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Octomom: 'Say No to Octocats and Octodogs'

5/19/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom, biological mother of 14, emerged from her house in California this morning to encourage people to adopt -- not her kids, but dogs and cats.

It was all part of PETA's "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom" campaign.

Nadya Suleman urged everyone to make sure dogs and cats don't have multiple litters -- adding, "Humans of course are much different."

PETA gave Octo $5,000 and a month supply of veggie-meat for her troubles.


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So done with her!!!    

Did the 5000.00 paid to that bitch come from donations made to PETA????? Are the Veggie dogs and burgers from the euthanized animals???? Just saying!

1584 days ago

Tiger Woods    

I would **** octomom!!!

1584 days ago

So done with her!!!    

I wish she was on foodstamps and SSI, so we wouldn't hear about this low life piece of dog poop. She's a nothing, a nobody, she is a self centered piece of crap who only had these kids to make HER famous, so everyone would LOOOOOOOOVE her. HA HA guess what???? It didn't work. Instead she the most hated and I'm lovin it!

1584 days ago


Octomom and Peta SUCK! Peta kills more adoptable animals than ANY kill shelter in America... There are even pictures of PETA euthanizing otherwise healthy PUPPIES and throwing them in garbage bags, then throwing them into nearby trashbins.

Octomom is just a dirty sleeze who spends more money on makeup than she does on caring for her kids.

Spay Octomom and neuter PETA!

1584 days ago


Posted at 2:43 PM on May 19, 2010 by Peanut Santiago

PPL say what they must about Nadya, but one thing for sure judging solely on TMZ message boards. She keeps her critics watching whether they have negative or positive things to say about her. She's not a mean, hateful person that many makes her out to be. She's just a single mom who love and wanted kids and set out to make her dreams and wishes come true. Things didn't turn out exactly as she has planned. But none the less she has 14 beautiful, adorable, cute kids who love her just as much as she love them. And from what I've seen, she has bent over backwards, repeatedly to do the right thing in providing and caring for her kids, with the whole world watching her. Regardless if they agree with her or not. Nadya has to learn to stop trying to please others and do what is right for her and her children. I hope she does get a do***entary show. People say they won't watch, TOTAL BS! TMZ is not a do***entary show, it's a gossip exploitation junkie tabloid that love to rip apart celebrity's or ppl in the spot lights. There are hundreds of topics on here, but many has chosen Nadya to log on and talk about. Which goes to show whenever she hit the front page, ppl will be interested and they will watch. Did you know that Nadya's done Ann Curry, The view, Dr. Phil and the Oprah shows and each one of them had the highest top ratings then they ever had before. Oprah show never been that high in the ratings since Michael Jackson appeared on her show. lol and that Fox special, she beat out Jon and Kate plus 8 in the ratings that was on at the same time that fox aired that two hour special. People hate, but they love to watch Nadya and her 14 brood. They love to gossip and see what's next...

1584 days ago

So done with her!!!    

OMG, Kimba10. You are so unimformed. You need to either put a sock in it or do your homework on the skank.

Octoidiot is a scam, a fraud, had 11 fresh embryos implanted not 6 frozen. The bitch does not have 2 sets of twins in the 8. She let her mother's house go in forecloser, when she could have helped her keep it. She is a bonafied liar, everytime she opens her mouth she lies. She's had tons of plastic surgery and a tummy tuck. She sooooo jealous of Kate Gosselin she feels she has to do better than her. Want more? There is more. This bitch feels she deserves to have it all just because she has 14 kids....NOT. She had a docmentary with Eyeworks, IT FAILED!!!!!! She's a nobody, got that!!!!

1584 days ago


57. Posted at 3:43 PM on May 19, 2010 by So done with her!!!

So done with her!!!... Just because you're stuck on anger and want to hate this woman for no apparent good reason. Doesn't mean everybody else have to, too. You need to get over the hate and get over what happened 16 months ago. Laughing at someone misfortune, shows just the kind of person you really are and it isn't pretty. FYI-- Nadya mom did not want the house, she already admitted she was moving in with a friend when Nadya move out. Prove to me Nadya had plastic surgery and a tummy tuck? Bet you can't! It wasn't Nadya who went on Dr. Phil, GMA and the NYT and disrespected Kate. But Kate did that to Nadya and RadarOnline showed Nadya and she commented on it. If anyone is hating here, it's Kate whom BTW is exploiting her kids on TV for money. She's driving around in luxury cars and have a mansion because she exploit her kids and put them to work. Where's your hate for her? Or is it because Kate is white so that makes it alright? RMEs! BTW Nadya do***entary with eyework did not failed. UGH! You need to stop reading tabloid junkies and start reading the truth.

1584 days ago


Posted at 4:02 PM on May 19, 2010 by gonesi

You obviously have mental problems. Might I suggest less time worrying about Nadya and more time getting your head examine? Freaking idiot! Thinking I am Nadya Suleman tells me you are a total retard. BTW if I want to use ppl-for ppl, I will. Screw you! lol

1584 days ago

So done with her!!!    

Oh Kimba, Kimba, Kimba, you have so much to learn. Go do your homework and SHUT that fly trap of yours.

1584 days ago


kimba10 #46 is Nadya. She seems to get high-- you can tell on the video -- whenever she's high she sounds like she is on helium and talks VERY fast- and spend her time posting .A lot. Instead of being around eleven babies who just might need her attention today.

I don' think pride is the thing that Toxomom doesn't swallow. Even in heavily photoshopped bikini shoots that don't quite hide the tats with guys names in them running up either side of her crrotch.

