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Kate Gosselin

Bogged Down with

Her Kids

5/21/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin managed to keep her family's career afloat last week -- by taking the kiddies on a birthday trip right out of the Bindi Irwin playbook.


Gosselin and the kids went down to Kissimmee, Florida where, we're told, they hooked up with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides for a private tour.

Sources say the family was taken to a secluded area where Kate threw a birthday bash for the kids complete with pinatas -- and TLC was there to film the whole thing ... naturally.

Talk about upstaging Daddy's birthday party for the kids.


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Jenspal--don't forget about the ones who have committed suicide--Dano Plato, Corey Haim just name a few.

1527 days ago


Kate WORKS for a leaving!!! Kate blesses her children with her income.Jon steals money from the family and spends it on HIMSELF and women!! TMZ should not knock Kate for blessing her kids!!!!!!!!!!

1527 days ago


Looks like that had a fun trip, thanks tmz for the pictures.

1527 days ago


Do these kids ever go to school or does Kate think it is more important for them to make money for mommy dearest? Does she think being filmed with her little moneymakers will make anyone believe she enjoys spending time with them? It's all about the money and about her. I hope she thinks selling out her kids for some cash is worth it in the end. She has already alienated all friends and family her kids had for some quick cash and material things. I can see one or more of her kids writing a tell all book when they grow up. And then Kate will probably cut them out of her life as well.

1527 days ago

Just Sayin    

I can spot her hideous extensions from here!

1527 days ago


How many times did the kids celebrate their birthday? 4 days straight? LOL

And where is Alexis and Leah?

1527 days ago

Concerned Mom    

Oh of course with WORK PERMITS in tow also just like required in Pennsylanvia that TLC somehow forgot to obtain for 4 years and are required NOW to have for filming! There are child labor regulations in Florida!!

Or wink wink..does TLC say the kids are not WORKING STILL? They are being filmed to entertain the public! Selling advertisers products..unreal!

1527 days ago


WOW isn't it funny the only time she can take her kids anywhere, is when there are TLC camera's filming the whole scene. Considering they are her meal ticket, you would think she would use some of their hard earned money to take them on vacation, or to celebrate their birthdays without the TLC camera's along for the filming. SAD, SAD, SAD I feel so sorry for those kids.

1527 days ago


Hmmmm all paid for by TLC of course otherwise them kids wouldn't leave the driveway on their parents wallet...Nice

1527 days ago

I hate Kate    

When gator eat you do they go after the people who do not wear the safty gear? Ok maybe I like this Fla swamp thing.

1527 days ago

Grammar Po Po    

19. This is for all the Kate haters
Do YOURSELFS a favor and lose a hundred pounds.
You will feel better about yourselfs and you will not need to hate on Kate.

Kate is a beautiful lady and a loving mother.
You go Kate!

Posted at 5:51 AM on May 21, 2010 by Jesse James Hater

Do us all a favor and go back to school !!!

1527 days ago

Ginger Luvs TLC    

Poor Kate. The spotlight is dimming. The viewers are leaving. The interest is waning. Love the orange tan, though. Hey fans, let's all keep watching and blogging positively so Kate can keep up her tanning, her weekly mani-pedis and extensions, and manage to pay the nannies, body guards, landscapers, cooks and masseuses. Imagine how sad and dreary life would be if she didn't have these necessities. Sob. It's up to us to keep her star lit. It's up to us to keep her fan boat afloat. It's up to us to keep her popular and in the news so she can afford the bodygaurd Steve. Go Steve. Go Kate.

1527 days ago


Does she ever send her kids to school!!!!! I agree with most comments.. she only does stuff like this because she is being filmed.

1527 days ago


F*ck off Whamo, you know exactly what my post was about. The Kate haters who did a ridiculous moment of clarity the other night and the ones setting up a protest against TLC. It is so ridiculous how you Kate haters take it to the level you do.

You all embarrass yourselves and look like lunatics.

1527 days ago


Her hair looks so bad--almost as bad as Bret Michael's

1527 days ago
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