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Kate Gosselin

Bogged Down with

Her Kids

5/21/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin managed to keep her family's career afloat last week -- by taking the kiddies on a birthday trip right out of the Bindi Irwin playbook.


Gosselin and the kids went down to Kissimmee, Florida where, we're told, they hooked up with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides for a private tour.

Sources say the family was taken to a secluded area where Kate threw a birthday bash for the kids complete with pinatas -- and TLC was there to film the whole thing ... naturally.

Talk about upstaging Daddy's birthday party for the kids.


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That should be "be exploited and go to college or starve".

1613 days ago


Diane: Why should these kids even have to think about "starving or going to college? Get Real

1613 days ago


First of all Jon was the one that contacted the media and made deals from day one, not Kate! From what I saw on TV and the way he is acting now, Jon was like having a 9th child. Only they know what kind of lives they were living, not any one of us, but as a mother I think Kate is doing what is best for her family. It is hard to be a good wife and mother when you do not have a partner that gives %100. I can't blame Kate for wanting to give her children EVERYTHING!! All I ever wanted when my 2 children were growing up was to be able to give them more that I had and believe me it was not easy. I am not a college graduate but always had a part time job so I could be a full time mom and my husband had a small business, things were not always easy. I give Kate all the credit in the world for going out and making a dollar any way she can to provide food, cloths and extras that they would not be able to afford otherwise. Those children have been to places I may never see and I think that is wonderful, I wish my kids were able to see them. All you hater should just turn off you TV and computer and mind you own, no one cares how you live! I cannot wait for "Kate Plus 8" and I send her and her children well wishe. And as far as Kate putting her kids in danger in "gator filled waters in Florida", I did that when I was single and it is not dangerous, they were not swimming in the water for Gods sake. It is a tour, in a boat, in the Florida everglades with professionsl tour guides!! Here is a tip for JENSPAL, ever body of water in Florida has a gator in it, that is why people have their screens around their pools. Go to some of these gated communities, they have ponds scattered around and guess who lives in them!! They sometimes even greet people at their front door.
Some of you people need to get a life and get off Kate's behind, she is a stong woman with a focus and planning for 8 kids college/future, how many of you are planning for your kids college future?? Believe me, it comes faster that you think!

1613 days ago


Kate is such a douchebag. The kids aren't cute either. I hope they all grow up and become employees in an asian massage parlor while Kate is home dancing in front of her mirror, alone with a drink in one hand and a vibrator in the other

1613 days ago


Oh, I'm sure a TLC crew caught every move and picked up the tab, too. Greedy, stingy, narcissistic Kate doesn't make a move unless TLC pays for it and picks up the costs. Jon may have his faults, but the kids' faces show pure love when they are with him. Kate, not so much.
One day...someone is going to tell all about Katie Irene Kreider Gosselin, it ain't gonna be pretty (or fake like her), it will be the stone hard truth.

1613 days ago


Come on Kate...don't junk up FLA...there are way too many stars there already. Maybe w/ the oil spill the stars will find their way back to CA. JMO

1613 days ago


Ann: You are telling "us" to get a life? Your post is the longest of all!! hahaha

1613 days ago


#43 Roboman: No one despises that FRAUD Kate Gosselin more than I do, but the children are PRECIOUS, and I was totally offended by your post.

1613 days ago


Those children aren't precious. They're just a bunch of rice eating half breeds that are privledged and growing up just like their parents, feeling entitled. They're nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats.

1613 days ago


Ann--don't rewrite history for your idol Kate. She was one with the video taping the kids. It was shown on TLC, for G-d's sake. The Associated Press reported in a story from 2005, "Kate Gosselin said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births." First of all, they CHOSE to have that many kids. When she was hospitalized because her ovaries were so overstimulated and the doctors said SKIP THIS CYCLE, what did they do? Went home and had sex. Ta-da, six babies at once! When they already had two! (They were married in June 1999, and the twins were born in Oct. 2000! She went in for fertility treatments after being married a few MONTHS!) Awfully fast to know she was infertile. PCOS was it?

When most doctors see a 24 year-old patient who’s been married a few months, they tell them to try it the old fashioned way for awhile. Not Kate. She gets what she wants, when she wants it, and screw anyone in her way. Kate carried the book "Seven from Heaven" by Bobbi McCaughey like a Bible, obsessed how to get freebies. Remember, the McCaughey family chose to withdraw after a time for their children, not "I want to be a star, we cannot go back" Kate.
For everyone that looks at Octomom, Kate Gosselin needs looked at the same way. Narcissistic, sick, abusive fame-wh0re destroying her children, she's worse then Suleman.

1613 days ago


people love to say the kids hate it, give them privacy in fact alot of child stars love it! and said was a great experience for them! kate is wonderful at least she making money to feed her family, she could be like many other americans and sit on her ass collecting food stamps.

1613 days ago


Judy and Whamo need to be medicated.

You Kate haters need to get your own life and stop sitting on your ever growing behinds posting about Kate on hate blogs and making up silly moments of clarity and protesting dates at the Gosselin home.

You haters have lost your mind over Kate, THAT is hilarious! Suck it haters, suck it hard, Kate has the life you never will and her kids are having a blast!

You miserable old cows who let yourselves go, need to go create the life you want instead of micro managing Kate's. She gets more successful from your hate, YOU FAILED, she prevailed!

1613 days ago

Seriously Get a LIFE    

Judy, step away from your computer. You are getting tooooo invested in the life of Kate Gosselin and her children. Seriously. You seem stalkerish.

1613 days ago


With TLC parenting these children and handing them whatever they want, there is no double at least a couple of these kids will grow up to be spoiled drug addict losers. The stas are there. Look at all the child actors and their lives when the camera stop rolling. I have no doubt Kate and John will regret their decision to pimp their kids out.

1613 days ago


We are boaters and it's nice to see other families enjoying the waters. Boating 101- Where land ends, life begins.

1613 days ago
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