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The 'Lost' Diary -- What They Died For

5/19/2010 4:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519_lost_1Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

As we get close to the end, I've been thinking a lot about what I've always said is the difference between "The Wire" and "The Sopranos" -- confidence vs. arrogance. For "Lost" to -- in its second to last episode -- do an entire hour without any of its many characters appearing in the episode … well, to quote Alec Baldwin, takes brass balls. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are either the most masterful storytellers of our time … or giant a-holes. I'm not sure if there is an in-between.

Either way, this is the last episode before the finale. Time flies. Let's roll …

9:00 -- During the "Previously on Lost" segment -- where they show Jin and Sun dying -- I was hoping ABC would edit in a line from either one of them about their soon-to-be orphaned child. Nope, didn't happen.

9:01 -- The gash on Jack's neck makes him look like Tom Hanks in "Philadelphia."

9:02 -- According the musical score, we are watching an emotional scene between Jack, his son, and Claire.

9:03 -- Kate brings up the fact that Jin and Sun had a kid (bout time someone did) while Jack sews up her bullet wound. I wonder if Sawyer feels guilty about what happened or if he thinks it wasn't his fault?

9:06 -- Judging by the blank stare he's got going on now, I'd say Sawyer does actually feel guilty.

9:07 -- One minute there's a parking lot full of people, as Mr. Locke returns to school, and the next Desmond can beat Ben senseless and no one sees a thing. But he flashed, so mission accomplished.

9:08 -- "I lived in these houses 30 years before you did, otherwise known as last week." -- Miles. Good to see the Ben/Miles/Richard contingent back. Off the top of my head, I'd say Miles has to make the list of Top 10 Most Underutilized Characters in TV History list.

9:09 -- "Thank you, Richard." -- Ben

9:10 -- It's been so long, I kinda forgot -- Ben used to have some sort of control over the Black Smoke Monster.

9:11 -- "May I come in?" -- Widmore

9:16 -- Seems Jacob summoned Widmore to the island, which makes Ben a tad jealous.

9:17 -- "While he was beating me, I think I … saw something." -- Ben

9:18 -- "The man told me he wasn't trying to hurt you, he was trying to get you to let go. And for some reason … I believed him." -- Ben

9:19 -- Desmond turned himself in to the police for running over Locke and beating up Ben. Not quite how I would have played it, but then again …

9:20 -- … how else was he supposed to get to Kate and Sayid?

9:21 -- "I killed them, didn't I?" -- Sawyer. Yes, yes you did.

9:22 -- Little Jacob is back and he wants the ashes Hurley took from Ilana.

9:23 -- "You should get your friends. We're very close to the end, Hugo." -- Jacob

9:27 -- Ben is staging a last stand, Richard is kind of on board, and MIles is getting ready to run away through the jungle. Minor prediction: Miles doesn't live to see the finale.

9:28 -- Um, what I meant to say is that Richard doesn't make it to the finale. Hang on a second while I edit that last entry.

9:29 -- "Just the man I was looking for." -- Not Locke

9:30 -- Old school Ben Linus -- selling out Charles Widmore to Not Locke. Good to see he got his balls back from Jacob's purse. It's a satchel!

9:31 -- I knew Rousseau was gonna be there and yet … damn it, when it did get so dusty in here?

9:32 -- Rousseau might be the only woman on the show who looks better off the island than on it.

9:33 -- "Sorry Charles." -- Ben. RIP Zoe.

9:34 -- "Soon this will all be over. I'll get what I want and I'll finally leave this island. And when I do, the first thing I am going to do … is kill your daughter, Penny." -- Not Locke.

9:35 -- "He doesn't get to save his daughter." -- Ben. RIP Widmore.

9:36 -- "I want to know that Sun and Jin and Sayid didn't die for nothing." -- Kate. Apparently Kate didn't read the guide info -- the episode is called "What They Died For." Just be patient Kate, we're gonna find out in the next 24 minutes.

