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Lindsay Lohan

It's Everyone's Fault

But Mine

5/20/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been blaming everyone under the sun but herself for the predicament she's in ... multiple sources tell TMZ  -- a predicament that could land her in jail.

lindsay lohan
TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be a no-show in court this AM because, she claims, her passport was stolen, making it impossible for her to fly from Cannes to L.A. for her probation progress report hearing.

Our sources say Lindsay is blaming everyone  -- even her alcohol ed instructor.  We're told Lindsay claims the instructor made it "uncomfortable" for her to attend the required number of classes because she claims the instructor was texting that she wanted to hang out with her.   As for why she's stuck in France -- Lindsay has a list of people to blame ... and she's not on the list.

We're told Lindsay's likely return date is Friday.  She needs to attend 3 more alcohol ed classes to comply with the terms of probation.  Those courses should have been completed by today, but the best she can hope for is a judge who believes in the saying, better late than never.

Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly issue a bench warrant this morning for Lindsay's arrest.  Sources say, however, the judge will not go gunning for cops to arrest Lindsay when she lands in L.A.  In fact, it wouldn't be unusual if the judge gives Lindsay the chance to surrender herself to the court next week.

There's no room for argument -- Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation and we're told the D.A.'s office thinks some jail time is in order.

Judge Revel has given Lindsay so many chances, there's not a lot of wiggle room left.  It was possible the judge could have blamed Lindsay's lapses on miscommunication between the court and the alcohol ed program, but blowing off the court date is going to make it really, really hard for the judge to show mercy.


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Pathetic losers

1588 days ago


Not like some swank "celebrity timeout facility" but honest to goodness Sing-Sing. Lilo needs to grow up and this sounds like the perfect chance for some maturity to slap her up side her spoiled drugged out head.

1588 days ago


Might I make a small suggestion Your Honor Marsha? Put her in 'D' Pod, cell #14. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

1588 days ago

anne bont    

SORRY, BUT WE DON'T WANT HER.No Thank you. Normally we don't authorize people without brain to land on French ground. So go back where you come from.BACK TO USA;
Good bye and good riddance!...

Anne Bond, From Frogland, FRANCE

1588 days ago


Please`` someone````throw her in jail ```& not for 84 minutes, either. I'm sick of hearing how these celebs are always getting a ```` get out of jail``` free`` card. Meanwhile::::::: Us `` everyday people would have been thrown in jail a long time ago for all the crazy stuff Lilo has done. Even though I don't care for her Dad much` I hope he does show up in court on Thursday! Glad he's not enabling her either.

1588 days ago


Nothing is cooler than your alcohol ed instructor wanting
to "hang out with you". As far as her passport goes, I
bought it on e-bay for a cool $2,000 about 14 hours ago.

Certainly nobody would sell me a bogus Lindsay Passport?
Would they??

1588 days ago


Oh snap! Thursday's a effed up day to go to jail in LA, not that I'd know. But I hear you don't go to court until around Tuesday, and that's IF they have your paperwork typed into their system correctly. She won't be in with general population though. I can tell you this. Upon entry of the jail system she'll be asked several questions, one of which being does she take prescription medications. She of course does, whether it be for depression, sleep, or her vagoo just aint right. She'll be separated into a different class of inmates. No, not protective custody. She'll be in a safe place where there are no 'politics', meaning blacks, whites, asians, and whatevs can converse freely without worrying about reprisal from their own peoples. It won't be fun, it won't be cush...the gd deputies will make damn sure of that though some will be very courteous, borderlining kiss ass...but not all of them. She's in for a wake up call, not another Cannes vacation...with another 'lost' passport.

1588 days ago


The "multiple sources" should shut up, and so should TMZ. The woman has missed 3 alcohol classes, for God's sake, which btw she thought she was allowed to do, she's not a murderer. Still TMZ compares her to a slimy old rapist like Roman Polanski for the only reason they're both in Europe, though he has been a fugitive for 30 years and she tried to come home. (You also make light of the volcano ash cloud, that actually is a tremendous problem for us in Europe, at times forcing people to spend literally WEEKS in airports.)

1588 days ago

connie walker    

My vote goes to France keeping her .

1588 days ago


Sadly Lindsay has had no respect for herself, no respect for the law, no respect for the judge and has not taken any of this seriously from day one. Had she cared she would not have gone to Cannes so close to her hearing. Had she really cared she would have taken the alcohol classes prior to the last week before being due back in court. Saddest of all is I truly think the Judge is going to give her a lesson in this whole situation by locking her up. She needs help on many levels and being in jail may just be the beginning. She may be a star but its time she realized that does not give her a sense of entitlement when it comes to the law and respecting it. I guess she is about to learn a Judge trumps a star any day of the week.

1588 days ago


Stupid **** !!!

1588 days ago


Hey TMZ, why don't you just leave the poor girl alone, Get a a life of your own instead of harassing this poor gal, How you make a career leeching of other people is beyond me..get a real figgen job...loosers!

1588 days ago


OF COURSE she planned it! Duh! Lindsay knows damn well that L.A. jails are overcrowded, underfunded and understaffed, and the LAST thing in the world they want to have to deal with is giving some celebrity (???) special treatment. If you or I violated the terms of our probation, plus got ourselves a contempt of court charge by basically telling the judge to "Suck it - I'm still partying!", we would do 6 months MINIMUM. In Lindsay's mind, 48 hours (if that long) in a private cell is a small price to pay for a week of all the free vodka and primo blow she can do.

1588 days ago


Addictive personality--be it, drugs, alcohol, drugs. It is never about them. The addictive properties may be different but the personality is the same in all cases. Involuntary commitment in a psych hospital may save her life.

1588 days ago


Ok so why couldn't she take a private plane back? Im sure there were ways to get her butt back in the states. Shes so full of crap, typical drug addict behavior. Blame every one else. So is Dina STILL saying her daughter is "fine" ? Or will it take a casket for her to have regret? These people are ALL enablers. Her dad is the only one with any brains in this.

1588 days ago
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