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Murdered Woman's Husband Gets TV Show

5/19/2010 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519_bruce_EX_3Apparently you can be a person of interest in your wife's murder and still get a piece of a show on the CW.

TMZ has learned, the CW network has just picked up a show, partly owned by Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the ex-"Survivor" producer whose wife was murdered in Mexico.

Beresford-Redman and his partner, Rick Hurvitz, pitched a show to the CW called "Shedding for the Wedding," a weight-loss reality show featuring couples who are competing to lose weight for their big day. 

We're told the casting director used to help sell the show was Joy Pierce -- the woman with whom Beresford-Redman allegedly had the affair at the time his wife was murdered.

The CW will announce tomorrow that "Shedding for the Wedding" will be part of the 2010-11 season. In addition to Beresford-Redman and Hurvitz, David Broome of 25/7 Productions is an exec producer.

A CW source tells TMZ Hurvitz ended his partnership with Beresford-Redman after the murder, but we've learned their company which sold the show -- Mindcrime, Inc. -- is still an active California corporation.

The CW source also told TMZ Beresford-Redman will remain a profit participant, but only if he can perform his duties as an executive producer -- which means he has to come back to the States when the show is being produced. But, we're told, Beresford-Redman will not be listed as an executive producer in the credits.

We could not reach Hurvitz or Beresford-Redman for comment.


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Sounds like CW is either desperate for ratings or will do anything to get them.

1584 days ago


Well, why not? They gave that little crook and her weird family a reality show on E! and produced by mouthy Chelsea Handler, Hooker Rachel is rewarded with a Playboy shoot, Kate Gosselin gets rewarded for being a ****ty parent and making her kids work to keep mommy in fake tans, nails, purses, clothes, shoes and to make her a "star".. why not reward the wife murderer with a TV show, reward his girlfriend while we are at it?
But no one gets rewarded like the Wall Street Bankers for being crooks.

1584 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Matthew Broderick veered into oncoming traffic and struck an oncoming car and killed the 2 occupants. He paid a $175 fine. That's $87.50 for each corpse he created that day. He claims he can't remember the event. His girlfriend (Jennifer Grey) received a minor scratch to her arm but she suffered from the strange memory problem that Matthew did and was unable to answer police questions...

1584 days ago


FTI!!!!he should be spending time on his wife's grave than to be on a TV show....if he wants to be on a show...waybe he could join AI or America's best wife SCREW...or he could be the guest in the dancing with the stars...hahha...just fool'n around

1584 days ago

No comment    

Typical Hollywood, they support Roman Polanski who admitted to having sex with a 13 yr old. The support Woody Allen who married his almost step-daughter. They love Charlie Sheen who shot a woman and can't keep his **** in his pants. The list goes on and on...

1584 days ago


RickHurvitz immediately severed his association and relationship with Beresford-Redman upon learning of his alleged murder of his wife. He's gotta make a living. Upon TMZs report however, his show was immediately pulled. I'm disgusted you can go on erroneously reporting this crap and affect someone's livelihood this way...but then again...what do you care right?

1584 days ago


Disgusting! There is no way the show will air-

1584 days ago


i must say that something like this is creazy ,how did a Murdered Woman's Husband can Gets TV Show,what the purple they are wanting to reach,and what can be lefe to the victim

1584 days ago


Disgusting....I won't watch the show....

1584 days ago


Just shows the producers and directors have all got writers block - they can't even devise a decent program these days, it's all remakes of old series or films and this sort of crap in the genre of reality shows!! Guess if you f*** enough married men or women with celeb status or try to murder someone you're considered worthy of a t.v program instead of therapy or a job in the whorehouse!!!

1584 days ago


Only in America could this happen.

1582 days ago


i just cant beleavie that some radom man just come up and kill some one husband like that thats not write no one has a write to take a preson life a way

1571 days ago


hey can you tell me what elas had happened at that time of places and what the polices got on this killer im trying to become a lawyer so i need all the pratest i can get so pleases give me all the info that you got on this killed and the preson that was killed that night

1571 days ago


Is he doing a New Version, of the show " OZ " ??

1560 days ago
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