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Lindsay Lohan

It's Everyone's Fault

But Mine

5/20/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been blaming everyone under the sun but herself for the predicament she's in ... multiple sources tell TMZ  -- a predicament that could land her in jail.

lindsay lohan
TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be a no-show in court this AM because, she claims, her passport was stolen, making it impossible for her to fly from Cannes to L.A. for her probation progress report hearing.

Our sources say Lindsay is blaming everyone  -- even her alcohol ed instructor.  We're told Lindsay claims the instructor made it "uncomfortable" for her to attend the required number of classes because she claims the instructor was texting that she wanted to hang out with her.   As for why she's stuck in France -- Lindsay has a list of people to blame ... and she's not on the list.

We're told Lindsay's likely return date is Friday.  She needs to attend 3 more alcohol ed classes to comply with the terms of probation.  Those courses should have been completed by today, but the best she can hope for is a judge who believes in the saying, better late than never.

Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly issue a bench warrant this morning for Lindsay's arrest.  Sources say, however, the judge will not go gunning for cops to arrest Lindsay when she lands in L.A.  In fact, it wouldn't be unusual if the judge gives Lindsay the chance to surrender herself to the court next week.

There's no room for argument -- Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation and we're told the D.A.'s office thinks some jail time is in order.

Judge Revel has given Lindsay so many chances, there's not a lot of wiggle room left.  It was possible the judge could have blamed Lindsay's lapses on miscommunication between the court and the alcohol ed program, but blowing off the court date is going to make it really, really hard for the judge to show mercy.


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LaToya Jackson    

Death watch 20 10

1554 days ago


hopefully she will get a real punishment. Or maybe just like any other celeb they will get a slap on the wrist and like a day of jail time or until she has a break down just like paris hilton and then get put on house arrest. the girl doesn't care if shes stuck in france or back here she'll get away with it bc she prolly has a really good lawer. her mom really needs to step up and try to help her.Eventhough her fame whore of a father is trying to help and going public with all of this. maybe he thinks if she sees all this on the Tv and the tablods she'll realize what shes doing. buttt she doesn't give a f .

thank you and good day

1554 days ago


Who IS this chick? Wasn't she in some car movie?


1554 days ago


Why does TMZ have such a vendetta against LiLo??? Did she scorn one of you little ****roaches?? Every day for the last 2 weeks you a-holes, make these snide little comments and keep saying how she is bound for jail. I am not a LiLo fan but I feel sorry for the girl having to put up with the stalker-likes of TMZ. When did TMZ become the law? I wish these celebrities would put TMZ out of business by suing the crap out of them!! Harrassment, endangerment, something!!!

Harvey -- GET A LIFE!

1554 days ago


She’s a spoiled, pampered, indulged narcissist – oh, wait, that describes a two-year-old. Well, if the shoe fits … wear it out in public and trip off the nearest sidewalk into the bushes. She needs some jail time if only to give her a dose of reality, a daily wake-up call and 9 p.m. lights-out.

1554 days ago


"Not My Fault" is the mantra of this generation. How did it begin and how can it be stopped?

1554 days ago


What a great idea! Do not issue her a replacement passport!!! Let France deal with her.

1554 days ago


Anytime a celeb goes to court in L.A. they should fly a judge in from Utah or Minnesota or Iowa or somewhere far away, and let them take over the case... L.A. judges are way too deferential to high-profile clients and their equally-high-profile attorneys.

1554 days ago


You people are nuts. This is non-violent offender we are talking about, and you want her in jail. Why? because she has money, because she is famous? If you intellectually challenged sheep can put as much effort into our world as you do into worshipping your celebrities, society will thank you.

1554 days ago


Lindsay....I am pulling for you. You will turn all this around. I have faith in you and your ability to come out shining!

1554 days ago

Eddy Man    


1554 days ago


it's so obvious she is self destructing. i wouldn't be a bit surprised if she doesn't make it past 2011. it's so sad, and it's all because of what fame did to her. her parent's ought to be proud. also, celebrity justice is crap. it doesn't teach them anything..lilo knows that, that's why she isn't taking this seriously. she knows her jail time will be probably a couple hours. AND they would probably treat her the same if she hit and killed someone while drunk..she'd probably only get a day.. that's not even right.. if a regular person would have done the things she's done, they would be in jail for YEARS.

1554 days ago


Lindsay is unbelievable! She really does think that the world revolves around her and that she should be given special treatment because she is "LINDSAY"! Lindsay, no ones gives a crap about you or your career, and your mother should be sitting in jail right next to you. Its obvious she cares very little for her daughter's welfare and more about partying with her child! She doesn't deserve to be a mother!

1554 days ago


For the love of God, will somebody please throw this stupid bitch in jail - if not for our benefit, for her own! There's no reason on God's green earth that anyone should be able to get away with what she has. On top of that, if someone doesn't apply the breaks on her soon, she'll be dead before she's 30. While that would be no great loss to the rest of us, it would be unfortunate to see such a young person waste their life like that.

1554 days ago


Lindsay going to jail? I'll believe it when I see it. It's Hollywood, so who knows what the Judge will give her. Even if she goes to jail, I hope she goes away for at least a month. A few days or less isn't going to help. While in prison, she should do rehab.

1554 days ago
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