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Octomom: 'Say No to Octocats and Octodogs'

5/19/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom, biological mother of 14, emerged from her house in California this morning to encourage people to adopt -- not her kids, but dogs and cats.

It was all part of PETA's "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom" campaign.

Nadya Suleman urged everyone to make sure dogs and cats don't have multiple litters -- adding, "Humans of course are much different."

PETA gave Octo $5,000 and a month supply of veggie-meat for her troubles.


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Wow!! PETA'S tactics for advertising are bizarre utilizing anyone or any method ("naked is art") to get their point across. Now using Octo-Chick??? Oh Pu-leeeze!!! This is how much I repect that-Makes me want to get my neighbors dog Max and let him have a go w/ our lil Mitzi for a night!!! ; ^ )

1586 days ago


5k for that? i got to get on the D list

1586 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Way to go and embarrass your mentally disturbed kids even more, Gonads! Just more proof to them that you have no business being a mother. Can you imagine what those babies will think once they are old enough to realize that their womb donor is once again saying they were an avoidable MISTAKE?!

1586 days ago


Posted at 8:19 PM on May 19, 2010 by .

LOL Nadya should have put PETA number out there. I'm ready to look them up. Chitttt! $5.000 for 22 days of a sign on my door? You darn right I would jump on that. I'll keep it up there 44 days for $10.000. LOL I do hope Nadya is able to pay her balloom payment off when the time comes, she said if she doesn't make enough money that a friend is willing to help her out. People hating, but if they were in her shoes, they would do the same thing. Hell most of the ppl on here are in her shoes being jobless and on disability (dondonedone is one of them). LOL

1586 days ago


so who is dining on the veggie meat anyway, her or her 14 children?

1586 days ago


Hell most of the ppl on here are in her shoes being jobless and on disability (donedonedone is one of them). LOL.....

That really the best you can do, nadya? You really want to go there?
Nope, wrong. Using you usual powers of bad judgement again. But I can see that when you defraud California of $169,000 in workers comp and then have 6 births that the state has to pay $2.5 million for and still get about $2500 in SSI for 3 kids that are impaired because you made them that way by disregarding kamrava"s advice you might want to accuse someone else of using your very own way of grifting a living. And with those numbers she has had the time -- and the pharmaceuticals to spend the entire day on line. Except for when PETA was hanging a spay sign on her door. Just like the one Kate Gosselin will never have to beg for..

Most of us would have to live to be 170 to get back from the government all the money Nayda Suleman has taken just so far and that's just the start of it.
Many of her kids are going to be impaired for their entire lives and it won't be Toxomom that will be paying for every day of decade after decade of special needs times six or seven. She'll just be skimming what she can from those payments to keep herself in the style to which she prefers to be accustomed.

And when her body falls apart as it already has, she's incontinent (that's not camel toe, it's Depends bulge) and has an osteoporosis dowager's hump clearly growing, bad teeth and sky-high blood pressure, it will be the government that pays all her medical bills.
Nadya Suleman and her kids will end up costing California the equivalent of a free-healthcare clinic just on their own. And their father is very probably a doctor -- not Kamrava-- that can easily afford to be paying for them himself.
He's probably the "friend" she is trying to shake down with the threat of exposure for that balloon payment and call it a loan.
She keep posting that a threat to him.

1586 days ago


On the contrary; it's dogs and cats who naturally have large litters. Not quite so for humans, but then, who said she was?

1586 days ago


Oh if only someone would have thought to spay Nadya "Octomom" Suleman.

1586 days ago


Oh I see Kimbut/Nastya/MsSarcasm are posting. I believe she accussed someone of being on disability? Pot meet kettle. Her favorite word is retard, oh the irony...I just skip, skip, skip all the "pro-Nastya", not to be unfair, they're just all written by the 1 above mentioned socipath & they all say the same thing. booorrrring. Sure wish Nastya was more like Kate, she's a classy, beautiful lady who would never sell out to the likes of PETA for chump change. LOL

1585 days ago


We all know that is dummy posting as Kimba10 is really Octoleech herself. Oh..and OctoSlob does NOT have "14 beautiful, cute, adorable kids". She has a boatload of kids most of whom have disabilities including one who has a cleft palatte. Octoleech made the wise decision to get herself a tummy tuck, lipo, breast implants and lip injections rather spend money to have this child's lip fixed. This woman is a pathological narcissist who cares of nothing but her own selfish needs.

Read more:

1585 days ago



You asked me why I watch this Toxomom garbage. I had to think about that a while. First through fourteen it is because I dread what is going to happen to those kids that are trapped in squalor, are going to get hurt and vulnerable to the whims of a delusional psychopath. You csn corw all youwant about ratigs. People didn't wathOprah to se eyou . They wantred eto see if their suspoweicison were confimred tha tthese kids wer ebeign msitreated. And we all got to see that they were.
Second it is to see how Toxomom can take the latest of her bad-judgment decisions and see how she can make it worse.Because she always does. She hasn't done one thing on the media that's not a total fail.