Duggars and Gosselins have reality shows because no matter who the parents may be as individuals each knows how to give every kid individual attention instead of a nanny and a tossed bag of mall-toys. And a house in which kids are part of a functioning family unit.

A roof over their head?, kimdya? So who is paying the $400 a MONTH to Makeup Mandy's Eyelash Bar in Hollywood for those PETA friendly MINK fake eyelashes tha tmake you look just like Joe Camel and the $100,000 in disfiguring cosmetic surgery in 15 months and the clothes that don't fit hanging in the back of her closet that cost as much as the balloon payment?

Nadya is NOT a nurturing mother now --look at how sad and hostile her kids are to her and to each other and how they ignore her and how not even her babies make eye contact with her. The Gosselins and Duggars kids don't curse out and throw things at their mother. No doubt after watching Toxomom do the same to her own.

She'll be even less stable when she has spent the last of her windfalls on the last of the eyelashes and no more for the nannies and that is when we might want to watch.
She Is NEVER going to get any sort of reality show--no matter what you want to call it otherwise. People who are currently on TV shooting plastic babies out of their birthing units for Beavis and Butthead type of "Docuumentaries" and have carnival signs on their doorsteps don't get anything except less noticed. You are done,done,done.

Nadya, you seem to not want to understand that people do not care to watch you at all. People do not care about YOU. You're boring and you're creepy and you're ugly. And always parrot the same silly psychobabble for over a year and a half. People watch because many want to see you get arrested for what you've stolen and they want to see those kids put into homes where they can each be loved by people who are not sociopaths that care about them as children . Not as fauxlebrity accessories.

You'll be back on welfare sooner than you think. But this time you won't be able to grift any more cash on the side. And we all know you have an untaxed undeclared pile of cash from selling your eggs for ten years to Kamrava. And the IRS knows it too. Ever hear of forensic accounting? Because you are so going to.

"Did you know that Nadya's done Ann Curry, The view, Dr. Phil and the Oprah shows..."
Yes, we all know she lied to each of them over and over again. and that she FAILED bigtime on each and every one of these. You are the only one left who believes that you used frozen embryos that had to be saved. Everyone on the internet and in the media knows the truth and you just seem ever crazier when you keep lying about it.
Nadya's ratings have always been very low. They might have gone a bit higher for Oprah but Oprah blew it by keeping Octomom as far away from her as possible. Oprah looked like she was going to vomit the whole time and those scenes from Toxomom's home confirmed everyone's suspicions of just how much child abuse is going on in that dirty house.. Whoopi looked like that she had just blown her lunch offscreen.

Tough luck. After the way you blew those three lines today, you might have to hire a an acting coach to teach you how to say "you must be the pizza delivery guy". Vivid will probably pay you even less than PETA.

1584 days ago


Can't read very well for someone "supposedly" educated. With the free food at least the kids will eat and Nads can go have her 400 dollar eyelash extentions for a few more weeks. God forbid she doesn't scrimp on herself, the kids maybe. Now she can crawl back in her hole and leave America out of this scam.

1584 days ago


Tacky skank. Can you imgine, it would be like throwning a hot dog down a hall way. LOL

1584 days ago


Dr. Simoni in Beverly Hills did Nadya Suleman cosmetic surgery. How he paid for it is something every interesting.

1584 days ago


Oh, my..everyone will be beatin' down HER door wanting her to do their endorsements! ROFLMAO
Poor thing couldn't even memorize 2 whole lines? And, uh, I think the plastic in her face is melting...she looks sick, ug, sick.
I just can't believe any of us are wasting our time on this poor wanna be. Peta- I'm gonna eat a t-bone in honor of that!

1584 days ago


Posted at 4:33 PM on May 19, 2010 by dondonedone

You're like the dumbest bwitch on here. I'm starting to think you have many names yourself hinding behind. For the last time retard, I am not Nadya Suleman. And FYI-- Kate Gosselin and the Duggar kids parents have nannies. Duggar use their eldest girls as nannies and they do not give each of their kids the attention they need. They take them all out traveling on free trips provided by TLC-Sponsors. Kate when she does her travelings and going to spa's and what not, it is Nannies that care for her eight kids, even Jon use a nanny when it's his time to visit the kids.

And stupid, if ppl don't care to watch Nadya, then explain why you are here? In fact, explain why you are on every video threads about Nadya, even on Radar Online? You're obsess with the thought of Nadya. If all you wanted to know about her is when she will be supposedly arrested for something she didn't do. You would see the headline on TMZ and other site and act accordingly, you wouldn't have to watch the videos because you would know it doesn't have anything to do with Nadya being arrested. So that's BS excuse doesn't fly. You watch Nadya because she got your attention lock and stock as she does everyone whomever read and talk about her on here. TEAM NADYA! LOL

But you keep on watching Nadya, you hear? Make sure you watch when she start her do***entary show. She'll need all the viewers she can get to keep her ratings up, be it negative or positive. Nadya thank you for your support! LOL Dang, you even took the time out to watch the Oprah and the view show on Nadya, (Oh that's right, you watch because you thought she was going to be arrested on the show) GMAFB retard! For someone who doesn't like Nadya and hate her, you sure do spend a lot of time watching her every move and talking about her nonstop EVERDAY! What's up with that? LOL

You sound like a darn fool dondonedone aka whatever other names you go by on here. lol As for the rest of your lame comments, I won't reply. It's the same BS you have been sprewing on all Nadya video threads, fact is; you have no life because you're to busy all up in Nadya's. lol

1584 days ago
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