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Octomom: 'Say No to Octocats and Octodogs'

5/19/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom, biological mother of 14, emerged from her house in California this morning to encourage people to adopt -- not her kids, but dogs and cats.

It was all part of PETA's "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom" campaign.

Nadya Suleman urged everyone to make sure dogs and cats don't have multiple litters -- adding, "Humans of course are much different."

PETA gave Octo $5,000 and a month supply of veggie-meat for her troubles.


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Kimba10.. You must struggle in life, being as simple as you are....and I am being deathly serious. How can anyone , even with half a brain, spew forth with such facility, the nonsense that you fabricate. Your gums flap, for example, regarding the employment background of posters on this blog.........of whom you know nothing..In fact, your gums flap..full stop. You have a severe case of status imbecilicus.. and you are to dense to realize that your opinions reflect the fool that you are.

1614 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

I sure enjoyed all the comments, especially by Kimba10 and donedonedone.

While I can't stand Nasty, donedonedone hit all the high notes of what is wrong with her.

Donedonedone needs glasses and Kimba10 needs a rabies shot to stop her from foaming at the mouth.

Nasty is pathetic. Her kids look like they are living in a poorly run orphanage. And this tiny group plus a handful more are what is left of Nasty's supporters and detractors.

In MY real life, nobody cares or talks about Nasty. Nobody shows the least bit of interest....except us. And even some of us don't bother to watch her on TV, maybe catching a short internet video clip at most.

Nasty came from nowhere....and a huge disinterest by the bored and disgusted public means she will go back where she came from.

She rolled the dice with the octuplets....and lost. That's life!

1614 days ago


Needs glasses? WTH does that even mean? Are you bent on picking fights out of biddyporn solidarity or what? No one left to squabble with over there or are you too low down on whatever pecking order for it to matter for what few are still chewing their cuds?

In my real life, I'd rather need glasses than need to seek out cheap affirmation by banding into some old-lady lynch mob to gratuitously attack other posters off-site. You never know, you just might be the next one they turn on. Isn't your ban list longer than whatever's left by now?

You should know when to keep your comments to yourself, Peanut. I always have done so about you because I've always genuinely felt so sorry for you. Please keep me out of your comments. I do not wish to be associated with your kind of group. You are too close to it not to see that it is the other side of the coin as being precisely as creepy as Toxomom. No wonder she has been able to come up with the bizarre idea of "fans in denial". She just might have a point with that circle jerk group. Where would an absurd control freak like Val be right now if she coudn't count on her own flock to bully? Waddling back and forth from the fridge? My comments are certainly not written with any need of your endorsement.

So is true that Gigi trashed you all big time and split? Gigi who could do no wrong? Really? Oh, THAT is swweeeeet. Gives her a lot more time to scrabble around the neighborhood making life more PC by censoring lawn jockeys. They must really love her down at the garden center.

1614 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Donedonedone....I was kidding around with you....when you said you were looking for your glasses.

Believe it or not, I agree with you. Not sure about that doctor (not Kamrava) being the baby daddy, but who really knows?

Also, I am saying that while Nadya is extremely disliked, only a few of us are left that even care. Nadya will be pushed from the media due to lack of interest.

I dunno donedonedone what I did to you....but I enjoy your comments and never meant to upset you.

Now Kimba10..... Yet she (he?) is just one of the few of us who bother to post regularly and she is entitled to her opinion whether I agree or not.

1613 days ago


Hi Peanut -- I understood that you were just kidding because Donedonedone said she couldn't find her glasses. You weren't trying to offend her.

1613 days ago


Apology accepted. Hope you are doing well. I just can't believe you have not noticed mssarcia and kimba10 are identical and are Toxomom. We all know she posts and what do you think her posts would say but this. She writes her own fan mail simply because who else would? Didn't you see how kimba10 posts are identical to gala3?
I agree interest in her is nearly finished. as soon as that sinks in and nannies are gone -- she'll give up the kids and spend the rest of her life trying to get media attention for "society forcing her to lose her babies"

1610 days ago


Yeah donedonedone. . .she will say it is everyone else's fault for not giving her financial support. Kind of like that crazy woman down in Florida who said she has the right to have as many children as she wants, and the rest of us are supposed to support them.