Nobody has to hate on Toxomom or wish her any bad vibes. She does that all to herself in ways no one could ever top. All we have to do is look on and see how she can fail this one in ways we could never have imagined.
This time she showed up at PETA so tweaked she was quacking. She couldn't read three sentences because she couldn't focus her eyes. Watch the clip. it's all there. there;'s even a postoof the PETA blond looking loike she is going to vomit. Same exact expression as Oprah and Whoopi.
Then there is the tiny matter of putting up a huge sign on your front step for your kids and all the neighborhood to see equating those kids with the the result of not being spayed or neutered. In other words every time her kids see that they are being told that they are an unwanted mistake. And they know she took money for that to be there.
Nadya who has a balloon payment due was so affected by being on PETA that she spent the rest of the day like 12 hours-- all these kimba 10 posts are her -- posting and tweaking. Instead of tending to 14 kids.
I think the funniest things that Toxomom has ever publicly deluded to in her posts are calling the other posters "fans in denial" who won't let Nadya "bask in her glory". Tweaked much?
She keeps shilling for donations and saying she is being "deprived" of a reality show. But who wants to watch "Dancing With The Russian Orphanage"?
Then there is the Nadya Olympics . She is going to end up having her own Court Channel -- starting with the Worker's Comp hearing on June 15 and then there will be all that legal work when one of the kids hurts another bad enough so that CPS can stop waiting to make it airtight and just get them into some loving sane homes instead of living a feral life that disgusting pit.
Then it will come out about how she has gotten ten years worth of undeclared untaxed egg money and the IRS can do its thing.
Then there is the octodaddy and how she might have been involved in his candy habits.

1585 days ago


Damme spellcheck. Can't find my reading glasses. It should read:
You can crow all you want about ratings. People didn't watch Oprah to see you. They never do. They wanted to see if their suspicions were confirmed that these kids were being mistreated. And we all got to see precisely that they were.

I forgot to add, there is no way that this will not end in Nadya Suleman not being arrested. No judge will jail her when they have the alternative of one of those home cuffs that will force her to stay in that sty 24/7.

1585 days ago


How mssarcia/ Nadya feels about who should be on welfare. This below was found in a forum where she was replying to some guy named Spike. Very edifying as to how and why a sociopath thinks she has a right to get and have more than you do. And she has no perception of the incredible level of hypocrisy she is displaying here towards other people who are just as poor as she is. While you read it keep in mind that she has already cost California around $3 million and this is only the beginning. Her impaired kids -- at least six- will be collecting from the state from cradle to grave:

That's right, blame all California problems on Nadya. Because she WAS the only single mom there that had kids while on welfare and SSI? UGH! you can't be serious. You actually believe Nadya is the problems of teachers being fired and the city going broke?

I am NOT Octomom, but what if I were? lol You can't stop Nadya Suleman and you sure can't stop me from having an opinion. When I stick to what is right, its going to take more then a crowbar of insults to pull me away. :)

"Nadya say she is not late on her home payments and not losing her home." Nadya said, kids are fine, house is fine and she is NOT in jeopardy of losing her home and has never been late with her payments.

OOPS! I mean State and Federal prisons find other means to hold repeat offenders and hard criminals. How do you feel about Kate Gosselin, Spike?

So you rather starve and see 14 innocent little children thrown into the street because you hate their mother? What is wrong with you Spike? lol No, I don't want to see repeat offenders go free. I much rather the Gov. find other means to hold criminals without using tax payers money to do it. Something tells me you're not employed and don't have any children. You ENTITLE!

" That I much rather my tax dollars go to a single mom like Nadya to feed her kids then to a prison system that is feeding clothing and sheltering serial rapist, serial murders and child molesters" So you'd rather have them out in the streets while the welfare mothers continue to get paid to breed? Something tells me you don't pay a whole lot in taxes to begin with. you ENTITLE!

Who lives by that? LOL
That's what assistance were intentionally for. Nadya has only been on at for 18 months, not her whole life. You want to talk whole life? Try going down to projects or low income homes, deep part of what you would refer to as the ghetto. Fact is, being on permanent assistance is their way of life. They can't get by without it. You act as though Nadya took her food stamps and SSI money and put it up her nose, drinking and partying with it and not supporting her kids. So not fair...

But as I said, you go down to these projects and row homes and you'll see parents driving around in expensive cars, inside of their project home is like the 5star hotels, stainless steel appliances, flat screen TV. computers etc. and you're thinking WTH?

Then you go to some whom parents take their checks and buy crack, wine, jewelry, clothes, shoes and getting their hair done for themselves and their kids run around hungry, in rags and busted up shoes as their elder kids are on street corners selling drugs to buy the things their parents won't buy them. Oh but you don't hear about stories like them and if you do, no one is complaining... They're not complaining that their tax dollars are going to a war that's been going on for 9 years and no one even knows why anymore. Their tax dollars are going towards rebuilding a nation America blew up and destroyed in attack, bailing out car companies and banks etc. Why aren't we angry about this?
Why are we angry because a single mom had kids and using the money to feed them? You know, I told another person on this subject. That I much rather my tax dollars go to a single mom like Nadya to feed her kids then to a prison system that is feeding clothing and sheltering serial rapist, serial murders and child molesters as they build more prisons with our tax dollars to house them all. Complain about that biohazard, because that is really where your tax dollars are going to waste at. jmo

1585 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

So Jeffie (Bad)Czech says Gonads is in talks with PETA to pose nude with an octopus. Classy. She's just steps away from that porno.

1584 days ago


Tired: Yeah, like he said he got more $$$$ and kimya is all over the Internet crowing she got $5000 and FREE fake meat. Maybe he got more fake meat.
but her posing with an octopus is strictly who the counts at night instead fo sheep. PETA is probably leaving that winner image to Vivid. Vivid is probably going to offer her less than PETA.

Meanwhile Kate Gosselin is prospering and has 2 new shows and a book. Good year to be a Gosselin kid. No Spay for Pay signs on their front door.

1584 days ago
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