9:37 -- "Come and sit down and I'll tell you what they died for." -- Jacob. See???

9:43 -- "What if all this … maybe this happening for a reason. Maybe you're supposed to fix me." -- Locke

9:44 -- "I want to fix you, Mr. Locke. But I think you're mistaking coincidence for fate." -- Jack

9:45 -- Jacob is trying to explain to everyone what he did and why he brought them to the island. Not sure there's enough time to explain all that.

9:46 -- "I chose you because you were like me. You were all alone. You were all looking for something you couldn't find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you." -- Jacob

9:47 -- "What is the job?" -- Jack

9:48 -- "I want you to have the one thing I was never given … a choice." -- Jacob

9:49 -- "I'll do it. This is why I'm here. This is what I am supposed to do." -- Jack

9:54 -- "I thought that guy had a God complex before." -- Sawyer

9:55 -- Jacob is performing the wine ceremony, for lack of a better term, but this time with some water in the stream. Kinda liked it better when I thought there was magic wine.

9:56 -- "Now you're like me." -- Jacob

9:57 -- "After I set you free, I'm going to ask each of you to do something and you're going to have to promise me you'll do it." -- Desmond.

9:58 -- "Dude, you didn't tell me Ana Lucia was gonna be here." -- Hurley. Unfortunately, I spotted Michelle Rodriguez's name in the credits, so I knew she was going to be here.

9:59 -- "If you can turn yourself into smoke whenever you want, why do you bother walking?" -- Ben. Best. Question. Ever.

10:01 -- "Because I'm gonna find Desmond and he's gonna help me do the one thing I could never do myself. I'm gonna destroy the island." -- Not Locke

There was no way in the world the series finale of "Lost" wasn't going to be the most anticipated episode of television of my life. I'd been saying all season long that I don't feel like I can even begin to rank "Lost" among my favorite shows of all-time until the series ends -- how it ends will determine how I remember all six seasons … right or wrong.

But now I feel that way more than ever. The last two weeks -- and the more I think about it this entire season (especially the flash-sideways universe) -- has been leading up to this finale. I can't imagine that any show in history has had more riding on an episode.

Would you have it any other way?

"Lost" has been indefinable from the beginning. It has broken every mold and transformed what is capable on television. Before "Lost," did you ever believe a television show could send you to the Internet scouring for clues? Did you ever think you'd spend an entire next day talking about a television show with friends?

Did you ever imagine that a television show would actually make you afraid of missing it? I can't miss "Lost" tonight or else I can't talk to anyone tomorrow and I pretty much have to avoid the Internet in its entirety!

Other television is like high school -- you can show up to class, half-ass the homework, not study for a second and still probably get a B on the final.

"Lost" is college -- you have to take copious notes in class, do all the reading, and join a study group (*ahem Lost Diary) or risk failing.

I give tonight's episode a B-. The episode before a season finale is supposed to get me excited for the finale. That is tripled when it's a series finale and trillioned (made up word) when it's the series finale of "Lost." I only give this a B- because while I am still super excited for Sunday, this episode didn't ratchet that up a notch, but it didn't take it down a level either. This episode simply held down the fort.

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Richard is not dead. Remember in the Richard episode, he asked Jacob to make it so that he would never die and Jacob agreed? Also, they didn't really SHOW you Richard dying. They intentionally only showed him being lifted up into the air but not the "landing". Richard will be in the final episode.

1555 days ago


Maybe Richard can die now that Jacob's "dead" so the spell or whatever was broken. I think that Desmond will be the hero in the end. There are way too many parallels with him and Odysseus.

Thank gd Not Tina Fey died. She was pointless. And where's Claire on the island?

1555 days ago


Dude Richard isn't dead. He will kill the smoke monster (Then die... most likely). I don't know if there will be a new Richard, maybe Ben if he doesn't eat it in the finale. Jack is the new Jacob (Obviously) and SAWYER will be the new Smoke Monster. Sawyer has always wanted OFF!!! Final scene: Jack and Sawyer chillin' on the beach... SAWYER TO JACK: "Do you have any idea how bad I want to kill you?"