Nadya thought she'd done something miraculous, and that the world would be in awe of her HOM abilities. How sad for the children that their mother thinks the world owes her something.

1609 days ago


For gods sake get off her ass. How far must this stuff go? People are not happy till they totally destroy a person. Who's really the sick one huh? You may not like her but her kids do, and her family etc. she's trying to do what she can, it's really sad when it has to be in the her humiliation. Shame on you people!

1607 days ago


Donna... The Public is not responsible for the pathetic position in which Suleman finds herself. .the humiliation.....her own choice. She concocted a shifty plan, threw the dice and lost. She has ,with cunning and deliberate intent, methodically formulated a plan to become a media sensation, garnering fame, fortune and celebrity.

Consequently, she has placed herself in the position of public scrutiny. Furthermore ...she deliberately invites it. As with all Entertainment offered to the is either marketable or not. It is the public's right to critique the merchandise that is being offered. If it is not to their satisfaction, they simply don't purchase.You are no doubt aware that it is usual practice to comment on, or critique celebrities or pseudo celebrities at all levels.
Those who position themselves within the entertainment industry, do so by choice..The risk is their responsibility.If they is not the fault or shame of the public.

1606 days ago


Gotta love the "shame on you" if they never find something so repulsive that they must vent about & it is some how their job to police one's opinion. Sounds a little personal, her kids like her? Oh yes, they're thrilled that she did this to them..they're elated that they hardly recognize her, they are giddy about being the kids of Octomom & love being further outcast from the embarrassment of having that PETA sign posted on their home...& waiting with much excitement for her latest antics on Silent Library. Sure they "like her"...leaving them at home with constant noise & chaos. I bet their Mother's Day cards say, "Thanks Mom for us SIX, FATHERLESS KIDS living on WELFARE, TO HAVE 8 MORE HEAPED UPON US", because somehow we weren't enough! Really? And the little one that struggles DAILY with a cleft lip, that should have been repaired over A YEAR AGO...We that are opposed to the 14 little lives that she has forever damaged are sick? Wow...brillant.

1599 days ago


At conception we cannot for-see the out come of the creation.Some of the eggs turned to twins,and as with any pregnancy there are risks of birth defects. It is usual Practice to use more than one egg to make sure they take.Are you one of those abortion advocates? Some fathers put very little into the family they help create anyway so whats the difference? There are allot of people that grew up poor that managed somehow to overcome the challenges of life and become wonderful and important people. There are rich arrogant pigs that torcher people because they can. There are those that try to hide behind perfect stereotypes but inside they are greedy,ugly,and evil. You are persecuting there mother, and in so you are persecuting them. You are not helping the situation.

1598 days ago


What the???? Donna, dear, your post made no sense what-so-ever. Not 1 poster spoke of abortion...but, I think I see where you were heading? Let's just give you 1 little challenge, you know, to give your post some validity...oh, you won't have the balls, but, I'm bored...NAME THE TWINS!!!!!!!Keeping in mind that they MUST be identical...NAME THE TWINS! Then I will suggest to you that YOU are not helping the situation by "trying" to be some do-gooder defending a lost cause, you simply have not bothered to check your facts up on your "high horse"...the only victims here are the 14 kids of 1 of the most selfish,childish,LIERS in America. I know you're desperate for attention honey, fight for a NOBLE cause, or I know a good Michael Jackson site I can recommend. LOL-wink wink

1598 days ago


Hey Vic, It's people like you that hurt the children. Why don't you ask the kids how they like there mom etc. You are Just one of those miserable people that has to ruin everybody else's lives because you are bored and miserable with yours. Then you blame them for your cruelty. God forbid your life ever went to hell.Who would be there for you? The children exist!!!! They need there mom, they need people to be nice and understanding. they need food and health care, they need clothes. They have feelings. Do you hate women? Women have children. they can't watch themselves for a while. do you want them all to suffer because you are so selfish in your own world? Id rather taxes go to that than wars, expensive office furniture for some senator or whatever. The children are our future. not all foster homes etc. are safe and loving homes. Get real!

1516 days ago


#109..ROFLMAO..oh poor silly, silly 20 yr. old, migrant you...As I told you, I'm done, leave me alone..changing your names won't fool me silly..& HELLO..OLD POST! Stop showing your desperation & find someone else to pester, big girl. Now aren't you embarrassed??

1516 days ago
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