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Lindsay Lohan

It's Everyone's Fault

But Mine

5/20/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been blaming everyone under the sun but herself for the predicament she's in ... multiple sources tell TMZ  -- a predicament that could land her in jail.

lindsay lohan
TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be a no-show in court this AM because, she claims, her passport was stolen, making it impossible for her to fly from Cannes to L.A. for her probation progress report hearing.

Our sources say Lindsay is blaming everyone  -- even her alcohol ed instructor.  We're told Lindsay claims the instructor made it "uncomfortable" for her to attend the required number of classes because she claims the instructor was texting that she wanted to hang out with her.   As for why she's stuck in France -- Lindsay has a list of people to blame ... and she's not on the list.

We're told Lindsay's likely return date is Friday.  She needs to attend 3 more alcohol ed classes to comply with the terms of probation.  Those courses should have been completed by today, but the best she can hope for is a judge who believes in the saying, better late than never.

Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly issue a bench warrant this morning for Lindsay's arrest.  Sources say, however, the judge will not go gunning for cops to arrest Lindsay when she lands in L.A.  In fact, it wouldn't be unusual if the judge gives Lindsay the chance to surrender herself to the court next week.

There's no room for argument -- Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation and we're told the D.A.'s office thinks some jail time is in order.

Judge Revel has given Lindsay so many chances, there's not a lot of wiggle room left.  It was possible the judge could have blamed Lindsay's lapses on miscommunication between the court and the alcohol ed program, but blowing off the court date is going to make it really, really hard for the judge to show mercy.


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OK Does Lindsay have blonde hair or black? Does she wear wigs or the pictures TMZ show are pictures of whatever is available? Its seems like 1 week its blonde the next week black. Anyway I think she looks best a blonde. I really hope this ordeal changes her life. Shes not going to be able to do any thing without going to jail.

1587 days ago


She is spitting in the eyes of the Book of Law by flagrantly being so disobedient to the judge.

Enough is enough; throw the whole damn book at her for good.

1587 days ago


Let her drink and drug herself to death! Toot Toot.

Her archived photos and films are worth more to her family and promoters than her future as another waste product and bad role model. She seems romanticized if not obsessed with the notion of dying young. A whole generation would say I told you so.

1586 days ago


51. She actually seems to have some very valid points...I say give her a break....she is a star and deserves to be treated differently...The judge im sure will be understanding and allow her to continue to work to improve herself and beat her demons.We must as human being offer this young misunderstood lady the olive branch of forgivness and work to help her achieve all her dreams.How can we sit in judgement of this woman when we ourselves are not perfect.Oh wow I think a spaceship just landed in my backyard..
Posted at 4:51 AM on May 20, 2010 by electriczipper
Why should Lindsay be treated differently than any other DUI offender? You said it was because she is a “star”. Please!!!! She is not a “STAR”. She is a total loser. She had 2 DUI’s in a short period of time & had coke in her system.
She pleaded guilty to both coke charges & no contest to drinking while driving.
Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation time & time again.
If I were her judge, she would have been in jail a long time ago. The judge has given her free passes over & over again.
She needs to go to jail for a while, then Rehab. If she took this seriously, then she would have a chance to “beat her demons”.
If she goes to jail for a while, I’m sure she will be so scared. Thus, she will want to go to Rehab.
The Judge should put her in jail for a while & then make her go to Rehab.
Why would the Judge give her a break? She didn’t comply with the original terms of her probation & she has been lying to the judge. Remember her B.S. in France?
The Judge’s husband is a big time travel agent. Clearly she knew that Lindsay was lying about not being able to get a flight back to L.A. cuz of the volcano – the flights were full. Anyone, including myself could check on line to see if there were seats available. I did & there were plenty of seats.
Her other excuse was that her passport was lost or stolen & she had to stay a few extra days because she had to make a appointment to get a new one. Not true. You go to the embassy & you can get an emergency passport in 3 hours.
What dreams? Lindsay is horrible actress.
Why should anyone offer her “forgiveness”? She could have killed someone.
Of course we are not perfect, but someone – I don’t care who they are – who has given the finger to the court system time & time again does not deserve “understanding”.
If you know anyone who has been seriously hurt or killed by a drunk driver, I don’t think that you would have any compassion for Lindsay. Don’t you think it’s odd that she had her wisdom teeth removed after she was required to have random drug testing? She just wanted pills so that she wouldn’t get violated for a dirty drug test. She had her wisdom teeth removed years ago. A person does not have there wisdom teeth removed years after they have had braces.
I’m sure she has a perception for Adderial or Dexiden – legal speed.

If you honestly think that she deserves a break AGAIN, then maybe the space ship should beam you up.

1567 days ago


123. You won't give up until you kill her, will you, TMZ? You harass people. I don't understand how any of you working there can sleep at night.

Posted at 7:47 AM on May 20, 2010 by aston


PLEASE!!!!! Why do you think TMZ etc. won't give up until THEY kill Lindsay? TMZ etc. only report the news regarding these train wrecks losers who think they are above the law.
She surrounds herself with enablers. Her mother is at the top of my list.
These reports - if I was reading what thousands of people were saying about me - including layers, I would KNOW that they are trying to help. Not trying to bring me down.
If she DIES, it's her fault and no one else.
I don't wish that on any one.
As I've said before, she has been given chance after chance.
This is the second time she has had a SCAM bracelet - which also went off both times she's had them. The people that "care" about her well being are consistently trying to get her out of trouble. For example, do you really believe that she had her wisdom teeth removed at her age after having braces? I think not. She just wanted pills.
She needs to go to jail for a decent amount of time. I think she will be scared enough to go to Rehab & complete the time she needs to get better.
If she continues the path she is on, she will KILL HERSELF!
The only people I would blame are her mother & lawyer - not people who are reporting the news.

1565 days ago


138. Lindsay! Do not blame the whole world on why you are so self-destructive. It is your fault! Nobody didn't point a gun to your head and said, "You must get drunk", "You must get high", "You must miss out on your court date", "You must go freaking crazy out your f-ing mind"! You made all those decisions all by yourself! YOU! NOT THE WORLD! GOT THAT!

Posted at 4:24 PM on May 20, 2010 by Guest

I couldn't agree more.

1565 days ago


137. looks to me like she is using the ever popular SODDI Defence
(SOME OTHER DUDE DID IT)!! what a joke this little twit is!

Posted at 3:05 PM on May 20, 2010 by tokay24

Good one! I'm going to use that one. Yes, she is a little twit.

1565 days ago


147. She has a little bit of money,and who thinks that her bankroll gives her the right to discard manners and class!

Posted at 11:03 AM on Jun 11, 2010 by Robert


Finally, we agree YEAH!
Remember, money doesn't buy class.

1565 days ago


13. Give her some jail time. The last thing I want to see is her driving drunk and killing an innocent person.

Posted at 1:51 AM on May 20, 2010 by Doyers


That's exactly what I have been saying. If someone dies in a drunk driving "accident" after 1 DUI is MURDER not MANSLAUGHTER.
She needs plenty of jail time - not 1 hour & 15 minutes. She needs at least 30 days in jail. Even dumb Paris was scared when she went to jail.

1565 days ago
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