people get sick of watching the same thing over and over again. Her 5 minutes has long been up and Jon and Kate are going to keep this is and there kids are going to grow up to hate them and rebel against them.... Both Kate and Jon are fame whores and Kate has it in her head she is some A-list celeb when she is not, her and Jon are as delusional as OctoMom and the idiots from Jersey Shore

1625 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Funny line, TMZ, the 'Bindi Irwin playbook.'

1625 days ago


#33 and others who mentioned the schooling. Those children are one (1) year behind in school. Kate is more interested in filming them for the big bucks than in their education and/or emotional well-being. And to the shallow, condescending poster who suggested people who criticize Kate are simply overweight, you are a SIMPLETON. I can't stand Kate because she's a cold, lying, self-promoting, self-involved, manipulative narcissist who sleeps with her married bodyguard and pimps out her children for her own selfish attempts to be a "star." Physically, I think she's pretty and fit. Her outward appearance has nothing to do with my opinion of her.

1625 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Kate is a disgusting pig turd who needs to stop exploiting those kids for her own greedy purposes.

1625 days ago

dirty diana    

i have boycotted anything this money grubber is on, the kids grow up fast and they will haate her too.

1625 days ago


I have to agree with all of the comments that states that Kate hasn't taken her kids anywhere since TLC staopped filming, but now that TLC is footing the bills, they are once again going on vacations. Shame on Kate(and Jon), for the continually exploiting their 8 for their benefit! But they are so into themselves, that they think this is OK and will stop at nothing to have themselves in the limelight. What a couple of lame excuses for parents!

1625 days ago


Kate is still all about Kate. TLC will be in these poor kids faces until they reach the age of consent, then they can make up their own minds.

1625 days ago


Who are you idiots writing here that the media should leave the kids alone??? Hello!!! There happens to be a FILM CREW right there getting all the action for the new tv show, dummies. Same with the kids' birthday party. Geez, the kids have a choice, be exploited or starve and go to college. What would YOU choice (I can just bet).

1625 days ago


Kate is still all about Kate. These poor kids will have those TLC cameras in their faces until they reach the age of consent. I think Kate is shameful to continue putting her own children out there.

1625 days ago
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