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Kate Gosselin

Bogged Down with

Her Kids

5/21/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin managed to keep her family's career afloat last week -- by taking the kiddies on a birthday trip right out of the Bindi Irwin playbook.


Gosselin and the kids went down to Kissimmee, Florida where, we're told, they hooked up with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides for a private tour.

Sources say the family was taken to a secluded area where Kate threw a birthday bash for the kids complete with pinatas -- and TLC was there to film the whole thing ... naturally.

Talk about upstaging Daddy's birthday party for the kids.


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What was J & K's big plan to support these 8 kids if TLC did not come along? Did TLC offer these two (a nurse & an IT manager) all this money if they would have these 6 (innocent parties) at once? Then throw in the other two (innocent parties)so the title would rhyme? Now Kate wants to be a host (on any show that will have her). She is a part time (not even that) mother. Self centered woman who happened to need 8 kids to help promote her into her 15 minutes.

1580 days ago


I wish you woud boycott your mouth. If you're such haters why are you wasting your time commenting, you really must have a low self estemm to have such bad and evil thoughts about another human being, wheather you like them or not, get a life and move on there are other channels on tv.

1580 days ago

Agnes Benne     

Is anybody getting sick of watching this woman go on all these free trips while the show says that this a normal mother trying to make ends meet, etc. By the end of their show, I was getting sick of all the free trips they were getting, the crooked play houses for the kids, chefs coming to her house, spas, more free things. She lives in a million dollar house, takes all these fabulous trips, and this is part of a woman struggeling? What kind of a reality is this? Why are we watching her show?

1580 days ago


Kate's actions have always reflected her true self -- me, me, me.

1579 days ago


Love Kate. Hate Jon the Dushce Bag. TMZ slants the story to be anti Kate. Sick of it. May stop tuning in.

1579 days ago


Why do the 8 need to continue to support Kate? I feel sorry for the kids. They get to nothing if its not part of a TLC show. She admitted, w/o TLC she wouldn't even take them to the State of Liberty. She is a complete phony, there is nothing genuine about her. The truth will come out some day, when the kids are old enough and when Jon is let out of his contracts. His book will be worth buying.

1579 days ago


Never cared for this lady? when she first came on air. She is mean petty and cruel. If I spoke to my husband like she did hers, my husband would have left me..Respect in a marriage is everything and she's proven she has none for others...ONLY HERSELF!

1577 days ago

Bailey's Mom    

But why, oh why, must Kate LIE. She claims she was "solo" for this trip, "Down a helper" yet in the clip Steve the bodyguard (?) is clearly present and in the picture above is another adult female. She claimed in her blog the her E! or Entertainment Tonight, I forget which, correspondent job she did from home - yet she's on set in Hollywood. Does she really think no one will notice. Just be upfront on things Kate. She readily took "love offerings" AFTER the show was a hit. When or What has she EVER given back (and no a pink autographed motorcyle(scooter) *given* her doesn't count nor does that lame visit to St. Jude's where she compared a child being bedridden with cancer similar to "30 weeks of bedrest" during her pregnancy with the tups. She has contradicted herself numerous times. Kate keep a story straight twice in a row.

1575 days ago


The blonde woman in the boat is CARLA. She has helped Kate for many years.

I don't understand why she couldn't have put this trip off until after school was out. Even if there is little going on academically towards the end of the year, that is when the kids get to bond with each other on field trips, field days, picnics, etc. I know the older girls asked to be sent home early from NC last year because they wanted to be part of the school end of the year activities.

Kate is DISGUSTING. She is getting 85% of the money from the show and the eight kids will share 15%. How is it fair that 1/9 of the cast gets 84% of the money. The kids should not be responsible for paying their own way. That is Kate's job.

To keep your kids back a year in school for filming, will cause problems later on. The kids may or not be bigger than their classmates because they are 1/4 Asian but they will be older than their classmates and my exhibit bullying tactics being that they are older.

There is nothing you can do because they are in private school so it's the kids who will suffer.

1575 days ago


BARF! Excuse me I looked at Kate.

When is she going to go away? If no one watches her horrible shows they will have to cancel them. Let her go back to work as a nurse. I don't want to see them on television.

Will not watch TLC or ABC because of her.

They are all laughing at the media on their way to the bank with all the money they make because people watch to complain. Do Not Watch Any Of Her Shows!!

1573 days ago


I wish she and Sara Palin would just go away already. Enough of these two twits, I'm sick of both of them, why are they here, and why does anyone even care?

1571 days ago

Donna Abell    

I really wish that they would pull the plug on Kate, I am so sick of her boo oohing it is stupid. She needs to get of the broom she is riding, and be a real mother, not a fake one. She could careless about those kids, all they are is a pay check for her. I would just about be willing to beat you, that if she did not have to be in PA, filming she would be in New York, Calif. or somewhere else posing in front of a camera. She is worse and I never thought I would say this, But, she is worse than Paris Hilton or the Kardashin sisters.
Somebody please, cut the cable so it can not be rewired....

1565 days ago


Kids can you smile and say "cash for Mommy".

1565 days ago


I wonder how many people that have commented on the vacations Kate has taken with the kids on her on without cameras has taken your own kids on vaction in the past few years. With the ecomony the way it is I haven't. I'd like to have someone filming me and paying so I could entertain my kids in style. But some of you would prefer they stay at home and do without. Such a waste of your time to be so jealous of someone trying so hard. You sure don't have a problem jumping on a working mother. Why don't you jump the dad? He's a problem.

1565 days ago

Donna Abell    

Jon has been made to look like a dead beat dad, because he walked out on a woman that had denutted him for the last time. I do not blame him. What people are missing is the kids did not want to be on tv, so Jon pulled the plug. No that Kate has the camera fever, she has the kids back on the air. The minute that filming is done, she is off and running again. They poor babies are nothing but her way of getting her mug on the front page of another magazine. I really really wish that PA would wake up and pull the plug before we have 8 more Lindsey Lohans running around....

1564 days ago
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