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Kate Gosselin

Bogged Down with

Her Kids

5/21/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin managed to keep her family's career afloat last week -- by taking the kiddies on a birthday trip right out of the Bindi Irwin playbook.


Gosselin and the kids went down to Kissimmee, Florida where, we're told, they hooked up with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides for a private tour.

Sources say the family was taken to a secluded area where Kate threw a birthday bash for the kids complete with pinatas -- and TLC was there to film the whole thing ... naturally.

Talk about upstaging Daddy's birthday party for the kids.


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All of you are a bunch of jealous fools. If you were offered the opportunities Kate has you would be the first in like. Not one person responding on this site would reject any of the luxuries Kate and her kids are receiving, Tell me that you would pass up nannies maids, cooks etc.Kate is not doing anything wrong, if she was the cops would be involved. ALL OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP, JEALOUSY IS AN ILLNESS

1584 days ago


At least she isn't on welfare. Not sure why a tv show is a big deal. Are her children provided for? Yes. Are they happy? Clearly or the state would step in. Is she living off tax payers money? Nope. Is she a drug addict? No. Do you realize how many parents are? Is she an alcoholic? NO. Does she beat her kids? Clearly NO.

So because TMZ stalks famous people and has a TV show where they talk about it, couldn't that be considered "exploiting" other people? They do it for gain. They get paid for the show. Hypocrite much?

So why bash her? Jealous? Sounds like some of you welfare mothers are bitter and jealous. Get over it. You aren't forced to watch TLC. Not sure why your butts are so hurt over it. Get a life and stop QQ'ing how somebody else raises their kids.

1584 days ago


FYI Ginger Luvs TLC

You do realize that is how it is for EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY. They depend on US. We buy their movies, we buy their cd's, we buy their random stupid products. We pay for the products we see during commercials during airtime, which goes to the networks, which goes to the actors.

Why is Kate different than any other "celebrity"? Not a single one of them could survive without being in the spotlight. Bran Pitt and Angelina would probably lose their minds if they had to raise ALL of their children without the help of nannies. Do you know how many celebrity children have a wardrobe that probably cost more than your CAR?


1584 days ago


I have stopped watching TLC, ET, DWTS, the View. SYFY has become my favorite network since so many seem to think she is all that.
She has no talent. She doesn't want to be a mom or she could with the money she made. Smaller house, get rid of most of her employees, etc. She doesn't want to be with them except to get attention and money for it. Narcisstic to the core.

All these people can't be wrong.....

1584 days ago


and more

1584 days ago


and comments from her own area--Reading PA

1584 days ago


and more...

1584 days ago


I love the idea for a birthday party. I took my son there last year for his birthday party and Boggy Creek Airboats really hooked us up. It is a must see and do while in Kissimmee. Get out of the concrete jungle of the parks and head back to nature. We saw gators, eagles, and a plethora or beautiful native plants. Not to mention the thrill of running on a airboat......LOVE IT

1584 days ago


The only time YOU see her do anything with her kids is when TLC tapes it. Otherwise, you don't see and don't know all the things she does with her kids. You must be egocentric if you think you see and know everything she is doing with her kids. Are you the all seeing and knowing God?

1584 days ago


All in the name of money. Kate took them there to work to earn her some money. What a piss poor parent she is. She don't do stuff with them unless they make money for her! Don't watch her stupid shows. Enough already.

1584 days ago


BOYCOTT her new show. Watch it once and make a list of all advertisers. Google their names and then e-mail them and tell them that you are boycotting their products until they remove their ads from Kate's show.

Also, Google TLC and go to viewer services and you can e-mail them as well.

Did you know that Kate's book has bombed big time. Amazon has it as #6118 in popularity and Barnes and Noble as # 4408.

Her one and only book signing drew less than 40 people unlike the thousands who lined up for the first book. PEOPLE REALLY HATE KATE.


1583 days ago


To #17 - Kate did take the kids out of school. The six turned six and all of their peers will enter first grade this fall. The six who repeated PRE-KINDERGARTEN for the third year will enter kindergarten. They will be seven and a half before they get to first grade, that is, unless they FAIL K as well.

The kids were held back because they were not emotionally or educationally ready for K this year. You would think with all of Kate's "culturing" of the kids that they would be more mature. If you compare the six to some of the Duggar kids who are a couple of years younger than them, the six are BABIES! All of the D kids from three on are polite, cute and can carry on a conversation. The D kids talk with such sensitivity. The D kids are not spoiled and haven't taken on the air of entitlement that Kate has and that her kids have.

I feel sorry for the twins. They don't get great birthdays and they are always downplayed because they are not the little moneymakers but then they appear to have more privacy. I believe that all of the kids are rebelling against the cameras and K has but a short window when they will be impossible to deal with. One of the boys, Collin, I believe, has been seen several times recently putting his hands over his face to block the cameras. I bet he has gotten more than his share of the red spoon.

1583 days ago


I think Kate Gosslin is using her children to enhance her celeb. status. And for the money. Who is watching those eight kids when she is off jetting around the country? Which she seems to be gone more and more. I believe that her husband should get cust. of those children. When she is with them she always complains about the stress of taking care of them. And how she needs help all the time. You never hear the husband complain of taking care of his children. If she would stay home and raise her children and spend more time with them like a mother should she might get to know more about them. She is to interested with her new life style.

1583 days ago


If you don't like Kate what is all the fuss about. She works, takes care of her kids, takes care of herself and has let Jon do what he does. No one seems to know anything about him other than all the shame he has brought to those kids. He the one you should be directing your negative comments to, after saying that why are you watching, get a real life.

1583 days ago


Thanks, Jen, everyone, please e-mail as many of the sponsors as possible. Last year we all boycotted Hersheys and they sent back responses that they were amazed at how many people were unhappy.

We can drive Kate off the air and let TLC/aka/TFK - The Freak Channel off as well.

1583 days ago
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