1555 days ago


I agree with the above, I didn't get the feeling that Richard was killed, more like moved out of the way.

In regards to another comment, the person that said that Desmond is there and that his involvement may lead to no one having to protect the island makes me believe no one will have to guard it. Jack and the gang along with Desmond will destory the smoke monster and either the island will be destroyed or moved into the ocean or another time period perhaps. Dunno why I just got a flashback to Akira when they moved Tetsuo to another dimention.

Last, just to answer someones post, MIB is the smoke monster, he didn't die and release the monster, he is it. Remember when Jacob said "I turned him into that" or something like that and their "mother" said how if you went into the light, you would experience something worse than death. Therefore, he turned into the monster, she didnt say anything about releasing anything.

I hope Ben turns it around at the end of the day, started to like that guy. Jacob also picked a bad time to self destruct.

1555 days ago


@Millner - We're totally onto something with this Desmond thing (I predicted he was the hero too) :) You're right about the Odysseus links. I just looked it up and his wife's name was even Penelope.

1555 days ago


Not sure my last comment posted so again.....In my opinion...This is all Hurley's dream in the psych ward..(and/or) somehow Jacob (now Jack ) is the devil or some kind of demon (hence the witch chant before drinking the water) Nobody dies in the end except Hurly of obesity or insanity... therefore the story is over.

1555 days ago


This is all Hurley's dream in the psych ward.. otherwise and/or Jacob's the devil (now Jack!!) What's with the witch chant before drinking the water?

1555 days ago


You are an idiot. I hope you don't watch the finale so no one has to see you spew your crap. And I thought the writers on TMZ were supposed to be funny.

1555 days ago


I love that they're wrapping up pieces and bringing it together for us. I do anticipated a major twist on Sunday. They've gone us, the audience, a bit relaxed and feeling like we're starting to put all the pieces together...but they can't leave it that way!

I agree that Jack's neck bleeding must be a clue to something big on Sunday.

And then the question remains: What to watch on Tuesday nights from now on? WAH!!!!!

1555 days ago


Daniel - i will MISS this...and I never thought a tv show could do this! BUt what a ride it's been! Looking forward to the finale, as I'm sure everyone else is. My friggin Uverse better not "locke" up....can't wait to read your final finale recap!!

1555 days ago


"Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are either the most masterful storytellers of our time … or giant a-holes"

I'm going with a-holes.

LOST had a shot at being one of the finest sci-fi stories ever told, but because these guys didn't have an adequate exit strategy, we will be extremely disappointed in the end.

Can anyone honestly say that they have given closure to even a fraction of the storylines and characters that they created?
The time travel? the sideways future thing? Why couldn't anyone see Jacob all the while? Sure, they're all cool storylines but how do they tie together? What is their importance in the larger story?

There's no way one episode(even a real long one)can begin to clean up the mess they've made.
All they are going to do now(beginning last night), is fill in the gaps with stupid nonsense just to close it up.

1555 days ago


Ben is faking being bad. I think he will help kill MIB. Why did he want the walkie talkie? I can't wait for the last episode!

1555 days ago


I can't believe no one has mentioned the best line from last night's show:

Is that an even secreter room? - Miles

I had to pause the show and regroup after that.

1555 days ago


What an episode. Fate/free will came full circle last night - it was truly like watching an episode from season one or two and watching how things have changed, yet remained the same in the past 6 years. If the producers truly planted those ideas and that discussion in our heads so early with the intention of wrapping things up this way, they truly must have had things planned way ahead of time. Bravo - let's see it all come to a head this Sunday. I can't wait.

1555 days ago


Jack gets Kate killed and Sawyer goes crazy and becomes smoke monster.

1555 days ago
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